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Re: Getting Started with a RTL based SDR Dongle

Hello everyone. I know this is an old post, but it semms like cannot be found anymore with the gieven link. Anyone knows where i could find the file?

Re: Tracking of Low Orbit Satellites with a Dish & RTL-SDR

Thanks sir ! for this guidance. This post is helpful to me...
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Re: Spying on Your Neighbours With a RTL-SDR

As far as I know, TEMPEST was and is a program to limit these emissions from friendly equipment. The actual TEMPEST specifications are classified.

Re: Receiving, Decoding and Plotting AIS using a RTL-SDR

Hi. Can you descripe it more. i Cant get function in openCpn. i use the latest ver. and get a Error when i try to activate the RTL SDR in OpenCpn. so i dont Know where i do it wrong.

Re: Getting Started with a RTL based SDR Dongle

Hi, I notice this is an old thread but yet: I installed using your instructions on W7/64 pc, congratulations with the concise way you wrote the instructions!
Some issues:
1. installing the Zadig drivers works, but you must be carefull at which window is actually to be used, and VERY carefully follow your instructions!
2. after install, I had to reinstall the DVB drivers (or I had forgotten them).
3. restarting pc is mandatory.
4. VERY good instruction at section 7 too.

Re: RTLSDR Compatibility List

Hey I bought "Geniatech U720 Analog TV Tuner",Is this compatible with SDR.I couldn't find any reference to this please help.

Re: How to Receive NOAA Satellite Images

can i use a hdtv antenna to receive vhf weather satellite images

Re: SDR# and RTLSDR WFM Stereo

I am a rookie at this SDR stuff, using HDSDR software, please someone enlighten me as to how to adjust the FM mode from wide/narrow and or mono/stereo. I cannot listen to any FM stations, All i get is noise in FM mode, waterfall shows strong signal and I have adjusted till I am tired of it. i get no speech or music in fm mode on local stations.

Re: Ultra-cheap SDR: HF with RTL2832 and transverter

It took me a week to get HDSDR to work with all the junk dlls ys have to import. It trashed the drivers for my wireless KB, so i had to revert to a usb KB. Now i wait for the HF-VHF SDR upverter to get here so I can monitor low band freqs with my PC.

Re: Fractal Antenna for Use With RTL-SDR (or your HDTV)

I used your pattern to bend the cheap antenna on my clock radio to improve the reception. Thanks!

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