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Comment on SignalsEverywhere Podcast: Satcom Piracy Interview by Mario

I enjoy his videos very much, he is a fountain of information on SDRs. Excellent work, keep those videos coming and thanks.

Comment on The HAARP Project Explained Simply by 2CS350

lol, fakenews, it is for sinister purposes, quit shilling

Comment on SDRSharp Users Guide by Mike

I am using RTL-SDR as a Panadapter. If I set up the scanned frequency range center at, say, 14.200 MHz and then click on an indicated signal at 14.108, the scale moves and 14.108 is then in the center of the screen. This is highly annoying. How can I lock down the frequency scale? Just can’t seem to find that option.

Comment on SignalsEverywhere Podcast: Satcom Piracy Interview by rlwsdr

I listened to most of the podcast. Perhaps I missed the part where Corrosive warned against trying this. I hope so.

Don’t even think of messing around with DoD satellites. For those within the US, your position will get triangulated *very* quickly, the FCC with support from the US Marshals will raid your location, seize your equipment, hit you with a hefty fine, and you will probably spend some time in jail.

For those outside of the US, your position will be provided to your spectrum enforcement agency. Depending on the country, they might not be quite as forgiving as they are in the US.

Comment on Tutorial: Replay Attacks with an RTL-SDR, Raspberry Pi and RPiTX by søren

piam command also not found for me. rpitx seems to be able to transmit a WAV file anyway, but it doesnt appear to unlock my car. I know it could be because of rolling codes, but it is a very old car so i doubt it

Comment on An RTL-SDR Based Ground Penetrating Radar & Metal Detector by Celalettin Uçar

A deep learning for gpr but ofcourse it is not real. Rtl sdr sampling rate capability is not enough to create a real gpr. Its only 2.8 mbps 🙂 a real gpr least sampling rate requirement is approximately more than 300 times. so i call it as a gpr simulation… on the other hand, if you use an enhanced sdr, it is possible with same method. Thank you

Comment on An RTL-SDR Based Ground Penetrating Radar & Metal Detector by Belayet H.

Understood the fact over your comment-conversations. Now it is more clear about principle of operation and capabilities are more like a Metal Detector. Thanks so much for everything.

Comment on SignalsEverywhere Podcast: Satcom Piracy Interview by Greg

No thanks. I’m not going to listen to an idiot who doesn’t even know that “underground” is one word.

Comment on List of SDRSharp Plugins by Shreejan Poudel

How to demodulate ASK, PSK, FSK, QPSK, MSK, GMSK radio signal using rtl-sdr?

Comment on Quick Start Guide by Charles Edward Woods

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