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Comment on New Product: RTL-SDR Blog 1090 MHz ADS-B LNA by moeses

I have a nesdr smart v4 dongle and I don’t believe that it has the bias tee built in. When I doubled checked the specs on amazon it didn’t mention anything about a bias tee which is why I suspect that it doesn’t have one. Also, just to test if it does anything out of the box I plugged it directly into the dongle with no antenna (USB>SDR>LNA>Nothing) and tuned to local FM to see if anything happened. Nothing happened.

The weird thing that maybe someone can explain is that if I lightly press the male pin connector of the SMA to the female connector of the LNA and give it a jiggle then all of a sudden it seems to work for a moment. If I hold the SDR dongle against the LNA just right it almost seems to work exactly like it should. BUT…this doesn’t happen if SMA pin goes into the LNA hole (for a proper connection). Any thoughts on what might be happening?

Comment on Receiving GOES Weather Satellite HRIT with an SDRplay and 2.4 GHz WiFi Grid Antenna by Anonymous

I have my k5gna dish and aidc3733 (unmodified) from AO-40. Has anyone tried that setup?

Comment on RTL-SDR.COM GOES 16/17 and GK-2A Weather Satellite Reception Comprehensive Tutorial by GREGORY MENGELL


Comment on Receiving Inmarsat L-Band AERO with a DVB-T Antenna, Amplifier and Airspy Mini by Blanketsignal

Anything that would register as a soul.

Comment on RTL-SDR.COM GOES 16/17 and GK-2A Weather Satellite Reception Comprehensive Tutorial by TrollDetector

Making software do not give you the right to be rude & thoug.
He can be a fan of Maga Trump or any Alien conspiracy … i do not care , it is just showing the kind of guy …. that think USA is center of universe….

Comment on AIS Share App Updated and Magazine Article by Max

See is much easier than be seen definitely

Comment on PEPYSCOPE: A Simple Panadapter for HF Radios using RTL-SDR Direct Sampling by admin

It’s probably possible to install this onto a low power computing device, like a Pi 3, or even something cheaper and weaker. Then combine it with an LCD screen and you have a standalone panadapter.

Comment on PEPYSCOPE: A Simple Panadapter for HF Radios using RTL-SDR Direct Sampling by Max

Why do you need a specific software that will only show you the waterfall?
Why not using SDRsharp?
I am probably missing something here.

Comment on Decoding PAL Video from a Nintendo with an Airspy SDR by snn47

From what I remember from analogue video recording on magnetic tapes there are similar things to observe as I wrote before. VHS VCR had an AM modulated RF and the analogue video out with a varying bandwidth 0 to 3.5 MHz or more, the bandwidth is higher the better the recorder and used magnetic tape material was.
Do you want to detect the combined video or Synch RGS and the BW picture seperately?
Is it a Single or Multi-Standard-, VHS or SHS support for a recorder?
Which Standards are supproted NTSC, PAL and SECAM, and equally important
which version of NTSC, PAL and SECAM, e.g. resolution and tone carrier placement, 50 Hz or 60 Hz?
Is ist a true norm compliant recording or somewhat quick and dirty solution stretching standards and what variations in bandwidth and (stereo) sound carrier offset to the carrier are supported.

How early do you want to pick up the signals before they are combined as combinded “sync, BW-, colour-, tone-carrier(s)-output or sync-, BW, RGB-signals provided by the VCR? Which signals and where do you want to pickup the signals?
As early as when the VCR provided the signals from the many heads they use or after the VCR had combined the signals from the various heads?
You still depend on the use of all the mechanics and control circuits involved to get the tape aligned and transported, tape speed controlled …..
Which enhancements do you want to implement e.g. a comb filter to avoid cross color flimmer ……
Unless you want to demodulate the RF AM modulated signal you would have to use a number of AD converter and not just impedance matching.
But still you have the limitations that tapes are stretched, have deformations at the edges …
Unless you are really into electronic SM and intend to reverse engineer the (S)VHS-VCR design you have in order to process the many internal signals that the analogue video signal is composed of, why don’t you try a a good but old USB or Firewire-Wire Grabber using a Windows version that supports the software and or Firewire (e.g. PCMCIA card if Firewire is not in the Notebook) and not some of the small 15€ quick and dirty grabber. I still have my Firewire and USB 2 and wou would be astonished how good they are in converting what is provided, meaning the signal left of tapes on stretched tapes with deformations at the edges after such a long time.

Comment on Quick Start Guide by wayne bernier

I have the same issue as above with the “Cannot access RTL device” and I did run the install-rtlsdr.bat and followed the startup guide. When I initially set this up everything seemed ok, then I removed the dongle for some reason (most likely to use another USB device)and when I reinserted the dongle in the same USB port that’s when I got this error. I did re-run the bat file but that didn’t help. When in step 10. loading the driver I know see the following in both boxes. “WinUSB (v 6.1.7600.16385) RTL2832UUSB) on the left side(1st box)
Is there anyway to uninstall and start again?
Please advise.

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