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Comment on Receiving GOES Weather Satellite HRIT with an SDRplay and 2.4 GHz WiFi Grid Antenna by Stephen D Frost

I respectfully disagree. RG-6 is dirt cheap and is the type of cable that is used for satellite and cable TV installations. It is swept tested for 3 ghz. A 50 foot run loses about 4.5 db. A sawbird LNA / filter at the dish gives 30 db gain and the dish itself another 20 to 25 db depending on the size of the dish. There will be a slight loss because of impedance mismatch but the SWR is only 1.5:1

Comment on Getting the V3 Bias Tee to Activate on PiAware ADS-B Images by RobR

On the Raspberry Pi running Stretch I needed to blacklist the builtin DVB-T drivers or rt_biast would fail with a “usb_claim_interface error -6” message. To blacklist, create the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rtl.conf and add these lines to it:

blacklist dvb_usb_rtl28xxu
blacklist rtl2832
blacklist rtl2830
Also create the file /etc/systemd/system/dump1090-fa.service.d/bias-t.conf and add these lines to it:

ExecStartPre=/home/pi/rtl_biast/build/src/rtl_biast -b 1

Reboot your Pi and the LNA should be powered up.

Comment on KerberosSDR Preview: A 4x Coherent RTL-SDR for Direction Finding, Passive Radar and more by Thom

I was looking at your setup for passive radar. I use an RTL-SDR dongle for AIS on my sailboat. It was nice to see traffic and the circling airplane on your tests. But in both scenarios you and the reference signal was stationary. In a sailboat the reference signal will be stationary but the boat will be moving. Albeit under 9 MPH but course changes would be an issue. If using Yagi antennas one would have to change the aim of the antenna if the boat tacked onto a different course. Has it been tested at all in this type of scenario? With Omni directional antennae?

Comment on New Alternative WxToImg Website with Most Files by Farid YD1HVZ

Fix Installer if your installer always crash at windows 10

Comment on Using a LimeSDR / PlutoSDR to Transmit Digital Amateur Television with DATV Express by AD5NL

I was taking a look at that myself. I was able to get it transmitting with the dvb_s2 example on my Lime, but didn’t have a receiver handy (I don’t think you can use the Lime with both gr and sdrangel at the same time).

I’ve got a cheap chinese sat receiver in the garage somewhere I bought a couple years ago, been meaning to try modding it as you did in your video to receive DVB-S/S2.

btw good videos, very educational

Comment on Using a LimeSDR / PlutoSDR to Transmit Digital Amateur Television with DATV Express by Corrosive of SignalsEverywhere

I was targeting Windows users in this one but I am working on how to do it with Raspberry pi and later in gnuradio.

There is a gr-dvbs block on GitHub that can be used to transmit in Linux with other SDR Hardware. it’s on my list of videos to make but that is becoming a very long list so I can’t say for sure when it will come out.

Comment on Using a LimeSDR / PlutoSDR to Transmit Digital Amateur Television with DATV Express by AD5NL

Unfortunately, the software only seems to work in Windows at the moment.

There is a version for Linux but it doesn’t seem to support anything but the Express proprietary hardware.

I tried running the Windows version in Wine and it didn’t work. =(

Comment on TempestSDR: An SDR tool for Eavesdropping on Computer Screens via Unintentionally Radiated RF by SDR Dude

I’m trying to replicate this on a Windows 7 VM running on a macbook. However my standalone JAR won’t run and compilation gives me the following errors.

mkdir -p include
mkdir -p ../lib/WINDOWS/X86
mkdir -p obj
mkdir -p include ../bin/martin/tempest/core/
javac ../src/martin/tempest/core/ -d ../bin/ -cp ../src/
Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object
make[2]: *** [../bin/martin/tempest/core/TSDRLibrary.class] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/c/Users/will/Documents/TempestSDR-master/TempestSDR
make[1]: *** [jnilib] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/c/Users/will/Documents/TempestSDR-master/TempestSDR
make: *** [all] Error 2

If anyone else is having similar issues or managed to get past this please let me know !

Comment on RadarBox24 Specialty ADS-B RTL-SDR Reduced to $9.95 + Shipping by moody 5

(((John in UK))).im in England also keep us updated let us know when you receive i will place order (sold out).

Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by BS

thx for great device,(v3)direct sampling works well,i can use it for receiving NOAA SATELLITE images,AIS,ADS-B,etc.

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