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FCC ID for a different product AND business??

I dont know where else to post this but since I'm using an rtl-sdr maybe someone can help. Can a FCC ID be used for a different product lineup in a different company? I ask this because I am having trouble tracking down info on a product that should have an ID. So here is the break down:

I have started a simple project using my rtl sdr to identify and record a door bell signal. Basically when the door bell rings I am going to use a reciever hooked up to a raspberry pi to take the signal and use it as a trigger for a camera to boot and do a few other things. The door bell I have is the sadotech model c.

I have deconstructed it and looked at the electronics inside to identify the fcc id but no luck. So I found the manual online and it has the frequency but no id. But the pdf manual has the fcc logo in it.

So I search the fcc database but nothing is registered under sadotech. I then proceed to email support for the fcc id and I recieve RWEFORRINX as the id. Not only is this a different company(Shenzhen forrinx electronics instead of sadotech) but a completely different doorbell on the wrong frequency. (Mine is 433.95 MHz and the one listed under the ID is 315.1 MHz) I tried replying to the support staff saying this is the wrong one but they continue to tell me that this is the one for model c at sadotech.

Is there something I am missing or is this product falsely advertising an fcc logo?

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Can anyone pick up a 400 MHz beacon from the CASSIOPE satellite?

Hi everyone,

I need to test a new radio system which is meant to receive at 400 MHz (or thereabouts). I researched the CASSIOPE satellite, which apparently has an instrument called CERTO which sends out a 400 MHz beacon, which sounds perfect for me. However, I'm not picking up that signal. I'm not sure if my system has a problem, or if the beacon is just non-operational. It would be great to have a sanity check here.

Please let me know if somewhere else online is better to ask this. Thanks!

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Rooted Android + GNU Radio

So I went all about the works to get some programs working in Android, such as multimon, direwolf, rtl_433 and dump1090, without root. I managed this with Termux and a proot of Debian. However, it still depends on the Android APK driver and uses rtl_tcp, so not everything will work well with it, needs piping or other jiggery-pokery that can easily overload an older Android (rtl_tcp, sox and multimon really hammers a 2013 quad core with 1GB RAM).

So, can it be done better with root? Short answer, is yes.

Using a Debian chroot with correct mounts (dev, pts, shm etc) and we can now have programs directly access the USB. Android kernel, at least both devices I've tested with (Stock OEM Pie (Sony) and OmniROM 7.1.2) have drivers for the RTL-SDR. Installed GNU Radio, plugged in the OTG and fired up rtl_power. Low and behold, it directly accesses the dongle without the Android APK driver, and can start up rtl_tcp for SDRTouch and others to use. Less piping, less running, faster scans and more functionality.

Now have to find a way of merging rtl_power with GPS to make proper heatmaps, Kismet style.

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Digital speech decoder sounds like garbled mess? More info in comments.

Digital speech decoder sounds like garbled mess? More info in comments. submitted by /u/JaredButters
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legality of talking about rtlsdr ?

my talk proposal on radio astronomy using sdr got accepted at a upcoming conference in singapore(fossasia),apparently rtlsdr is illegal there so will even just talking about it(no demo,nothing) just a power point presentation land me in trouble ? I know this is a stupid question but anxiety does that to one. I am not from there so idk about the law there.Here in india its legal.

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Rsp1a clone ?

So, i want to buy a new sdr (currently i have the blue stick with r820t2) and i came across this: which seems to be a clone of the rsp1a.

My budget is currently around 70 dollars so my choices are limited.

What do you recommend between:

  • This clone
  • HackRf clone
  • The shielded rtl-sdr

Finally please don't hate me for choosing a clone.

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1:9 Balun 137mhz Sat Design

We're working up a satellite to receive NOAA sats and may have gotten ahead of ourselves. The following parts:

1:9 Balun:

Two antennas:

Wire: 2 small pieces of stranded 16gauge wire (1.4")

Body - 2" PVC as a body with holes tighly drilled at 120degrees to hold antennas firm

Using this as a design guide:

We inserted the antennas, soldered the antennas to the 12ga wire, plugged the wire into the balun, and then connected the balun to an RTL-SDR using the SMA coax provided. It's hung out the window by the eaves about 60' off of the ground with antenna poles facing South and coax facing north.

Also have a HamItUp upconverter inline and filter in AirSpy connected to Orbitron via DDE so that it tracks freq with the satellites overhead (we're at 52241 and NOAA 16, 17, 19 all pass pretty much over our heads)

Is there a fundamental flaw here that we're missing? We're not seeing jack other than your basic loud FM at 101.7mhz, etc. We see these beautiful spectra and have yet to get anything that WXtoIMG can work with other than static and a few little spikes.

This is for my son's science fair Thursday, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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RTL V3 cutting off at 1580mhz

I have been trying to dabble with gr-iridium with the above dongle with no joy. Decided to make sure I was actually getting signals by using sdr#,i can pick up all l band aero etc but the minute I tune above 1580mhz the dongle quits. Gave it a go in sdr console and the same thing happened leaving me unable to tune to iridium signals.

Power is being delivered to the patch antenna in both instances and if I use my rsp1a I can tune no problem.

Any ideas welcome!

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High airpressure interesting for VHF/UHF reception

High airpressure interesting for VHF/UHF reception

Hey people,

at this moment in Europe we're having a pretty high air pressure. An air pressure this high is quite uncommon. On a different forum I read that with such pressures terrestrial signals that usually will cover about 100KM now can reach all of Europe due to inversion. Signals that usually go into orbit after passing the horizon due to the shape of the earth, could be bounced back to earth high in the sky.

I'm curious if anyone has already managed to tune in to a terrestrial signal that you usually wouldn't be able to receive :)

I'm located in the Netherlands and as you can see on the map here, we're at about 1042hPa. The highest pressure measured ever dates back to the year of 1932 when it was 1050hPa and an overall average for 48h of 1048hPa.

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Where to start to scan local HAM radio?

When I was younger I had some type of receiver that could pick up HAM (I assume). I was thinking it would be cool to have some type of way to scan through the HAM frequencies again, however my research is kind of confusing me. My original plan was to purchase a BaoFeng UV-5R, but it seems to be illegal? Also, people frequently say a SDR would be better if I'm just scanning/listening.

I hate making where to start posts and I did read through the wiki, but I think because I don't know the exact terms I'm looking for that I'm being led down wrong directions.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :)

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