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Great news! NOAA 15’s scan motor current has dropped significantly over the past few weeks!

Great news! NOAA 15's scan motor current has dropped significantly over the past few weeks! submitted by /u/amdorj
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Trying to figure out a way to get Doppler shift correction on Mac OS

Hello all.

I am attempting to find a combination of programs that will basically correct for Doppler shift from NOAA POES and Meteor Satellites like Orbitron + SDR# does for Windows, but on Mac.

Currently, I’m trying to use GQRX and Gpredict; both programs are running well, except the TCP interface on GQRX is not accepting the corrected frequency from Gpredict (I have checked, Gpredict is sending the corrected frequency upon request in the proper format).

Is there a solution? Or should I instead find other programs? Please do let me know.

submitted by /u/Zecellomaster
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Think I found a way to decode Elektro L satellites

In between November and December 2019, the Russians are going to launch the new Geo Stationary satellite, the Elektro L No3. It’s basically a MeteoSat, but It seems like it won’t be encrypted. For Europeans, these are great news, because the MeteoSat (the European equivalent of GOES) is encrypted, and the prices to access the data are not worth it. The big problem is that there isn’t a lot of information about how to decode this satellite, but, I think I may have found the document that has it all (really). Here it is Link I’ve read it a little and it seems to use the same protocol as the unencrypted MeteoSats from 2006. Also, if you go down to the Spacecraft folder in the link, there are also some Meteor and MetOp documents. PS: I know I sound a bit overexcited

Thanks ~u/Metris06

submitted by /u/Metris06
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Stupid noob here, any help on why my audio is so low for a NOAA18 pass? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Stupid noob here, any help on why my audio is so low for a NOAA18 pass? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. submitted by /u/Taubin
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Spectrum painting at 152.5MHz with rpitx.

Spectrum painting at 152.5MHz with rpitx. submitted by /u/dgriffith
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Caught a hindrance. What is it?

Caught a hindrance. What is it? submitted by /u/klounader
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RTLSDR dongle frequency limit

Hello, everyone! I'm new to SDR thing, and I bought a dongle which has a frequency range around 24-1766 MHz. It came with a telescopic antenna. And I was wondering about the 1766 MHz frequency limit. Is the dongle limited with that frequency because of the antenna? Since I looked at a specs of a telescopic antenna here: and it had a similar frequency range. So, my question is, let's say if I want to receive a signal around 2.4GHz with my dongle. Can I do it by creating a new antenna that is designed for that 2.4 GHz and if I connect it to the dongle, will it be able to receive this signal? Or the frequency limit also related to the dongle?

I appreciate your help.


submitted by /u/eternalserv
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Advice on filters

I have just ordered a bare bones High Pass AM filter and a FM band stop filter. My questions are, does it matter in which order the filters are connected. And how do i enable bias-t on a V3 dongle for use with sdrsharp and hdsdr please.

Many thanks.

submitted by /u/sirio2012
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Decoding M2-2 LRPT .s file

Decoding M2-2 LRPT .s file

I've been trying to receiver Meteor M2-2 for a while now, but I can't decode the .s file that the Meteor Demodulator SDR# plugin creates.
Modulation type is OQPSK, tried both 72k and 80k, can't decode either of them.
I'm using LRPTOfflineDecoder from here.
Tried checking Ignore RS check but no difference
Signal strength, antenna, SDR setup, etc are good, I can receive M2 without a problem
Here's what it looks like:

submitted by /u/GreenMateV3
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Tracking helicopters?

I usually don't have much luck with finding interesting signals except air comms and the marine band but I happen to live next to a helipad, I very often see helicopters pass above me and land somewhere very close.

I have the RTL-SDR blog dongle with the kit dipole. I wonder if I could track them like the airplanes.

submitted by /u/Mihaylov93
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