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What’s Your Pick For Tuner Software?

I recently upgraded to DSD+ Fastlane as my decoder, and I'm looking at perhaps switching from SDR# to another program. What do you recommend?

SDR# has been great and its price is hard to beat. However, anytime I stop my dongle to make adjustments, the program crashes on restart. I'm just wondering if anybody has any more polished software recommendations (and we don't have to limit the suggestions to freeware). Thanks!

NOTE: I already use SDRtrunk for trunked systems in my area, and I'll explore the trunking capability of DSD+ Fastlane as well. I'm mainly looking for software that lets me easily tune individual frequencies, store and recall those frequencies, and port the audio out to my virtual cable.

EDIT: I'm running Windows 10.

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What am I doing wrong? (Help)


First of all I'm from Germany so sorry for my bad English '

I'm kinda new to SDR. I have recently bought a NooElec NESDR Smart and I'm having so many problems with it... I have the problem it doesn't receive anything or just weak signals. I have 3 normal radios here... Two Tecsun and a Sony.. every normal radio gets a lot of FM stations - even DAB+. SDR just the local FM one in my town. I have tested the delivered telescope antenna which was in the package as well as two DVB-T/UHF/VHF/DAB+ Indoor antennas at the window. Just the local FM radio station. One antenna had also a 36dB built in amplifier but that didn't changed anything... I thought it might improve it.

Also every tested program (SDR#, HDSDR, CubicSDR and SDR-Radio) was acting weird with crashing, no received signals, mirroring frequencies to other frequencies...and the worst part... I have to restart every single program when I was changing the frequency... Every time. PC had the drivers and runs Windows 10 64-bit if it matters.

What am I doing wrong? :(

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Using Spektrum


How could I use Spektrum on RTL-SDR to see if I am receiving sky noise or man made noise on low VHF frequencies?
What should the noise level read in Spektrum under these circumstances of low man made noise. I have a suspicion that the noise level in my area is low for low VHF.

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I’m currently receiving goes 16 data correctly but have some questions like how long do you let it capture for?

Hi everyone I am successfully receiveing goes-16 data and have already looked at some pictures. My questions are how long should I let it capture for, I'm not sure how often the goes-16 satellite sends updated images and is their any information on what the different folders that are receiving the pictures are for when using goestools, like ch02, ch07, ch07 enhanced,ch 13. Thank so much guys I wouldn't be at the point without all the help. I will post rig pictures and what I received.

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Lowering the Sample Rate: Yay or Nay?

I've been decoding a local police department's non-trunked P25 system using an RTL-SDR, SDR#, and DSD+. Everything has been working great. Lately I've experimented with lowering the sample rate of the dongle from 2.4 MSPS to just a shade over 1 MSPS, as all the radio frequencies I want are squeezed into a ~1 MHz spread.

I didn't notice any negative impact on decoding, and I like that the spectrum graph and waterfall now have what seem to be a higher resolution. I also think my RTL-SDR has been running cooler, but that's just anecdotal at this point. So I'm not really seeing any downside.

But I don't want to carry a bad habit forward. Am I missing something? Is it a good practice to limit the sample rate? What are the actual pros and cons?


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Satellites 400 Mhz

Satellites 400 Mhz

I was exploring the low 400 MHz band for weather sondes and accidentally came across these signals from what I suppose are satellites.

I'm curious from which satellites these signals come. Is there a list?

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NOAA passes clear only when satellite is directly above

NOAA passes clear only when satellite is directly above

Really new to this hobby and there's still a lot I don't understand. But my images are not at all what I would expect from my setup. Just grabbed the image below from NOAA 19 on a pass at MEL of 89, nearly directly overhead. But my image is only clear when the satellite was directly overhead, despite having a clear view of the sky in all directions for nearly the entire pass (some trees off in the distance to the south, but still pretty low on the horizon). The majority of the pass was anywhere from 15-19dB SNR, with a max SNR of 30dB for the pass.

My antenna is a homemade v-dipole made of 1/8" aluminum rod, 53.4cm long and 120 degrees apart. Basically it's this: See the image below. I position the open end of the V toward the south.

I have a Nooelec Flamingo FM trap connected to the feed line, then a Nooelec Sawbird NOAA LNA directly connected to that, powered by the bias tee of my RTL-sdr v3. The RTL-SDR is connected to a multi-port hub that plugs into one of the usb-c ports on my MacBook Pro.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?

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Surface Go 2 for RTL-SDR?

Youngest son and I have recently entered into the hobby of listening to NOAA weather birds with an RTL-SDR. We’ve been taking my 16” MacBook Pro outside with us for each pass but I’m to the point where I’d rather not risk such an expensive device outside, especially when we’re hiking out to a clearing we visit for passes to the west.

I’d ideally like a cheap tablet-like device to use outdoors and was thinking the Surface Go 2. Anyone have any experience with this device and SDRs? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Geostationary weather satellites in UK range?

I've been playing with NOAA and Meteor satellites for the past months, but recently I've been interested in the GOES satellites which for my disappointment the only one that is in line of sight is at a 0.8 degrees elevation from the UK. Is there any other Geostationary satellite that is in (decent) range of the UK and that is possible/relatively easy to decrypt?

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Antenna for Noaa and Meteor that’s also decently broadband?

I might be asking for alot, but are there any antennas that're broadband and also work for Noaa and Meteor? I'm trying to keep the amount of antennas on my roof to the minimum. Out of all the antennas most commonly used for weather sats, would any of them work from 137-900MHz? I've been looking mostly at either a double cross or QFH and just wanted to ask this before I buy everything to make one.

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