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What to upgrade from RTL-SDR Blog 3 + Dipole kit?

Thinking either a better receiver or a better antenna. Would need something portable as far as antennae go. Was thinking either Blog 3 + Discone antenna or a better receiver (need recs) and the dipole antenna. Which will give me better overall signals? Thanks.

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Setup for HAM using SDR# and basic RTL-SDR dipole kit?

Is this antenna good enough for HAM radio? If so what sampling and setup should I be using? I’ve been toying with it and all I can find are sporadic beeping and constant beeping over the HAM bands. No conversations. What am I doing wrong? Maybe it’s my SDR# setup. Thanks.

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Cross posting a USRP clone question

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Launch of Elektro en Meteor M2-3

According to the Elektro-L 3 is still scheduled for December 24th.

I'm not sure yet of where it's going to take it's position in the sky. First I read about somewhere over Europe. Later on I read something about the Oceanic region. Anyone's got an update?

On top of that I read that for December 2020 there's a launch scheduled for Meteor M2-3. I wasn't aware of plans for a 3rd Meteor. See (it's worth a Google Translate)

And after reading a bit on other places on the interwebs they're even planning on a M2-4 as well.

Enough to keep an eye on!

What bothers me a lot is that OneWeb will be a similar project like SpaceX, which means another 672 satellites will be launched. If we keep on going like this our earth won't know darkness at night anymore, if these 672 sats will show as much light as the SpaceX ones...

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Satellite name confusion!

Have a patch antenna ariving soon to use with my rsp1a. Have all the programs ready and got myself clued up, but im now confused as to which birds i can receive from the south east uk (about 20 miles from london) ive looked which iridium and nmarsat sats cover the UK but im lost in names and numbers to put into dishpointer.

Many thanks in advance.

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Place to buy tracking mount?

I’m relatively new to SDRs and I am struggling to build a rotating mount for tracking / geostationary satellites. Is there anywhere to buy this pre-made? Are there any guides to building this? Any help would be amazing, thanks!

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LRPT Decoder version for linux with command line inputs?

I would like to automate my VHF weather satellites station. It would be great if I could do so using linux, and even better if that could be done by using a command line based interface. What options (both demodulator and decoder) do we have available? Do they work for the newest M2-2? Can the linux demodulators/decoders available obtain images with the same amount of error as the windows programs? Thanks!

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[Question] Pothos spams "aU"?

Apologies if this isn't the place to ask this or if it's a common question. I couldn't find anything on google with "aU" not being a very good search term.

So I've just started using Pothos with a LimeSDR and this is really my first time doing anything with SDRs so I don't know much. I've followed this tutorial ( and when the program runs the console outputs "aUaUaUaU" at various lengths as in the linked image. This isn't like... a huge issue as the program works but it's a weird output and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it?

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So i got the nooelec nesdr smart with these antenna and a magnetic mount for them, witch one should i use to get the noaa apt frequency?

So i got the nooelec nesdr smart with these antenna and a magnetic mount for them, witch one should i use to get the noaa apt frequency? submitted by /u/KristupasChrisV
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In Line Filter Question???

I use an RTL/SDR inline wide band filter on my SDR antenna inputs. I find 4.5 V in and no output voltage yet I see a lot of recommendations for multiple filters in line. Am I doing something wrong?


Larry KF8FF Cincinnati

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