An Overview of Aircraft Communication Modes from HF to UHF

Over on YouTube icholakov has uploaded an informative video that gives an overview of the main communication modes that aircraft use from HF to UHF. In the video he also gives examples of those modes being received and decoded with an SDR.

The modes that he explains and demonstrates are VHF voice, VHF ATIS automated weather, ACARS short data messages, HF voice, HF automatic weather, HF data selective calling (SELCAL), HF data link (HFDL) and UHF ADS-B aircraft positioning.

Monitoring airplane communications

Setting up Air Traffic Control Audio Sharing with Broadcastify, RTL-Airband, RTL-SDR and a Raspberry Pi

Over on YouTube Fuzz The Pi Guy has uploaded a video tutorial showing how to set up a Broadcastify air traffic control audio feed with RTL-Airband and an RTL-SDR running on a Raspberry Pi. This allows you to publicly share your received air traffic control audio online via sites like Broadcastify.

The video is based on a comprehensive Radioreference text tutorial which takes you through the process from scratch. Setting it up involves installing the Raspbian OS, installing RTL-SDR, installing and setting up RTL-Airband, configuring ezstream and then ensuring that everything runs automatically on boot. It's a fairly involved setup process, but the video helps make things easier.

How To Setup Broadcastify On A Raspberry Pi Using RTL_AM For Aviation

Looking for Android client for SoapyRemote

I'm am looking for a SDR app for Android that supports SoapyRemote. I want to run the SDR dongle on a PI Zero W and use my Note 8 as an interface. In this case I'm using a SDRPlay RSP1A. I also use RTL-SDR, but the RSP1A works with SoapySDRPlay.

Anyone have any leads on the correct app I should look for in the Play store? Thanks.

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OK Who bought it?!

Who bought that single remaining Pluto SDR on Amazon Prime!?!? It was in my shopping cart! Waaaah :(.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • installing SDR SHARP

Hello All.

I am running SDR Sharp. I see they have a new version out.

Can I install the new version over the top of an old version? or do I need to clean out the old version first.

Thank you for any help. I do have RSP1a which is my main receiver.


Statistics: Posted by ZL2BMH — Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:58 am

VirtualRadar incorrectly thinks I’m in London.

I have a standard RTL-SDR, the one from, and it works well. However, when I use dump1090 and VirtualRadar to see what planes are in my area, the map it pulls up starts in London, with a small marker with where it thinks I am. I have to scroll all the way to the US, where I actually am, and then I can see the planes around me.

I know this is a very minor issue, but I cannot find a way to fix this on the internet, nor through looking through the software itself. Any help is appreciated.

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Comment on SDRSharp SpyServer Now Supports the RTL-SDR by Timmy

I’m not admin, but I would suggest that you search the SDR# forums using something like “ rtl-sdr serial spyserver”, in your search engine of choice. I’m not sure but I strongly suspect that the config file line for device_serial only applies to Airspy hardware and not to rtl-sdr hardware at all.

Comment on AERO C-Channel Voice Audio Now Decodable with JAERO by Elio Junior

Ok. It works perfectly.

Anyone on the west coast of the USA able to record a meteor m2 pass?

I really wanna see if meteor m2 is able to pick up on any of the smoke in the air from all the California wild fires. Unfortunately I'm on the east coast and am unable to pick up the signal while Meteor M2 passes over California. Is anyone able to get some images and upload them here for me to see?

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Comment on RPiTX v2 Released: Easily Record and Replay with RTL-SDR and a Raspberry Pi by Matthew Newman

This is great. Can’t wait to try out rpitx + Node Red + Alexa.

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