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ADALM PLUTO with Express DVB TX test DVB-T [00:02:22]

9A0BXV in JN74LT 10GHz beacon Oct.6th 2019. [00:00:42]

Automatic Programmable Beacon 4kHz to 225 MHz with Arduino & Si5351 [00:03:32]

This is Programmable Automatic Radio Beacon made with Arduino NANO and Si5351 chip.
The RF output power is only about 10 mW, but it can be increased with additional RF amplifier.
Can be programmed to transmit in 4 kHz up to 225 MHz frequency range, with different speed of Morse keying and any transmitting message ...
It is very cheap! The material cost is only about 5 US dollars !

ADALM_PLUTO output power @ 2400 MHz [00:02:17]

Helical feed for the 2.4 GHz QO-100 satellite [00:02:35]

S-band transverter testing Es’HailSat2 here I come [00:02:58]

Testing UHF BPF MILsat 265 MHz [00:04:28]

UHF 256MHz MILsat BPF test [00:02:12]

RSPduo in CW CQ WPX Contest 2018 [00:05:24]

The New SDRplay RSPduo Dual tuner SDR-receiver, receiving CW in CQ WPX Contest 2018. This excellent SDR-receiver can receive in single tuner or dual-tuner mode, so you can monitoring or recording any two bands simultaneously. It is perfect option for 2-band monitoring in Contest for example...

SDRplay RSPduo — The Cherry on the Cake — Short Review [00:04:31]

RSPduo is a new SDR receiver from SDRplay. The RSPduo is a dual-tuner wideband 14-bit SDR receiver which covers the entire RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz giving up to 10MHz of spectrum visibility.
Combined with the SDRuno software, this SRD receiver with its two totally independent tuners, can simultaneously receiving, monitoring and recording two separate 2MHz bands of spectrum, anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz.
In single tuner mode, RSPduo can receive, monitor and record up to 10 MHz of spectrum at a time.
The RSPduo provides three software selectable antenna inputs. All it needs is a PC and an antenna to provide excellent communications receiver functionality.
The RSPduo Covers all frequencies from 1kHz through VLF, LF, MW, HF, VHF, UHF and L-band, up to 2GHz, with no gaps.
This quality SRD receiver has 14-bit Analog to Digital Converter with excellent dynamic range, and definitely it is not another 8 bit USB-dongle

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