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What to upgrade from RTL-SDR Blog 3 + Dipole kit?

Thinking either a better receiver or a better antenna. Would need something portable as far as antennae go. Was thinking either Blog 3 + Discone antenna or a better receiver (need recs) and the dipole antenna. Which will give me better overall signals? Thanks.

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KerberosSDR • Re: Compatible image

I think there's a big "gotcha" to the approach you're suggesting (modifying a Kerberos RPi image). Given the state of these embedded-ARM boards, I think you're likely to find that the RPi image is in the wrong format, or has an incompatible kernel, or is missing essential drivers, or its device-tree image causes the kernel to do all the wrong I/O to all the wrong places in your hardware and cause it to sprout wings and fly out the door in a rage. ;)

I'd suggest going about it in the opposite direction:
  • Start with a clean copy of an image intended to work with your board (Debian, Arch, or whatever).
  • Follow the instructions in the KerberosSDR quick-start document, for installing their software on a PC. These steps are quite generic Linux operations and should work on a Debian (for example) image on your board.
  • Customize their "run" script for your board, and (if you desire) hook it up to systemd (or whatever your distribution uses) so that it starts up at boot time.]
The advantage to this approach is that you can start with a "known to run properly" image, and go through a fairly "vanilla" process of installing and compiling software packages to build the Kerberos software on your board.

One disadvantage is that the install process is likely to take a while, and you may need to "throw some resources at it". I've gone through this process 2-3 times to build a working image for a Libre Computer La Frite board. It's generally an overnight build (some of the Python stuff takes a long time to build!) and I had to add an external drive with several GB of swap space to keep the C compiler from running out of memory and OOM'ing. Once the software built, though, it has run OK.

Another disadvantage is that you won't have the neat "look for an access point on your phone and attach to it" auto-start script that the Kerberos people provide... until you pull a copy out of their image and tweak it to run on your distribution.

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Setup for HAM using SDR# and basic RTL-SDR dipole kit?

Is this antenna good enough for HAM radio? If so what sampling and setup should I be using? I’ve been toying with it and all I can find are sporadic beeping and constant beeping over the HAM bands. No conversations. What am I doing wrong? Maybe it’s my SDR# setup. Thanks.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Newbie : listening 3Khz to 148 Khz with upconverter ?

The best SDR receiver for 0 Hz to 96 kHz is to use good quality sound-card "line-in" input.

With hi-fi 24-bit sound-card which allows to sample at 192 kHz you can receive 0 - 96 kHz with almost 140 dB dynamic range. This is very high. Such dynamic range is available only in top-class SDR receivers. But you can get it with almost any, even cheap sound-card.

To get best performance and dynamic range, you're needs to buy high-end studio-grade audiophile sound card, such as E-MU or something like that. The parameters that you needs to take into account are:
- ADC resolution bits
- sample rate (higher sample rate = more wide bandwidth coverage)

Note, you're don't needs DSP and other effect, just best audio parameters.

But you can start even with cheap integrated sound-card, which is available at almost any computer these days. It will have a bit worse dynamic range and noises, but still works very good for such purposes.

In order to use it, you're needs to install HDSDR software: http://www.hdsdr.de/
And connect antenna into "line-in" jack of your sound card.

In some cases you may needs LNA and BPF for better sensitivity, but in most cases sound-card already has a good enough sensitivity and dynamic range to work directly with antenna with no LNA and filters.

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Cross posting a USRP clone question

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KerberosSDR • Compatible image

I was wondering if someone could help me run/adapt the existing rpi images on other devices such as usb armory mark II which has i.MX6ULZ ARM cortex A7 processor and comes with Debian 9 stretch image ( or arch linux ). Thank you

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Launch of Elektro en Meteor M2-3

According to https://www.rocketlaunch.live/launch/elektro-l-no-3 the Elektro-L 3 is still scheduled for December 24th.

I'm not sure yet of where it's going to take it's position in the sky. First I read about somewhere over Europe. Later on I read something about the Oceanic region. Anyone's got an update?

On top of that I read that for December 2020 there's a launch scheduled for Meteor M2-3. I wasn't aware of plans for a 3rd Meteor. See https://ria.ru/20191205/1561980703.html (it's worth a Google Translate)

And after reading a bit on other places on the interwebs they're even planning on a M2-4 as well.

Enough to keep an eye on!

What bothers me a lot is that OneWeb will be a similar project like SpaceX, which means another 672 satellites will be launched. If we keep on going like this our earth won't know darkness at night anymore, if these 672 sats will show as much light as the SpaceX ones...

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Satellite name confusion!

Have a patch antenna ariving soon to use with my rsp1a. Have all the programs ready and got myself clued up, but im now confused as to which birds i can receive from the south east uk (about 20 miles from london) ive looked which iridium and nmarsat sats cover the UK but im lost in names and numbers to put into dishpointer.

Many thanks in advance.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: «No device selected», cannot get SDR# to start.

do you run, install the .bat file in the sdr# folder?

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Newbie : listening 3Khz to 148 Khz with upconverter ?


Yes you can.
Results may be good or not be too good.
I've used similar and a LPF in front helped a lot by getting rid of unwanted spurious signals.
The antenna does not need to be big, just give a good signal to noise.
The best antenna I have for LF is a discone! It was the only one I had that received the Russian "Alpha" stations 11.905-16.881KHz.
You must be prepared to experiment.

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