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Troubleshooting Help • Recognizes none of my SDR.

I have 4 RTL-SDR dongles, from whom four are brand new V3.0 devices.
But my system (WIN10)reports that no device is selected.
So I ran zadig again to re-install the drivers, but no success.

Trying the other 3 out of the box devices same result.

can anyone explain to me whats wrong here?? please

Statistics: Posted by leechunsonnn — Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:29 am

Re-purposing old Dish TV dish for GOES ?

Has anyone re-purposed a Dish TV antenna to receive GOES satellites? I've got one (including the feed horns) left from when I cancelled my service. I searched the interwebs and wasn't able to find any reference... successful or not. Any other RF uses, (including ham radio) ?

Side story. They wanted me to remove the feeds and send them back. I told them there was no way I'm climbing on my roof to do their job. Also told them I would dispute any charge that appeared on my card if they charged me for them. Actually, I had no problems with going up and disconnecting it but was p/o'd they couldn't send out a tech to do it.

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Comment on New Store Products: SDRplay RSP1A Metal Case Upgrade + Portable Antenna Set by admin

It matters a little, more so if you’re using a long lossy coax run. Use this calculator to see the effect http://kv5r.com/ham-radio/coax-loss-calculator/.

Basically, the more coax line loss you have the more significant the loss due to SWR mismatch becomes.

So if you connect our wire spool directly to the SDR (resulting in minimal coax line loss), the loss due to mismatch is mostly less than ~3dB. But if you start adding in lossy coax, the loss due to mismatch increases. In that case you’d want to add an impedance transformer.

Tracking Noise Generator with a Raspberry pi?

It is well known that a Raspberry pi can be used to transmit radio signals with rpitx. Does anyone know if you could use a raspberry pi as a tracking noise generator to characterize filters and such?

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Spyserver (SDR#) support for Hackrf

Is there any way to connect a remote hackrf device to SDR# through a network ? I know the spyserver solution for airspy and rtl dongles but haven't found anything similar for the Hackrf.

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Comment on Detecting The Sound of Bats with a Piezo Speaker and SDRplay RSP1A by Jan de Jong

according to the specifications sheet following:
Maximum Input Power +0dBm Continuous
+10dBm Short Duration

0dBM 0.100E-02 223.607 mV 316.180 mV 632.360 mV

so now there is something to measure. I hope to see more persons experimenting with this btw.
Another analog input is an LDR or LED to record the “sounds” that are there in sunlight ore moonlight.

Raspberry Pi, Dish Slimline, RTL-SDR, and Octagon LNB for 12GHz observations

Hey everybody!

I'm trying to make a radio telescope. I've posted two videos showing the build progress.

First: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBS96eeNwCI

Second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0sdw2E1jz0

I'm thinking that the first thing I'll do with it is make some drift scans of the sun and moon. I might also try to pickup beacons from geostationary satellites. Anyone know of a list of ku band satellite beacon frequencies and their locations?



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Comment on GammaRF: Distributed Radio Signal Collection and Analysis with RTL-SDR and HackRF by zipfly30

If these devices had GPS input and a known training signal (local FM station or GSM channel for calibration) on that same computer, you could really sync-up those inquiries giving you excellent resolution on analyzing/geo-locating signals, even using just an RTL-SDR. Imagine also throwing in a line of bearing (LOB) by using a KerberosSDR here or there. Now that would be some fidelity.

Comment on Listening to the Sound of Molecules via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and an RTL-SDR by Joe Q.

Neat demo — more showing what the SDR can do (i.e., duplicate some of the circuitry inside the NMR console) rather than the NMR effect per-se. As a chemist, though, it floats my boat 🙂

Comment on NooElec SAWBird: An LNA + Filter for GOES Weather Satellite Reception Now Available by Rob Dale

I don’t see one online but they are quite responsive if you go to their website.

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