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Is it possible to listen to a thunderstorm on SDR

The MET office has predicted a thunderstorm for my area, is it possible and if so what are the possible frequencies?

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Comment on Help Support RadioCapture – A Project that Records Entire Trunked Radio Systems and Provides Online Access to Audio by kjb

depends on the countries, in some countries the communications are public, recorded and published.

KerberosSDR • Re: Android App connection error

Hi, I did give permission to the App and pointing to I've reinstall the App but still shows wrong position and "Error occurred for updating DOA value". I also try to disable Data.

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HackSpace Magazine Discusses SatNOGS, Cubesats and More

HackSpace is a monthly magazine dedicated to modern maker projects. This month issue 18 was released and it focuses on space based projects. The HackSpace Magazine is available for free online in PDF form, and physical copies can also be purchased.  There are several interesting articles but one in particular shows us how to set up a SatNOGS ground station with a Raspberry Pi 3, RTL-SDR and a satellite antenna such as a turnstile. 

A problem with low cost satellites like cubesats is that it is difficult to monitor them as data can only be collected when they are passing over a ground station. So in areas with no ground stations data is simply lost. SatNOGS is an open source project that aims to make it easy for volunteers to build and run RF ground stations that automatically monitor satellite data, and upload that data to the internet for public access. SatNOGS ground stations typically use RTL-SDR dongles as the radio.

A related article in the magazine also discusses cubesats, giving an overview of some previous cubesat launches and what sort of payloads are available. A third article under the space topic discusses the Libre Space Foundation which is the team behind the SatNOGS and various other space based projects that aim to democratize space. Readers may also be interested in the articles showing how to build an ISS countdown timer and how to build a Slim Jim antenna.

HackSpace Magazine SatNOGS Article
HackSpace Magazine SatNOGS Article (Excerpt)


Hi All,

Trying to install NOAA on RTLSDR for RX, however iam running WIN10 64bit version, but not able to install WXTOIMG

software any suggestions pls.

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KerberosSDR • Re: Feasibility of a Passive Weather Radar

the WSR specs are so you can see not only the frequency but the emitter power used to illuminate the weather stuff. your chances of -passive- weather radar are low, unless you just happen to live near a WSR installation. :-)

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Antennas • Re: Another Double Cross Antenna build (went wrong)

Can you extend the pole above the dish and increase the distance to the dish. Assuming that your dish is pointing to South (Astra?), it could be the Impact of the dish. It looks like the dish is within/to close to the antenna elements. If you mount the antenna 180° mirrored in azimuth the Problem should remain, if I'm correct with my assumption.

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Are there any apps like adsbscope for android?

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48 Hour Timelapse Captured by GOES-17

48 Hour Timelapse Captured by GOES-17 submitted by /u/ninjas28
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Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Cheap ADS-B Aircraft RADAR by Roger Oveur

you should use something like https://www.everythingrf.com/rf-calculators/line-of-sight-calculator – now that deosnt take into consideration LOS density@RF frequency of choice (rain, fog, smog ..the worst actually) and it does not consider diminishing returns, Friis and path loss….but it does give it a generalization of using the aircraft as the antenna height. IE 30,000ft ….approx 210 miles etc.

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