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Тока хватает, напруга не проседает? В режиме УКВ потребление в 2 раза больше, может влиять плохой USB кабель, порт и т.д. Воткните свисток напрямую в задний USB системника, или попробуйте на другом компьютере. Также попробуйте версию шарпа v1361, новые версии бывают косячные.

Comment on Raspberry Pi 4 Released: Improvements to CPU, Networking, USB, RAM and more by Mark Tomlin

Turns out it was actually a hardware issue with the Raspberry Pi 4 that they did fix in software / firmware. Anyone who wishes to use RTL dongles with their rPi4 should do a firmware upgrade before hand.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install rpi-update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo rpi-update

Comment on Monitoring Multiple AM channels with RTL-SDR Airband by Jordan Peterson

Okay I installed Buster. This is where I am at now, when I try Step 6 I get this:

/usr/local/bin/rtl_airband -f
Illegal instruction

I have sifted through the .conf and cannot see any problems:

# Scanning mode example
# Single dongle, three frequencies, output to Icecast server and to a file.
# Settings are described in reference.conf
# Refer to https://github.com/szpajder/RTLSDR-Airband/wiki
# for description of keywords and config syntax.

type = “rtlsdr”;
index = 0;
gain = 25;
correction = 1;
mode = “scan”;
freqs = ( 118.375, 119.975, 121.65 );
labels = ( “AWOS”, “Tower”, “Ground” );
outputs: (
type = “icecast”;
server = “audio9.broadcastify.com”;
port = 80;
mountpoint = “/XXXXXXXXX”;
name = “Tower + Ground + Approach”;
genre = “ATC”;
description = “Saywer International Airport”;
username = “source”;
password = “XXXXXXXX”;
send_scan_freq_tags = false;
type = “file”;
directory = “/home/pi/recordings”;
filename_template = “TWR+GND+APP”;

Comment on Getting the RTL-SDR to work in Windows 10 by Min Thant

Are there whoever encounter with invalid parameter problem and solve?

Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by Michael

Hi, I know it states the minimum frequency as 500kHz, but can this device be used for 433kHz signals? If so, would it require additional hardware to do so?

Comment on Monitoring Multiple AM channels with RTL-SDR Airband by Jordan Peterson

SH Fung – Wow I didn’t realize how old Wheezy is! I am downloading Buster Lite right now.

Comment on A Low Cost 2.4 GHz Downconverter from off the Shelf Dev Boards by Induhvidual

If only there was a cheap development board using a RFFC5072, or RFFC5071, on it (For say around £25.99 – since it would replace both the ADL5350 and the ADF4350 development boards). And could provide coverage up to 6GHz instead of just down-converting 2.4GHz to 1.4GHz.

The RFFC5072 is one for the mixers used in a HackRF: a 85 – 4200 MHz Wideband Synthesizer / VCO with Integrated 30MHz 6000 MHz RF Mixer. And in the comments for the Outernet moRFeus ( https://www.rtl-sdr.com/morfeus-a-low-cost-wideband-signal-generator-and-frequency-mixer/ ) it also appears to also use the same chip (FC5072A) with a cheap (EFM8) 8-bit MCU to control it over SPI, detect button presses through the GPIO ports, provide the USB port and drive a LCD display.

Comment on Monitoring Multiple AM channels with RTL-SDR Airband by SH Fung

No librtlsdr-dev Raspbian Wheezy package available. · Issue #1 …
Nov 3, 2015 – There is no librtlsdr-dev package available in the official Raspbian Wheezy package repositories … Done E: Unable to locate package rtl-sdr.

Comment on Monitoring Multiple AM channels with RTL-SDR Airband by SH Fung


I understand you are using RPi 3B, and why you not using the Raspbian Stretch (9) or Raspbian Buster (10)? Still using the old version wheezy?

Comment on New Products in Store: RadarBox ADS-B Bundle Including Outdoor ADS-B Antenna and ADS-B Optimized RTL-SDR Dongle by Simon le Bon

I have this dongle, but unfortunately after 32 days 24/7 use it is not recognized on any of my machines (RPi, PC, Laptop) anymore 🙁

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