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интересно, можно ли этой штукой https://mysku.ru/blog/aliexpress/72716.html на базе ADUM3160 https://www.analog.com/medi…

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интересно, можно ли этой штукой https://mysku.ru/blog/aliexpress/72716.html на базе ADUM3160 https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/adum3160.pdf удлиннить usb метров э...
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #588

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Comment on Airspy HF+ Discovery Wins the WRTH 2020 Best Value SDR Award by Steve

He should concentrate his efforts at his software, firmware, product care and customer service etc. There are so many flaws. Also after HF+, the plastic Discovery is a superfluous waste of time and a big step backwards.

WRTH was an authority some 40 years ago.Nowadays there is almost no equipment to award and also no customers left to pay.

Comment on Russian YouTuber Compares the RTL-SDR Blog V3 against the ColibriNano on HF by Val

IMO they are not comparable because the frequency range is so vastly different (55MHz vs 2GHz). They are different tools for different tasks.
But how ColibriNano is going to compete with AirSpy Discovery is not quite clear. Discovery is cheaper and most likely better, and the frequency coverage is similar.
If compared with something like RSPdx, the only benefit of ColibriNano is a smaller size (please correct me if I’m forgetting something).
ColibriNano is probably going to be popular among Russian hams and enthusiasts (the ones on the richer side, because spending a monthly salary on a toy is not something many people can do), but probably won’t make it much further.

Comment on RTL1090 Beta Version 3 Released by Andrew Wignell

In the main rtl 1090 window there is a config button when you open this it asks for my home location what do you enter in the location I have tried all configurations but it will not accept the figures it put in

What are some good options for a cheap dongle to buy?

rtl-sdr.com (unsurprisingly) seems to dominate search results, and they have no suggestions for cheap dongles to buy, as they (unsurprisingly) want to sell you their own ones.

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Troubleshooting Help • USB ID Doesn’t match setup instructions

In the RTL-SDR quick start guide (https://www.rtl-sdr.com/rtl-sdr-quick-start-guide/) it says that the USB ID should be "0BDA 2838 00". I was able to find the "RTL2832U" option in the dropdown menu, but it has USB ID "0BDA 2832". Is this OK? This is on a Windows 10 OS with the latest updates. I have attached a screenshot of zadig.

Statistics: Posted by jss367 — Sun May 31, 2020 9:11 pm

I made a 137MHz v-dipole antenna and tried getting NOAA signals, but I’ve got this signal that makes listening to the satellites very hard (the picture was v noisy and almost not even there). I thought it’s Orbcomm, but later I found it appears every 1MHz or so… (rtl-sdr dongle, Ireland)

I made a 137MHz v-dipole antenna and tried getting NOAA signals, but I've got this signal that makes listening to the satellites very hard (the picture was v noisy and almost not even there). I thought it's Orbcomm, but later I found it appears every 1MHz or so... (rtl-sdr dongle, Ireland) submitted by /u/jeezokay
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👍 thank you

👍 thank you

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Всем здарсти:) Есть задача: узнать частоту передачи с портативки, с…

Всем здарсти:) Есть задача: узнать частоту передачи с портативки, с некоторого расстояния. Близкого доступа к устройству нету, выходная мощность там стандартна для портативок (4 - 5 ватт). Вторая идентичная задача: есть домик (фото), на домике мачта, на мачте антенки. Диапазон известен (2м) Там в качестве пепедатчика используют автомобильный трансивер у которого мощность больше портативки и плюс более подходящая антенна (на крыше) Если подойти к этому зданию по ближе и направить свою самоделку на мачту, с какого расстояния удастся зафиксировать частоту передачи? Частотный анализатор Surecom SF-103, говорят что он улавливает с 15-20 метров сигнал с портативки. В этом анализаторе применяют "штатную" резинку, которая как я уверен ничерта не соответствует интересующим диапазонам ( 2м и 70см) Чего думаю: сделать направленую яги на интересующий диапазон, ведь направленная и "заточенная" на нужный диапазон антенна, лучший усилитель. Во сколько раз по вашему, выростет дальность фиксации? Портативок и автомобильных трансиверов.

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Majura parkway hits federal hurdle for 2nd time this year (PHOTOS)

For the past five weeks, lawmakers have been discussing a bill that would remove some of those obstacles for visitors but keep others in place, such as the proposed closure of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facility at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The bill would make the CBP’s Port of Entry into the Nogales Sector on I-10 a part of the CMP facility while a separate gate would remain at the Mexican border.

«No longer will visitors be required to pass through a chain-link fence and a barrier into the Nogales Sector on I-10, instead at the U.S.-Mexico border, they would be allowed to cross directly into the Nogales Sector through the U.S.-Mexico checkpoint located at the U.S.-Mexico Border Crossing,» a section of the bill that would go to Gov. Gary Herbert has stated.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, U.S. Rep. Jose Rodriguez, R-Nogales, praised the governor for helping bring the bill to light and praised the effort made by U.S. Senator John McCain to stop it.

«This bill represents a historic victory for immigration reform in Arizona and a welcome step for our nation’s border security at its busiest point,» the statement stated. «I look forward to working with the governor to pass another comprehensive immigration reform bill in both houses of the Arizona Legislature.»

Holland told Eyewitness News that the «U.S. Customs and Border Protection is responsible for immigration enforcement at the border, and will continue to be.» She added that Arizona was «working closely» with the Mexican authorities.

The bill is the second recent effort to close a border crossing for the sake of more border security. Last year, Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation that authorized the closure of both the Nogales and Tucson gates to visitors after U.S. Customs and Border Protection said some residents and U.S. citizens had gone through the gate with small weapons.

Last year, ICE seized 19 weapons found at the Nogales site, which some speculated was part of the immigration enforcement effort.

Meat industry fights fake meat in China

The fake meat market in China continues to grow despite the Chinese government’s efforts to control imports. In April of 2015, authorities announced that there were 2,078 cases of fake meat in restaurants, but this figure was not as accurate as some reports indicated, according to The Daily Beast. A 2014 study showed that over 1.3 million pounds of meat were imported each month in China.

The rise in Chinese demand for fake meat comes as the United States struggles to keep up. According to a report from The Atlantic last year, there are 10 million factory farms and millions of birds and other animals in factories producing meat each year. In the last 10 years, the number of wild animals killed for food has tripled, with a peak in 2007.

It is currently illegal to import wild animals into the United States, and the U.S. Meat Institute has released a report claiming that there are as many as 4.6 billion wild animals in American and European farms. To find out where these farm animals live in America, the group compiled maps of American counties compiled by the American Poultry Federation, an industry trade group that is heavily dependent on imports for its survival.

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