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Comment on Shazam Style Automatic Signal Identification via the Sigidwiki Database by Jekko

Is it possible to run the script on windows? I have tried but i have no idea about how to make it work

SDR Console

SDR Console submitted by /u/sdrmatlab
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Comment on OpenEar Now Supports TETRA, DMR, POCSAG, ADS-B by Bill McGrath

I meant MSVCR120.dll.

Comment on OpenEar Now Supports TETRA, DMR, POCSAG, ADS-B by Bill McGrath

When I try to run I get missing MSVCR100.dll error twice. I have msvcr100.dll from SDRSharp as well as rtlsdr.dll in the same folder as openear. Windows 10, x64.

Just how much bandwidth does rtl_tcp require…?

Hey all. Just curious, does anybody actually have the network capacity to use rtl-tcp? I'm lucky enough to have a family member who works for Comcast, so I get ridiculous internet speeds (averaging 175 Mbps), but that's apparently not enough for rtl-tcp still.

I am able to get a connection and intermittent data, but the server is very quickly flooded with "ll+" errors (by "flooded" I mean well over one hundred of these errors per second). From what I understand, this is usually due to it having to write to its buffer when there's network congestion. CPU and memory usage are fine, rtl-tcp and the related drivers are given real-time priority, and it never even comes close to hitting CPU or RAM limits.

If I'm running at 2 MSPS with 8-bit sample depth, that should only be 16 Mbps network bandwidth, which I definitely have the network speed to handle, so why is rtl-tcp still having trouble? Is there any way I can decimate within rtl-tcp so that I don't have to use the full 2 MSPS rate (which is unfortunately my minimum rate for this project due to signal bandwidth)? This is just on LAN too, so no WAN bottlenecks. I've never really been able to avoid buffer buildup with rtl-tcp unless I just connect on the localhost, which doesn't really do me any good. Any ideas?

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Широкополосный SDR радиосканер из DVB тюнера

Комментарий к записи Wiki RTL-SDR (Gladysbuh)

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A post from Norbert Sichterman

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Antennas • Re: Discone D.C. Ground

long dormant thread, don't know if you'll see this, but what is a 'Rudolph Wurlitzer discone antenna'?

Google has failed me.

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