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it’s probably gonna be encrypted but it’s a start

it's probably gonna be encrypted but it's a start submitted by /u/derekcz
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Thanks for adding me

Thanks for adding me

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Wide band heatmap! Curious to see the difference between day and night.

Wide band heatmap! Curious to see the difference between day and night. submitted by /u/DutchOfBurdock
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question on soundcard —> RTL-SDR

Hi All,

I'm new to SDR but have been a long-time SW listener and have dabbled with HF-FAX & NOAA APT decoding some years ago. The SDR tutorials have been great and I'm up and running with SDR #in combination with wxtoimg, gpredict and a telescopic dipole antenna. Building a better antenna is my next project (although I'm surprised I can get long runs of noise-free signal with this simple dipole!).

Regarding the sound output, I have a RTL-SDR v3 running on Windows 10 laptop Audio is provided by the laptop's built-in RealTek sound card. Is there a way to pipe the audio directly to wxtoimg from RTL-SDR without having to blast the volume on the laptop's main speaker?

I wouldn't mind monitoring the audio at a reduced volume just because I like hearing the signal itself but also obviously want the decoding program(s) to have sufficient signal volume to work properly .... and without annoying the hell out of my family members who apparently don't like hearing 'random ' RF noise. I tried explaining to them that it is not random but they didn't care. :-]

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KerberosSDR • Re: Feedback on possible KerberosSDR V2 Hardware


Any chance of elevating the LED's so they can be seen more clearly? Or will that compromise point 6.

Never been a fan fan. ;-) Would a bit more metal-work work instead? Point 9.

Is the 'Top' where the 40 pin header comes out? Point 7.

I like the idea of placing some distance/different plane between the antenna connections and the other connectors. I 'run' my box upside down/sideways at the moment so that when I plug/unplug the aerials, nothing else is disturbed.


Statistics: Posted by Tom_G0JSV — Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:58 pm

Comment on OneSDR New Posts: RF Filter Primer, Bias Tees, SDR Precautions by Onesdr

Article about FM notch filters here: https://www.onesdr.com/2019/11/21/fm-notch-filters-why-you-need-one-with-most-sdrs/

KerberosSDR • Re: Tracking radiosondes

Thank you for your replies. I will report back my findings.

Statistics: Posted by StarGate01 — Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:03 pm

Comment on XTRX SDR Campaign Now Live: Mini PCIE Based TX/RX SDR for $199 by Fer Got

It launched at $599, not $199.

And miniPCIe is defunct.

Any other alternatives out there?

Comment on OneSDR New Posts: RF Filter Primer, Bias Tees, SDR Precautions by Gérald

Any advice about best external filters to be used (brand, price, source)?
FM filters are often told to be the most needed, but with my plutoSDR, i can observe that mobile phone and digital terrestrial TV emitters are creating a lot of harmonics. So filtering out FM + mobile phone + digital TV would help a lot.

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