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GOES 16 reception

I have a 2.4GHz dish that I setup following a guide, its not the premieretek brand but its identical. I believe ive pointed it in the right spot. I have a sawbird and im using the RTL-SDR V3. What am i doing wrong?. What apps are out there that i can use to point it at GOES 16. All the apps ive seen only do certain satellites.

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Attempting to discover source of this. Anyone have ideas to what it might be? It’s a solid tone to my ears.

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR sync issues

Thank you, I will try that. The PC I am currently testing out the KerberosSDR on has an 8th gen intel i3 processor, 4GB DDR4 memory, and 128GB SSD storage. I am planning to later use it with a Jetson Nano (specs here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/j ... eloper-kit)

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Comment on OpenWebRX Version 0.18.0 Released: New Decoders for Digital Voice, Digital Ham Modes and More by DH4CK

Those receivers listed are KiwiSDRs only, from what I saw.
sdr.hu listed KiwiSDRs and openwebrx receivers.
At the moment I don’t see any alternative to sdr.hu.
I also just looked into the setup file in DD5JFKs openwebrx github repo and I don’t see any comments on other aggregation sites.
I whish that the openwebrx receivers would be available without an extra login “wall”.

Comment on ADSBExchange now using tar1090: Historical Flight Tracks, Military Aircraft Filters and more by Rodney Yeo

Yes… Tar1090 and TimeLapse1090 is installed at my web feeder too… http://rodyeo.dyndns.org/ click at Application Sources Services to view it all…

KerberosSDR • Official Datasheet

I know specs and detailed info of the SDR currently is posted on the website, but I'm looking for an official datasheet put out by the company if such a thing exists. Working on an official project and they are requesting this. Thanks for any info!

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR & Aircraft Beacon Search

For my part, I am impatiently waiting for a radio amateur friend to calibrate my brass strands for me so that I can use them as receiving antennas on the roof of my car; no doubt Perillos will be able to tell you more than I can; according to our discussions, his tests with an activated tag seem to be quite encouraging !

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR & Aircraft Beacon Search

Following this topic, any more updates? Our team is planning to use this for a maritime UAV to locate personal locating beacons in these frequency ranges. Any tips or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Comment on RTL-SDR.COM GOES 16/17 and GK-2A Weather Satellite Reception Comprehensive Tutorial by Carl

That’s from GOES 16 SUVI instrument, Not the ABI that produces the HRIT and EMWIN data and Imagery. To get data from all of the instruments on GOES-R series you will need a different dish to receive GRB data and a whole different kind of decoding system.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Fix for Windows 10 unrecognized RTL-SDR

I see the exact same issue as impaired-driver (usb_open error -12 with a Device Manager Code 10 failure: "An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function." The Events tab shows the Kernel-PnP error:
Device USB\VID_0BDA&PID_2838\00000001 had a problem starting.

Driver Name: oem13.inf
Class Guid: {88bae032-5a81-49f0-bc3d-a4ff138216d6}
Service: WinUSB
Lower Filters:
Upper Filters:
Problem: 0xA
Problem Status: 0xC000000D
impaired-driver, were you able to get past this problem?

Statistics: Posted by gcbartlett — Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:34 pm

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