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User Projects • Design a reciever with R820t.

Hello guys.
I'm trying to design a receiver with R820t and AVR Atmega8 .
I want to give a frequency to the micro and the micro make the R820t lock on the given frequency.

I don't know how to control the I2C registers to make the IC lock on the given frequency.

thank you for you help...

If any of you have a BOM of this subject I'm very appreciate to take it.

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Comment on New Elad FDM-S3 Specifications and Photos by bert

Anyone else try contact the company?

Sdr touch app for Android.

I can pick up FM and weather. On phone with dongle what else is possible with this simple setup?

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Extreme wideband interference

Hi all im getting some really nasty interference from 1mhz right through to over 200mhz as pictured below.


The interference is not from indoors as its still present when all power is off, it seems intermittent/deliberate as it starts within minutes of firing up and lasts for hours with various intensity. It happens with my 2 dongles and rsp1a regardless of antenna, cable, software and computers (mainly use laptop).

Its now making listening to anything via my own setup virtually impossible and its driving me mad, one of my neighbours has turned various electrical items off to help me eliminate it but even that's not doing it!!

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR App and bearing server

I just wrote to Jonathan Musther to find out if my configuration was good in Rdf Mapper and Kerberos about the server or if I was doing something wrong.
Here is his answer.

I bought Rdf Mapper to do direction finding with a Kerberos sdr.
But I can't send my position from my smartphone with Kerberos software, on the Rdf Mapper server which is: http://rdf.musther.net/
I am well connected on the internet with the smartphone since I download the maps in mobile on the Kerberos software.

On Rdf Maper.I am connecting to the server, but it cannot find the mobile station.

I attach the photo files of my configuration on the 2 Kerberos and Rdf Mapper software.

Thanks if you can tell me what's wrong with my configuration.


Réponse de Jonathan Musther


It appears that the bearing data is not downloaded by the Kerberos application. I took a look at the server and I don't see any sign of the data from the station 'fr666'. Can you try to contact the Kerberos developers as it seems that the problem is with downloading rather than downloading in RDFMapper.

Sincere friendships,

Jonathan Musther

Ps : Sorry i don't know how to attach the photos

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Tutorials of Software Defined Radiohttps://securesilent.com/complete-software-defined-radio-course/

Tutorials of Software Defined Radiohttps://securesilent.com/complete-software-defined-radio-course/

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Coax type

Is it ok if I use non-solid core coax on a double. Cross diepole antenna?

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