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L-band setup suggestions

hi all,

I'm looking to RX L-band Acars and voice with Jaero..

in the uk in a rental property, so was looking at:.

nooelec patch antenna on a tripodand SAW LNA..

is this sufficient, or any tips or advice on what would be better for someone who cannot use a dish?

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Raspberry 3B+ causing spikes/interference

Raspberry 3B+ causing spikes/interference

Hi Guys,

Help me out here...I'm using a Raspberry Pi3+ to host spyserver/openwebrx/etc together with my Airspy R2. I've noticed some strange spikes in my waterfall. After some tests I discovered that the source of this interference was internal because it also appears when I disconnect the antenna and set the gain all the way to zero. It looks like this (snapshot made from spyserver)


What I tried so far

  • Replaced the 'cheap' power supply for a low noise 2.5 amp device specially made for the Raspberry
  • Replaced the plastic housing for the Raspberry for a (nice) Flirc aluminium case.
  • The USB cable between Airspy and Raspberry has 2 ferrite 'filters' on both ends.
  • Wrapped the Airspy in aluminium foil.

All this without luck. Thereby, when I connect the Airspy directly to a usb port on my desktop the spikes are gone! With other words, it seems like the interference is caused by the Raspberry. Despite I'm using the low noise power outlet I want to exclude every possible source that could cause the interference. Therefore I connected the Raspberry to a high powered powerbank. Also without any luck.

Of course I could ignore these spikes and just '' power up' the gain a bit more.....sure :-) But now I want to eliminate these damn spikes.

What could I try more?

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Which SDR starter kit?

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KerberosSDR • Re: Newbie and first thoughts

I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Statistics: Posted by ckoval7 — Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:33 pm

KerberosSDR • Re: Newbie and first thoughts

Almost there. The stats are updating every second from the live source file now. This refresh rate seems adequate. I did try 200ms but that is probably unnecessary. Next I will strip those XML headers and move on to the compass after that.

Statistics: Posted by Tom_G0JSV — Fri Feb 14, 2020 4:45 pm

KerberosSDR • Re: Newbie and first thoughts

Correction, the live content I need is actually in the /ram/DOA_value.html file and not in the compass.html. That will make things easier. Done that already.

Statistics: Posted by Tom_G0JSV — Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:24 pm

KerberosSDR • Re: Newbie and first thoughts

This mock-up is reading data from a modified static copy of the compass.html file. Next is to see if it can keep up with a live version of the file!!

Statistics: Posted by Tom_G0JSV — Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:37 pm

How to Build SDR transmitter

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Yaesu G-2800 / G-5500

I am thinking of buying one of them. Which should I go for ? My requirements are. 1. To track NOAA satelite. 2. Budget is around 2500$

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR App and bearing server

Hello Awdmesth

To see your station and the position on Rdf Mapper I think that Kerberos material is not essential.
Just have the Kerberos app on the smartphone and enter the server url and your mobile station name and do it and you should see yourself on the Rdf Mapper map with your location.
At least that's what I think.
Anyway I tried the 2 solutions with and without Kerberos and it doesn't work.
In my opinion the problem comes from the Kerberos app which does not connect
to the Rdf Mapper server.
As soon as you take the tests please keep me informed of the results.
Thank you

Statistics: Posted by PERILLOS — Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:54 am

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