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IT++, mbelib and dsd successfully built and working on Termux for Android.

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Comment on rtlSpectrum: A New GUI for rtl_power by Jonis

Anybody know how to ‘zoom’ like dark picture in this post? Even using small range for scanning, I always get full-range in graphs.

Comment on Look4Sat: An Android App for Tracking and Predicting Amateur Radio and Weather Satellite Passes by Arty Bishop

Hello, Ladislav!
I can confirm, it’s definitely a bug. Although I’ve been testing the app calculating passes for 240 Starlink satellites (they are not in a release app), I never thought of that as a realistic use case. Having so many satellites selected simply overloads your screen with information and you won’t be able to physically track or listen to all of them at a time because the passes start literally every 30s-1min, the sky is filled with objects. Also not all of the sats have active and publicly listed transceivers which renders them not so useful for radio amateurs.

Anyhow, I’ll try to fix it, you got me curious on that. I think I know what might be the cause of it. Hopefully I will be able to fix this bug within the next few days. Thank you very much indeed for your feedback!

User Projects • Re: A potential work-around for multiple RTL devices with their own spyserver

Now that i've been playing with it for a couple days, i have to admit i had no idea how hard it is to keep two instances of spyserver both configured for rtl-sdr from stepping on each other's toes.

it looks like when you start it up it walks sysfs to find the "first available" rtl-sdr, which turns out to mean any rtl-sdr even if the device is already locked e.g. not even available.

So your first and second instances both try to use the device with index 0.

I have not found any evidence to suggest that it can be convinced to do otherwise.

Probably a better idea to just dedicate an orange pi zero to each sdr if you want a small low power remote headless server.

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Comment on Look4Sat: An Android App for Tracking and Predicting Amateur Radio and Weather Satellite Passes by Ladislav OK1UNL

Hmm, me ticked all satellites from list. Is impossible start run of tracking all positions. If me ticked only few from list no problem…
Phone Huawei Android 9.0pie

KerberosSDR • Newbie and first thoughts

My KerberosSDR arrived a couple of days ago and I am getting to grips with it. Initially I had a few issues and like lots of the other posts in this forum these were related to power or rather the lack of it. I am using a RPi 4 with the latest 1.5 image. At first, I thought I could power the KerberosSDR from the RPi (using the Blue USB 3 connections) but have since discovered that everything seems to work much better if the Kerberos is started firstly using its own PSU followed by the RPi.

I don't have any Android gadgets to hand so currently using the 2 web applications from an Apple phone.

Internal Hotspot Address for Web Control: IP_ADDR:8080/init
Internal Hotspot Address for Android App: IP_ADDR:8081

Plus Real VNC from a Windows PC when needed.

I do own a traditional doppler DF system but the phase technology offered by the Kerberos is at the next level. Even when just looking at the graphs on the configuration software you can see how the unit acquires a signal and locks onto it.

The re-configuring needed at every restart/freq change is a bit of a pain. I did read about the intention to add antenna switches so that the antennas could be dis-connected/re-connected automatically. I did wonder if this could be accomplished partly in software. i.e. connect the 4 dummy loads, configure and then store that state.

Anyway, early days. A lot to learn.


P.S. Could a Nextion screen be driven from the data that drives the web based compass I wonder ?

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QFH antenna 145MHz for 137Mhz suitable?

Hey guys,

I've got the opportunity to buy a QFH antenna that actually built to receive signals at 145MHz.

I know it's not optimal, but would I get good reception anyway if I used this for 137MHz APT signals?

Currently I'm just using a home built V-Dipole and I want an upgrade / better reception. I've tried making my own QFH 2 times already but I failed horribly. I don't want to spend 200 bucks on a commercial antenna and now I can get it relatively cheap... but I'd only do this if this would actually give me an improvement over the V-Dipole although it being calculated for 145MHz.

Your advise is highly appreciated!

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Decoding help


I am new to SDR and have been trying to decode recordings from the NOAA 19. I have been recommended WXtoIMG but that has been closed and WXtoIMG restored will not download. Are they any other windows software that works.

thank you

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Trying to transmit with hackrf from a mic source through GNURadio, but to do that I need to display the device name of mic jack, and I can’t in MacOS.

I'm following this guide: https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php/Audio_Source and it says I need to get the device name (for example hw:CARD=Device,DEV=0). But arecord doesn't exist in macos. Any other way to achieve this?

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: usb_claim_interface error -6

Found out - it works. Thank you! :)

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