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RTL-SDR Discussion • Short-wave.info SDR# Plugin Fixed with New Features

Anyone using the handy Short-wave.info plugin for SDR# may have noticed that it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Programmer thewraith2008 has fixed the problem and added a few new features. More info and download here.

Statistics: Posted by Tekkie — Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:57 pm

DRM decoding with Dream 2.2

Can anyone please elucidate me on exactly and specifically, what they may have done to get Dream 2.2 working on Windows 10?

It's NOT the AAC codec. So quit here if that was your solve. If you got the 'QT platform plugin could not be initialized' error, keep on going.

I'm assuming, and from what I've read in the repo forums, that if I load QT5, I should be able to get it going. Problem is there is a LOT to QT5, 100+ gigs across multiple versions and certainly, not all that is required.

The devs are wankers and fail to provide ANY cohesive documentation, even a simple list of depencies is absent from the readme file.. capital idea, you twats.

Same problem with Ubuntu/Debian as well, dpkg spits out errors about missing depends and again, no listing of what's required.

I'm not looking to do QT development. I'm willing to go as far as the MINIMAL environment to get Dream 2.2 running under Windows 10 or, failing that, the minimum necessary to build and compile on Linux.

Your advice is greatly appreciated in advanced.

Again, not an AAC problem. Using an Airspy HF+ into sdr-console (wide USB, 10khz), S9+12+ signals with Dream 2.1.1 showing a 12-14db SNR. Signal is not the problem either.

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Comment on Using HackRFs to Locate a UAV Transmitter via Signal Strength Analysis by snn47

I personally wonder why they did not use the difference in time of arrival of the UAV signal for a some unique part of the signal. Path loss cannot be assumed to be identical for the ground sensors to the UAV. Antenna gain and the pattern, will not be identical and not without lobes and notches.
Using path loss would require all 3 sensor antennas and the UAV antenna to be isotropic, meaning same gain in all azimuth and all elevation angles, without lobes and notches.
Since we live in a real world path loss is highly dependent on e.g. antenna pattern, (varies in azimuth and elevation) antenna elevation above ground, terrain and surface obstacle (trees, building) ground conductivity, weather to name just a few that impact the 2 ray model. Furthermore the aircraft antenna pattern is not static, but also with flight orientation.
If you are interested why I write this, read the RD reports from Johnson and Gierhardt for the IF-77 propagation model. To get an idea look for path loss at the propagation path loss for various antenna heights in the IF-77 atlas, and see how attenuation changes with elevation.
PS.: Unfortuntely you have to pay IEEE to read the paper and find out if all previous word on aeronautical propagation was wrong.

Beginner Question: Is an antenna necessary ? What can I do with only a dongle ?

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Troubleshooting Help • Sensitivity issue / antennas

Brand new user here, read all the instructions, users guide, everything, but EXTREMELY disappointed in reception! Tried all sorts of adjustments on the included "dipole" antenna elements, even connected to external discone antenna, and STILL very little signal! Got a LOT of bogus peaks with nothing on them! Ran alongside my scanner, scanner picking up all sorts of traffic, the RTL-SDR using SDRSharp software on Windows 10 laptop. BARELY pick up a very strong FM station, BARELY picks up a strong FT8 signal on HAM bands, NOTHING on AIR! The only thing it really locks up on is when I use my own transmitters, then I can see a response! Can't believe people are excited about this thing unless there's something really wrong with my unit. It's like there is no antenna connected at all! How do I improve the sensitivity of this thing? Right now I'm ready to send back! HELP!

Statistics: Posted by glhammer — Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:47 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Broadcast AM filter — RF power tolerance?

I would use a relay to bypass around that filter. Simple thing to do. Most xmtrs have a signal that comes out that asserts when you transmit. I made one for my rsp1 and my ham rig. When I xmit on the ham rig the antenna switches to the rig and another set of contacts grounds the input of the rsp1 just for extra safety. Besides the power question of the BC filter I'd be concerned about what the impedance would be, maybe its 50ohm but when you start putting power thru things the ferrites can saturate and things don't act normally.

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RDS without SDR, using redsea, awk, gocr, gimp and a youtube video.

no rtlsdr was harmed in the decoding of these messages.


original video:


post some rds messages in the comments! ;P

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Комментарий к записи Wiki RTL-SDR (Herbertbat)

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Are there still any "real" number stations one could listen to with SDR?

I've seen tonnes of documentaries about number stations and feel sad I missed the hay day :( I've been messing around with SDR (specifically I have a HackRF) for a long time - nothing serious - but have always wanted to hear a real, ongoing number station. Am I only left with recordings from 20 years ago? :(


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i found a german book what i bought years ago "The unofficial satellite espionage book"

i found a german book what i bought years ago "The unofficial satellite espionage book" submitted by /u/DedX_
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