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Is meteor m2 fine? 0 Signal with 88° elevation

Same as other times before but i couldn't get even a slim of the signal (137. 1Mhz) no transmission on 137.9 Mhz too. Do you know if the problem is with me?

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: HF reception problem with a Chinese BA5SBA SDR with Upconverter

Hi again,
I've noticed that some of these 'upconverter' RTL-SDRs claim to have a 'bias tee' at the input to allow DC to be made available to external active antennas or RF preamps -- and I've seen a suggestion that the supply to the bias tee can be controlled by software. But it seems that apps like SDR# can't control this -- it has to be done using special batch files (one to 'turn on' the supply and another to turn it off.
Is there a possibility that the latest upconverter RTL-SDRs also have a feature to control the power to the upconverter, and SDR# doesn't have the facility to control this? It would explain why two different BA5SBA upconverter RTL-SDRs seem to be dead on the LF-HF upconverter range. Perhaps the units are not faulty, after all.
Has anyone discovered the answer? Is there yet another 'secret' software solution to 'unlock' the upconverters?

If so, please let us all know.
Thanks, Jim Rowe

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Comment on Quick Start Guide by Olympics

Five new sports have been added to the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020: karate, baseball/softball, sport climbing , skateboarding and surfing.TOKYO 2020 GAMES’ SCHEDULE

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: save the children ngo

HoSh (Hope to Shine) is World Vision India's crowdfunding stage to bring up assets for youngsters and families living out of luck and destitution. As a crowdfunding stage, HoSh empowers numerous benefactors to add to one need as indicated by their capacity for save the children ngo. HoSh has a one of a kind detailing instrument where you, as a benefactor, will know how your blessing has profited the individual. Also, furthermore? The 'Start My Fundraiser' causes you to pick a specific need, plan your own battle and raise assets for that need through your companions and by sharing on your informal community. https://www.hopetoshine.in

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Can I capture Bluetooth audio with my hackrf/sdr by listening to 2.4GHz?

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Jy1sat image problem.

I am not able to understand how does Jy1sat takes the picture. And any troubleshooting videos,links please?

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Ionospheric E-layers on Mars: implications for Earth propagation

Especially for the ham radio folks and others into in listening to HF. Besides all the problems mentioned in the abstract, Sporadic E can be enormously helpful in HF propagation because it can be so dense/stable... signal doesn't get " messed up" by the reflection off of it.


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NOAA 15 decode issues

NOAA 15 decode issues

hi! i am a newbie to SDR, and i just attempted to decode NOAA15 today. i'm not sure why it is mostly white. should their be an image? its around 6:30 pm, so it could be inverted? the calibration line stuff is there so........


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Experimenting with rpitx on raspberry pi

Working on base station as raspberry pi and RTL sdr. I have different transceiver modules cc1100, si4432, generic ask modules as well. They have different packet structures and encodings, si4432 has gfsk modulation. So I want listen on RTL sdr for packet (figured out ) then send a response over.ie build and send gfsk modulated packet via rpitx.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • save the children ngo

Sponsoring a child through World Vision India is one of the best, motivating and compensating approaches to support youngsters. You'll be doing significantly more than assisting with meeting youngsters' fundamental needs – you'll be assisting with equiping them forever. By achieving enduring change in your supported kid's locale, you'll likewise be improving the lives of numerous other defenseless youngsters. child sponsorship is probably the most ideal approaches to give kids better lives and prospects of save the children ngo. At the point when you support a youngster, you will get photo of your supported kid, data about your kid, kid's family and network, yearly report showing the advancement of your kid, World Vision India's magazine Jeevan Sparsh and a chance to blessing, compose or visit your supported kid. https://www.worldvision.in]

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