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Other SDR Devices • MSi sdr panadapter problems

Hello everybody
I was curious to try listening radio with sdr so i bought recently the sdr key MSi sdr panadapter ... And i can't do it working. Note please it is the first time i try sdr... However i use normal trafic receivers since several years...
I received the device from amazon and the first surprise was the bag did not include the most small paper explaining how to install and how to use ! So i had to look several hours on the web before finding the installation way...
First i tried with HDSDR-rsp1 . Explations for HDSDR-rsp1 on the web are very poor... No details... So i tried various settings with poor results. i used the whip antenna included in the bag.
the problem is a very poor sensivity on all frequencies and the s meter is at 9+20 without signal due to a high noise level.
For example i hear only 2 or 3 stations in the 7 to 5 mhz, very week. I tried to calibrate the s meter with the option menu , that worked, i adjusted the s meter at 1 without signal but after that nothing could be heard!
So i have two questions:
1- there is a light near the antenna plug, this light is always red. is it normal? If somebody has an MSi sdr working!
2-As i am sdr beginner, there is may be a basic settting i did not see...
I have also tried to plug the sdr key on an other usb port, at back of the computer instead the one of the top i usualy use but no change. i have a tower office pc and windows 7-64.
I tried also the sdr with SDRuno but about same problems...
Thank you for help.

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Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by Ripley

“usb_open error -12”

I ran into this when I attempted to enable the bias tee via epromm command. Thought it bricked my device. I had to reinstall the driver via ZADIG in order to use the V3 again.

Comment on r2Cloud: Software for Automatically Decoding APT/LRPT Weather Satellites and Cubesats on a Raspberry Pi with RTL-SDR by dernasherbrezon

Yes, it is on the main page:

The latest is:

Help decoding NOAA

I'm very new to this, so I probually have little idea about what I'm doing, but I managed to get a NOAA-19 signal a few hours ago, and tried to decode it (following this tutorial), but got this. Not sure if I've screwed up the decoding because it looks a little wonky compared to example photos, especially the bars, or my antenna sucks. I've also got the raw audio here and a modulated cropped file here.


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Comment on r2Cloud: Software for Automatically Decoding APT/LRPT Weather Satellites and Cubesats on a Raspberry Pi with RTL-SDR by Jim

For the technically challenged, is there a link to a ready-made rasp-pi image to download?

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Panadapter interface very simple for the old good AOR ar8000 scanner

Panadapter interface very simple for the old good AOR ar8000 scanner submitted by /u/IU2MEH
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Taxi MDT Decoder on Windows 10

I used this java program in the past for decoding Autocab transmissions (168MHz) but I can't for the life of me get it to work on W10 with Virtual Audio Cable. Does anyone have a fix for this? I read on a blog about hitting record in Audacity but having tried and tried I can't get it to listen to my audio.

Appreciate any input on this

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Sharp SDR software has weaker signal reception than a Gqrx? Problem

Hi I was using Gqrx for most things that I am doing. I wanted to try something potentially better, so I tried using SDR# on my computer with spysdr server on my other computer, everything worked well until I tried using it for decoding APT signals, the satellite signal was not visible on Sdr# but on Gqrx it was clearly visible. I have video showing this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e4x8ponKwg_IvWTibJ2iRd9UXYTzgr8j/view?usp=drivesdk On the left there is a Windows monitor with SDR# the signal is not visible there, but when I open Gqrx on the monitor on Right you can clearly see it. SOLVED:change the gain

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR Developments in 2020

Optionally give the user a way to utilize all 4 or 8 radios, depending on KerberosSDr being linked to another, to monitor a large chunk of the spectrum when not actively doing direction finding. Potentially add more to the GUI to allow this, otherwise just provide a tutorial on using all radios to feed something like gqrx. There’s several examples of using multiple hackrf/RTL-SDR together.

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