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Can’t recieve much

Hey, I am new in the SDR community, and have a NOOELEC Mini 2+.

I can see huge spikes in a lot of places, ( Mostly HAM bands ), but outside of WFM I can't hear any sound, and if I can, it is just humming. Is there a reason for that I am not getting?

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Comment on GQRX Updates: GR3.8, New Color Maps, Bug and Performance Fixes by Andrew Heater

Does anyone know how to build from source on MacOS?

Removing wires from NooElec Balun 9:1 V2?

I have a Nooelec Balun 9:1 v2, it has three connectors, two screw connectors and one push connector. These all seem to work great, but once I've put a wire in the push connector, I'm not sure how to extract it. There are two little tan buttons or something, but I'm not sure if you can press those, they're rather small.

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Should I buy a new dongle?


I recently started in the world of SDR, and bought myself an NOOELEC Mini 2+ dongle. After listening to mostly just FM radio, I got bored of the small antenna that came with it, and ordered a bigger, "Bunny ears" antenna. I don't notice much diffrence at all, only that a few more FM radio stations show up. I am now wondering if I should buy this dongle, wich seems to be able to do much more. Should I buy that? Or is it better to buy a ham it up for my current dongle?


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User Projects • Re: Absolute FFT Beginner Project

I study mathematical calculations while gambling
it's all about probability theory
these are very interesting calculations
also i have a good option for checking my calculations
I'm also interested in the views of other users
maybe gogos have some other good options
waiting for answers
thank you

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Comment on Videos on Compiling JAERO and libAEROAMBE for AERO C-Channel Voice Audio Reception by Andre de Blot

No, Not any more. I installed Jaero V1.0.4.11 and I need to compile aeroambe and dependencies all over. Your tuturials were of great help.

KerberosSDR • Re: new version image 1.6.1 for py 4

I tried 1.6 during some testing this week and found for some reason I just could not get it to sync as easy or if I recall, at all. Ended up rolling back a version for now. I did notice that when you check the enable sync and noise boxes that if you also hit update it automatically unchecks the noise box, not sure if that’s intended. Seems okay if you just check the boxes and do not hit update.

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Comment on Videos on Compiling JAERO and libAEROAMBE for AERO C-Channel Voice Audio Reception by Chris

Tutorials are removed. have You got a copy of the instruction how to compile JAERO and dependencies?

Comment on OneSDR New Posts: RF Filter Primer, Bias Tees, SDR Precautions by snn47

It depends on the number of strong frequencies and their peak strength where you live, which frequencies need to be suppressed. While some spectrum like BC 87 -107 MHz is universal, other Spectrum use like TV or mobile phone vary from ITU region to ITU region and/or country to country.
What you detect could also be intermodulation

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Can I use the SDR very close to the RF source?

max input power of an R820T2 is +10dBm

Does this apply to the RTL-820T2 input without or with the antiparalell protecting diodes that I remember having seen.

Do you know the max. PAPR (Peak To Average Ratio) for the +10 dBm value, which is also important to know, since the PAPR for OFDM can be >10 dB depending on how software will limit the PAPR?

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