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Comment on RTL-SDR.COM GOES 16/17 and GK-2A Weather Satellite Reception Comprehensive Tutorial by Carl

Is there a command or way to have syncthing move the files over to my main computer, rather than keeping them both on the PI and on my Computer? So in other words, move the file to my main computer, then delete that file off the PI.

Strange (maybe satellite) signal received while listening to ISS SSTV.

Strange (maybe satellite) signal received while listening to ISS SSTV. submitted by /u/derekcz
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I’m new to SDR and I have a question for you long time users.

I've had this SDR for about a year now and finally decided to start playing with it. It's the Nooelec nesr? Smart.
Last night I installed the drivers and SDR# to play around with it. I managed to pick up two frequencies of nearby Police talking, and it was pretty steady. I saved those frequencies and today reconnected and went back to those same frequencies and fiddled around with the bandwidth to attempt to pick up the talking again...

However, it's been almost two hours and I haven't heard a single thing. I have tried scrolling slowly between the two frequencies and can't pick anything up. I'm certain it isn't that they aren't talking as police are fairly active around here. So, what could be going on? Am I doing something wrong?

I tested on a normal FM radio frequency and can pick up music just fine, I just can no longer hear the police talking.

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How can help me to identify decode this , I think it’s modulation is gmsk

How can help me to identify decode this , I think it's modulation is gmsk submitted by /u/abraham_ai19
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Did I brick/damage my SDR?

I used to receive excellent, nearly noise-free weather satellites images using my RTL-SDR V3 when I first bought it. After a month or so I can hardly receive anything; I can still receive FM radio stations but NOAA 19 signals for example are weak/unstable. I tried adding FM filters and LNA's but had no luck. The worst thing is that the noise floor keeps bouncing around by as much as 5-10dbm! In general there's so much noise that simply wasn't there when I started receiving.

I decided to wrap the entire dongle in aluminum foil and that seemed to have solved the issue. The spectrum bounces were reduced but this solution turned out to be quite unreliable; sometimes the spectrum bounces, sometimes not. Overall I'm really tired and confused. I have read and tried numerous tips on r/RTLSDR and elsewhere but had little luck. The gain level, type of antenna, etc had no effect.

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Comment on KerberosSDR 4-Channel RTL-SDR Passive Radar with Peak Hold Display by Phil Chandler

Could this system be adapted for tracking large insects, by fixing some kind of reflector to them, or would such a small profile simply be lost in the noise?

Comment on Cheap and Easy Hydrogen Line Radio Astronomy with an RTL-SDR, WiFi Parabolic Grid Dish, LNA and SDRSharp by JB

Only 2 items in the store. No details on the products. The antenna kit is twice the normal price….

RTL-SDR Discussion • (im)possible?! —> Remote control SDR on android phone

Dear All,

I'm looking for a certain SDR solution for almost 3 years I guess. My wish is to control my SDR device on my android phone. I'm not looking for anything fancy and just want to listen to UHF/VHF analog signals. Preferably I want to use my Airspy R2 hosted by my raspberry pi.

I experimented MANY hours using (of course) a spyserver configuration on my raspberry. This works extremely well as long I'm using a windows SDR client like SDRsharp.

As far as I know there is only one app for android that is capable of using spyserver. This app is called QuestaSDR. The function is still on beta support (over a year now) and unfortunately doesn't work at all. After tweaking all sorts of settings on my spyserver I manage to get some sound out of it but only for a few seconds and highly pitch. I contacted the developer but unfortunately no reaction at all.

So what other options do I have left?

There is TCP_SDR but it use no compression at all and not as configurable friendly as spyserver. As far as i know there is also not a good app that supports this protocol.

I guess there are some SDR devices that have a build in webserver which is accessible on a android phone with a browser like chrome. Still, I don't expect that it is made to control it by phone.

What do you guys think? Am I missing something? I don't mind spending some money on a good solution.


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Left my QFH antenna at the parent’s house.. Mum found a new use for it.

Left my QFH antenna at the parent's house.. Mum found a new use for it. submitted by /u/suibhnesuibhne
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Compact directional antenna for 80 MHz and up

I'm looking for a directional antenna to be used for a passive radar with a Kerberossdr. I know there's quite a few ways to achieve this, however does anyone know of a design that is either compact, or able to disassembled easily, as I have little space available.

submitted by /u/knuckledragger242
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