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RTL-SDR Discussion • AM saturated sound on carriers with SDR #

Hello from Venezuela, I have a problem with my RTL-sdr V3 and it only happens with SDR # in AM mode, when I tune in the center of a station carrier, it is heard saturated, and when moving a few hertz higher or lower improvement, but in the center it sounds very bad. The funny thing is that it only happens with the SDR # and not with other softwares. Any suggestions?

Thank you and excuse my English.

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Help needed for Acurite weather station

Does anyone have a step-by-step to configure an RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi beta 3+ so I can read the data from my Acurite 5in1 weather station and send data to Wunderground? As Acurite owners know, Acurite discontinued support for their own Smarthub.

I’m pretty sure I’ve located the signal with SDR#. The raspberry pi setup is where I’m stuck. I’ve found lots of info via Google, but I get lost the mountain of info.

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goes16 — vti changed from 300 range to 600 range — packets dropping

Hi, 2 days ago, after the storm, my vti reading went from 300-350 to around 600-650. so packets are dropping now. I have a 9 ft usb extension coming into house from outside. On one end it attaches to rtl-sdr and on other to the compute.

Appreciate any suggestions ? Thanks.

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Subreddit Rules

Can someone point me in the right direction as to where the rules of this subreddit are listed? I see the rules link in the post UI but these "rules" consist of only tutorial info.

Kindest regards, Dave

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Comment on SDRTrunk 0.4.0 Alpha 9 Updates Highlighted by Andrew

Where is a tutorial on how to install on MacOS?

SDR ham radio contest 2019

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: RTL SDR driver problem on windows 10

I see no screenshot.
Have you used Zadig?
Use WinUSB or libusbK is an alternative driver.

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How to troubleshoot antennas?

Hi! I built a horizontal 120º v-dipole to receive NOAA images, but of course, it doesn't work and i dont know why, i can barely hear the satellites when they pass, let alone downloading anything useful at all. There is a lot of noise too (in SDR# i can only give about 10 dB of gain before the noise floor starts raising), I just want to ask how to troubleshoot the antenna, more info below.

My main suspect rn is the location of the antenna (i live in a single floor house, the antenna was mounted on the same pole as the TV Yagi antenna, just above it (but in a different orientation, i.e. the tv antenna was not directly under my antenna), so is not very high (about 4 meters from ground, maybe) and there's also a medium voltage line and a telephone line overhead, although i don't know if they can induce EMI on the SDR

I've tried building three different versions (2 out of a steel wire and 1 out of a thinner, copper wire) but all had the same problem, my first guess was the SMA connector (my soldering skills are not that great) so i bought a 50 ohm coax with presoldered SMA connectors and cut that to connect to the wires, it improved enough to barely hear the satellites on high-ish passes.

The options im considering at this point are a bit tight, i thought of maybe adding a ferrite bead to the coax near the antenna, but i doubt it will be enough, or directly change the design and go for a double-cross dipole antenna instead. Other option is maybe buy a FM band filter, also i have a wideband LNA, when i add it in between the antenna and the coax to the SDR it reduces the noise a lot, and i can add more gain up to 20-25 dB in the SDR, but it still doesn't work

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Antennas • MLA-30 what are the perfect, good, best (?!) Settings in SDR#?

Sure if anyone can guess it I use the MLA-30 currently with there original shipped Cable and so on.
I still want use them before I can plan to change the Cable and os on.
My Setup is the SDR Stick from the Shop here -> an Upconverter who a frind of mine gave me maybe there is a build in AMP but I dont know it -> Bias-T from the Antenna -> Antenna.

SDR# have multible way to adjust the result I can see later on the Waterfall.
Like Gain and so on where I select the Dongle and on the Right side I also can change Settings for the Waterfall. (Sry I dont have an SDR# n my Pc to name it correkt).

So in therm of Gain and other thinks what is the best way to get the best result out of the Antenna?
I got from somewhere some Noise (when I use the Antenne I can make Picture of if) and want get the best result.

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Antennas • Re: Beginner HF/shortwave Antenna Recommendations?

So what does "Portable" mean for you?
I hve the MLA-30 at Home Temporrary installed on a PVC Pipe.

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