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Routex Благодарствую. Ох и дибил же я местами-временами ))))

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Routex Благодарствую. Ох и дибил же я местами-временами ))))
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #577

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Voevoda В режиме BFM 350 кгц.

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Voevoda В режиме BFM 350 кгц.
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #577

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Comment on New ExtIO for the HackRF and HDSDR by Dave

I’m still having trouble with windows 10 and SDR Sharp where the screen freezes when I stop and try to play. I was looking for an alternative.

Car keeps getting unlocked by a device thieves using

The car is not a keyless entry system, i have tried doing a replay attack to see if my car has a code that does not change and have not been successful using a raspberry pi and rpitx. Any idea how these theives are breaking into my car is it possible the car is a rolling code and they are just bruteforcing the key fobs next code?

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KerberosSDR • Re: Phase coherent IQ samples for a Windows program

Take a look at the Receiver @ https://github.com/rtlsdrblog/kerbeross ... eceiver.py

line 192 would be a good start I think.... #np.save("hydra_raw.npy",self.iq_samples)

Windows development - what's your goal?

Statistics: Posted by myke — Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:25 pm

Comment on List of SDRSharp Plugins by Anonymous

Signal diagnostics power value logger

Newbie here. Trying to get my RTL2836BU based TV tuner to work as an USB SDR.

Hello everyone, newbie here. I've recently picked up a RTL2836BU based TV tuner (Magic Pro ProHDTV mini 2) for free, and wanted to use it as an SDR, but when I press play in SDR# it says "no device found". I've tried reinstalling drivers with zadig, used USB Driver tool, tried different USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) and tried different software with no luck. Any help?

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User Projects • Re: Alarms / logging exceeds limits (thresholds)

https://teknokoodiradio.vuodatus.net/lu ... ger-plugin

Statistics: Posted by rtlsdrdev-user — Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:52 am

How do I determine rtl_fm parameters?

I'm using rtl_fm from the command line to listen to the police scanner and emergency services in my area, and I'm using http://kmkeen.com/rtl-demod-guide/ to help me set it up, but it led to some questions.

For police scanners, it recommends a setting like:
rtl_fm -M fm -f 154.42M -f 154.75M -f 154.82M -f 154.89M -s 12k -g 50 -l 70

What's the purpose of specifying multiple frequencies? Does it just cycle through the different frequencies, so it might play 5 seconds of one, then 5 seconds of the next, and so forth? Or does it pick up and play all those frequencies on top of each other like if I was playing multiple stereos at the same time? Or maybe it monitors the different frequencies and then just plays whichever has the strongest signal at any given moment?

As far as the g parameter, it says to set the gain to the maximum by using a value appropriate to your dongle. I'm using this dongle. Do I look up the dongle specifications to see what the maximum gain is and use that value? Or is this a number I just play around with? (Which I have been without much success.)

And then with the l parameter, it says this squelch values varies a lot, based on what gain and sample rate I use. Is this another playing around with number, or is there some kind of calculator I can use?

Right now I pick up commercial radio just fine, but when listening to the police station I hear mostly static. I can here the station just fine using an desktop police scanner, so I don't think I'm having any issues with P25 or trunking. If they're talking, the static stops and you can here very faint voices but cant make out any of the words. It seems my hardware is fine and its just a matter of figuring out these software settings.

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Troubleshooting Help • HDSDR waterfall

I have read the FAQ, did hours of searching online, but I can't find anything telling me how to get the waterfalls to actually be falling, as water does! Aside from that, I'm having fun with my new RTL-SDR V3 and HDSDR in my Mac. Even here in rural South-Western Ontario, there's lots to listen to.

73, Bruce, VE3EAR

Statistics: Posted by VE3EAR — Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:26 am

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