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Looking for assistance

I'm brand new to SDRs as a whole. I've been working with dedicated receiver systems for the past few years for work, but work is wanting to look at adding SDRs.

Ultimately we are looking to record anywhere from 1MHz to 100MHz at a 40MHz bandwidth. I've found that the LimeSDR is capable of getting up to 60MHz bandwidth. I'm having an issue finding resources for making an antenna that is capable of the frequency range I listed. Most ones I see are from 1MHz to 30MHz.

Would anyone here be able to provide assistance.

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Comment on An Opensource Mini-Whip Antenna and Upconverter Design for RTL-SDRs by Curs Mad

Australia… so far from everyhwere… normally you have low noise there.
Here in Europe… it’s hard with the high noise, mainly in the LW domain.
Shall I say I’m an old broadcasting LW, MW, SW lover ?

Comment on G8JNJ Reverse Engineers and Reviews the MLA-30 HF Loop Antenna by none

So how should I pimp my Antenna who will arrive soon?
How should I add where a 100R termination?

Comment on Blindly Reverse Engineering a Wireless Protocol by Joel

mmm. I am think it. If you use neural network, it can learn the patron and decode it fast!. It is a good experiment to do. If you need help tell my.

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