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Comment on Raspberry Pi 4 Released: Improvements to CPU, Networking, USB, RAM and more by Bob Slovick

Has anybody been able to use the Pi 4 with the Kerberos SDR ( https://www.rtl-sdr.com/ksdr/ ) Demo image that is written for the Pi3 / B+? If so, is there anything you feel I should know?

Thank you!

Newby question: need help listening to a frequency from the command line

I'm using a raspberry pi from the command line and I'm using this usb radio dongle. I also set it up using the Linux section of this quick start guide.

Right now all I'm trying to do is to listen to a radio frequency from the command line. I've been using man pages and reading other posts, but the best I can do is listen to different frequencies of static.

For testing purposes, I'm trying to listen to a local radio station broadcasting on 88.1FM.

Right now my syntax is:
rtl_fm -f 88.1M | aplay -t raw

It's just static. What am I doing wrong?

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I m now new in RTL SDR but not in SDR in general . I m using RSP1a with Uno, Console , an old…

I m now new in RTL SDR but not in SDR in general . I m using RSP1a with Uno, Console , an old version of Sharp, HDSDR, Cubic, Sodira and recently added the latest version of Sharp 17xx . For this reason i bought an RTL SDR V3 from the official eBay store to test it .Surely RSP1a is not supported by Sharp and i really wonder why they stopped support. Just searching in new Sharp's directory i have seen some batch programs that are specifically for RTLSDR That reminds me o...lder times (around 2013 I think )when i read the very difficult process of making RTL to communicate with SDR programs ad it was the only reason I didn't do anything from that time getting it. That time I used a very RF noisy computer .... My question is simple.Hasn't the process simplified so that Sharp can directly communicate with RTL as any other SDR model does so far in plug play form ? Thanks in advance!

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Military Air-band. What language is this?

Hey guys,

I was scrolling a bit through the military air band on SDR# and came across a couple of more or less strong signals.

I went to record a little bit because according the intonation has some portuguese, but I can't understand anything of it and a little portuguese I should be able to understand.... but then receiving portuguese military air in the Netherlands seems a bit awkward. Can anyone tell which country's military air I've been listening to?

MP3 here: https://mega.nz/#!P1tHDAIR!IGi6Cmj1hpgADWa4W_2mFwCNetNdnLvUN8HapG7JCTg

and another MP3: https://mega.nz/#!P1tHDAIR!IGi6Cmj1hpgADWa4W_2mFwCNetNdnLvUN8HapG7JCTg

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Comment on G8JNJ Reverse Engineers and Reviews the MLA-30 HF Loop Antenna by Martin — G8JNJ

I wouldn’t bother changing the coax as the cable losses are negligible and the loop amplifier defines the overall noise figure and Signal to Noise ratio.

The existing bias tee is adequate, as the bias tee choke inside the amplifier is the main constraint with respect to the overall frequency response.

There is one modification that is relatively easy and worth doing.

That is to add a 1000uF capacitor across C2 in the circuit diagram.


This dramatically reduces the level of 60 and 120KHz noise from the 5v to 12v DC-DC switching convertor that is present at a fairly high level on the RF output.

Comment on G8JNJ Reverse Engineers and Reviews the MLA-30 HF Loop Antenna by none

I see. There are some easy Mods like put a serious Antenna Cable onto and or change the Bias-T.
So when no other mods are easy to process i stick with them.

Comment on G8JNJ Reverse Engineers and Reviews the MLA-30 HF Loop Antenna by Martin — G8JNJ

I wouldn’t bother trying to modify it, it’s not worth the effort.

You have to remove the potting compound to get to the circuit board and it is highly likely that other components will get damaged in the process.

Just enjoy using it as it is.

Comment on An Opensource Mini-Whip Antenna and Upconverter Design for RTL-SDRs by Richard Zed

I won’t assume you think Australia is some tiny Island in the southern hemisphere , at the end of the day it’s all about location no matter where you live .

Comment on XYNC: A Massive MIMO SDR with up to 32×32 TX/RX Channels by CS

I would settle for a PCIe card that could handle 2 or 4 mini-PCIe cards with some kind of PLX-type switch on it (instead of bifurcation).

Other SDR Devices • Re: NanoVNA software mod

Good morning all ,
I just downloaded version 2 of the software function tdr is very interesting, the top of the top would be to have a length according to the coefficient of velocity of the coax.
73's eric f4iab

bonjour a tous ,
je viens de télécharger la version 2 du logiciel la fonction tdr est très intéressante , le top du top serait d avoir une longueur en fonction du coeff de vélocité du coax .
73's eric f4iab

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