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Comment on A NanoVNA 2.0 is in the Works: Same Price, Frequency Range up to 3.5 GHz, Higher Dynamic Range by KV4PC

NanoVNA-F has a 4.3″ display. Costs a bit more than double. I believe it has more capability and a larger memory as well.

Plugged my sdr into my Android car radio and received ADS-B while sitting in traffic

Plugged my sdr into my Android car radio and received ADS-B while sitting in traffic submitted by /u/Bobcalamarie
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QFH Connections

QFH Connections submitted by /u/njrusty
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SDR # (SDRSharp) x86 rev 1729 Новый релиз с поддержкой высокого разрешения. https://airspy.com/download

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SDR # (SDRSharp) x86 rev 1729 Новый релиз с поддержкой высокого разрешения. https://airspy.com/download
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #577

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Would there be anything interesting to be gained from putting an SDR on a weather balloon?

Suppose you put an SDR on a weather balloon along with a raspberry pi, power source, wideband antenna (maybe a few specific narrow band antennas as well if there's something interesting to look for), parachute, and some kind of RF downlink antenna that communicated back to a base station on a frequency higher than the SDR could pick up (to avoid having the downlink interfere with general reception). Would there be anything interesting to be gained out of doing this? Would the range increase from the height be especially large, or would you start running into diminishing returns? Would there be anything noteworthy to look for or attempt to receive at those heights? What kind of antennas would be worth putting on something like this?This is a question that occurred to me early on, but I haven't thought to ask it until now

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: rtl-sdr gain control

Thank you for your answer.
It was not evident from the R820T datasheet.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: WXtoimg Decoding

That's interesting. I was planning on eventually moving it to a Pi dedicated to the task, so maybe I'll have a look in that area if the DIY dipole and LNA idea doesn't fix it.

I just had another one now - highly distinct signal during most of the transit, but still the same meaningless noise pattern displayed in WXtoimg. No detailed thumbnail either, this time. In fact, since the two I mentioned in the OP, I've had no such thumbnail images.

Mine's running on Windows 10 right now.

Statistics: Posted by Sualdam — Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:09 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: WXtoimg Decoding

This isn't going to be helpful to you, but I have also seen funky behavior by WXtoIMG when receiving perfectly good (and strong) signals. Not sure what operating system you are using, but I can't get decent images at all running the gui on Ubuntu 18.04, yet get perfect images when running headless on a raspberry pi running jessie. :?

Statistics: Posted by K3RLD — Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:31 pm

USRP B205mini-i Antenna Setup And General Kit Suggestions?

Hi all,

I've been thinking of getting a USRP B205mini-i mini for security research and penetration testing. But I don't quite know where to start since SDR is quite a broad topic, I've seen some of the things that even cheaper SDR's are capable of and they are extremely impressive to say the least. I thought might as well bite the bullet and buy a higher end setup to do a whole variety of things from listening to FM/AM radio, pull data from satellites and just do very interesting/powerful things with it.

My questions are the following;

  1. Are they any antennas or antenna kits which can cover the 70MHZ to 6GHZ spectrum?
    1. Just browsing through google search results I've identified two ultra wideband antennas the first being the OmniLog 70600 Omni Directional Antenna and the second being Electrometrics EM6859. But I know that wide band antennas trade signal resolution for having a wider range. From what I understand the B205 cannot have power DBM put into the signal so the antennas have to be passive.
      1. https://www.aaronia.com/products/antennas/OmniLOG-70600-Omni-Directional-Antenna/
      2. https://electro-metrics.com/product/antenna-ultra-wideband-passive-omni-directional-em-6857-20-mhz-40-ghz/
  2. The startup guide for the product states that I have to terminate the transmission output with a 50 ohm load or antenna. I know its possible to share the same antenna but not the specifics of doing it without smoking the SDR how do I safely terminate the transmit output and should I just buy two sets of compatible antennas?
    1. https://kb.ettus.com/B200/B210/B200mini/B205mini_Getting_Started_Guides
  3. Since I'm an FNG to SDR's is there anything else I need to take care of so I don't kill the radio, aside from that I know not to mess around with the licensed bands or risk the local authorities wrath.
  4. Is there anything I need to take into consideration when using this with a Ham It Up Plus? There's pretty much nothing that would be worth pen testing on the ham bands but what there's a few interesting things that go on sub 70MHZ.
  5. Do you have any other tips or suggestions regarding my planned setup, feedback is greatly appreciated?
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KerberosSDR • DOA Heading Not Updating in APP

Hi all,
I've gotten the DOA to work and update on the first version of the app. I've just now gotten the updated app and it will say it starts DOA but it never plots anything. No heading line and no RF line. Try to go back to the first version, no good. I checked my GPS using GPSStatus, and it has a fix. I was able to connect to the interface through the app so the IP and port is good. It just will not plot. On top of that, it never says that it fails retrieving data, and that's still after about 10 minutes of letting the app sit. Anyone have any pointers?


PS, my phone was updated to android 9, is the app compatible?

Statistics: Posted by kuhny1 — Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:07 am

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