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Comment on Reviews of the NanoVNA: An Ultra Low Cost $50 Vector Network Analyzer by RodF

R asks “how can you measure an antenna’s ADSB suitability if this device can only handle up to 900 MHz while ADSB is 978/1090 [MHz]?” You can’t, but wait a few months. nanoVNA is an open-source design; its design community at https://groups.io/g/nanovna-users are talking about extending the design to 3GHz at a similar price by using improved synthesizer and mixer chips. We shall see… but there’s such great utility and demand for it that it’s inevitable.

Comment on SigintOS: A Linux Distro for Signal Intelligence by Scott

To install you can follow above steps, but omit the first 2 where you uninstall and reinstall ubiquity. after this you should be able to boot to a login screen, but the password is unknown. reboot using the live cd and change the root password by following this tutorial: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-ubuntu-password-easily-from-the-live-cd/
then reboot and log in as root. from there you can change the SigintOS user password in settings.

I also noticed that updates are broken. To fix this open a terminal and type: sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys 22C627172ECB91FE

Then type: sudo apt-get update.

Comment on Review of the Airspy Mini by Joseph B Westbrook

When running on 16941Ghz , after a warm-up period the RX signal stops and the wave form starts bouncing up and down and becomes distorted. I then disconnect it and reconnect it and restart and the process starts over again. It will actually begin receiving a signal but immediately stops. I have tested both outside and inside to eliminate the possibility of environment conditions. Additionally, I Compared it side by side with my NooElec.com Nesdr SMArtxr which does not have this issue.
> Requesting an RMA as it appears that this is a defective Airspy. This was a month ago (9/18/19)…. I provided several screen shots of SDR# that clearly illustrated the issue. It is simply unusable. After MANY emails back to them they finally “said” they would RMA it. I ask them what the next steps are and what do I need to do. All I am getting are crickets… All I have a piece now useless junk. Buyer beware.

Comment on Using a LimeSDR and RTL-SDR to Transfer a Text File Over the Air by Salil

Robert, a long preamble did help. When trying this with QPSK, the file reproduction on RX side is a hit and miss. I think packet encoder/decoder blocks are to blame.

What is a good price for a Nuand bladeRF x40? Or where to donate?

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this at all, so I'm sorry in advance if it's not.

I recently received a good sized lot of unopened Nuand bladeRF x40s. I have absolutely no idea what to do with them, I did some searching and it led me here.

Looks like they are being sold by the manufacturer for $420, and only a few other resellers for a bit more. I see that Nuand has released a newer model- the bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 for $480 and it's being sold on websites for up to $600.

Is the x40 still useful? Do people still buy them? I really have no use for it so I'd like to get rid of them. My question is- what's a fair price? I would like to price each in a way so people can get a good deal and do a hobby that they like, I'm not trying to make a ton. If it was my hobby I know I'd appreciate that.

Finally, would there be any place that'd appreciate having these donated to them? To be honest, I'm having trouble even figuring out how to use one, or who would use one, so I apologize if I'm being super vague in my questions.

Thank you.

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Comment on A NanoVNA 2.0 is in the Works: Same Price, Frequency Range up to 3.5 GHz, Higher Dynamic Range by Jeff

what will be the frequency coverage of this new VNA


Other SDR Devices • Re: Weird MSI.SDR QRM issue

The same thing. Also bought on aliexpress.
But my msi.sdr is defective, it has terrible sound crackles and pulses at some LO frequencies:

Also it has very bad sensitivity at 145 MHz, much worse than RTL-SDR. This is just a piece of crap.

I think they produce it from factory rejected chips.

Does your one has sound crackle and pulse problem?

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Comment on Using a LimeSDR and RTL-SDR to Transfer a Text File Over the Air by Robert Lerner

Send a preamble during the timing phase.

Extremely portable ADS-B setup. First time using a cantenna and it worked great. Antenna "mast" fits perfectly into one of the deeper pockets on the case

Extremely portable ADS-B setup. First time using a cantenna and it worked great. Antenna "mast" fits perfectly into one of the deeper pockets on the case submitted by /u/DuckEsquire
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KerberosSDR • Phase coherent IQ samples for a Windows program


I received the kerberos sdr a few weeks ago and now I just need the phase coherent IQ samples from each of the rtl-sdrs so that I can get it working with a windows program that I wrote.

How would I do this?

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