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Comment on An Easy Windows GNU Radio Setup Guide and Video for the SDRplay by lee

were kind of stuffed with gnuradio 3.8, gr-osmosdr has no maintainer, tried various forks but failed to compile nonfree support sdrplay needs.

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Driver issue

First of all, thanks to all that responded to my query. I am late doing so, as I've been away for a while, but back home now. All is well and I'm up and running now, having sorted the USB receptacle problem. I'm looking forward to seeing what the little dongle can pull in for me on a military UHF discone up 40 feet.

Thanks & 73, Bruce, VE3EAR

Statistics: Posted by VE3EAR — Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:44 pm

Comment on Buy RTL-SDR Dongles (RTL2832U) by john

Trying to get my RTL SDR dongle going, no luck. No screen activity nor waterfall. When attempting to start, program says “item not selected”.

Anyone made a PVC pipe / coax QFH antenna?


I'm planning to build a QFH antenna following the instructions / calculator here:


with 43mm and 20mm PVC pipe plus coax.

What's confusing me is the spacing between the horizontal supports. In most of the pictures I have seen, e.g. this one:


the supports are staggered so that they can presumably be single runs straight through the vertical support, without bumping in to each other.

But - with the calculated figures I can't make that happen. If I stagger the top supports by e.g. 30mm then the middle and bottom supports will still bump in to each other. If I go for a bigger separation then the tubes would fit, but they would be in a different order than shown in the pictures.

How have others handled this?


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Comment on SDR# TETRA Plugin Now Available At RTL-SDR.RU by Rodv92

Found a workaround for my specific crash.
Will probably be helpful for this tetra plugin version until the dev corrects the issue.
So the plugin try to connect to on UDP but it can’t because of Windows Loopback isolation policy. I disabled it.
Now the plugin does not crashes.

The workaround is just a reg key that disables this security feature and allows connections to
it is described here :

Has anyone bought and tested the new Nooelec LaNA? How is it compared to LNA4ALL or other LNAs in practice?

How does the new Nooelec LaNA compare to the similarly priced LNA4ALL in real-life applications? Is it a suitable equivalent for anyone that has used both?

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: rtl-sdr gain control

It seems the R820T2 only has a fixed number of gain steps.
See the available gain table(s) in the source code:
https://github.com/osmocom/rtl-sdr/blob ... er_r82xx.c

Statistics: Posted by hotpaw2 — Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:58 pm

Comment on SDR# TETRA Plugin Now Available At RTL-SDR.RU by Rodv92

Remark, on my Win7 pro 64 (using sdrsharp latest release as of today) the crash log indicates that it is unable to connect to port 20025 udp, on localhost ( when hitting “demodulator”
I checked in tetra config there is an option checkbox to send output to port 20025.
Checkbox checked or not, same crash.
So it seems that the plugin excpects something on this port.
Created rules in Windows firewall, no help.
will investigate.

Fore reference :
Une opération a été tentée sur un réseau impossible à atteindre
at System.dll.UdpClient.Connect (IL offset: 0x162)
at System.dll.UdpClient..ctor (IL offset: 0x3e)
at SDRSharp.Tetra.dll.TetraPanel.DecodingThread (IL offset: 0x6b)
at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context (IL offset: 0x14)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.RunInternal (IL offset: 0x79)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x0)
at mscorlib.dll.ExecutionContext.Run (IL offset: 0x2b)
at mscorlib.dll.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart (IL offset: 0x8)

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Driver issue

rtlsdrblog wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:11 am
Are you sure that you're plugging it into a USB 2.0 port?
I had this exact issue when trying to run the dongle on an older XP laptop that had been upgraded from Windows 98. The USB ports were only 1.0 so it didn't work. Very understandable considering the voltage and speed of a 1.0 port being way lower and slower than what a 2.0 port is.

Statistics: Posted by bmh — Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:49 pm

Troubleshooting Help • Re: Error: Cannot access RTL device

The latest Windows 10 update hosed my drivers for my RTL dongle AGAIN. For some reason when I ran Zadig to try to reinstall it Zadig would appear to be working for a minute or so and then would end with a message saying "program terminated by user input" even though I didn't cancel anything. I have had much better luck using the tool located on this page... https://visualgdb.com/UsbDriverTool/

Statistics: Posted by bmh — Wed Oct 16, 2019 5:39 pm

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