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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Dedicated laptop

Thanks for your help. I used to use HP PCs before I started building my own. I suspect for portable SDR and other ham use one does not need a lot of processing power. I do prefer SSD rather than Hdds. I will stick my own win 7 images in it as I don't like win 10

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Wierd NESDR SMArt problem

Wierd NESDR SMArt problem submitted by /u/ZbychuButItWasTaken
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GLRPT colors (Meteor)

GLRPT colors (Meteor)

I am receiving images from Meteor M2 and M2 2 using mlrpt (the command line version of the glrpt program http://www.5b4az.org/pkg/lrpt/glrpt.html) but the images I'm receiving have weird colors and changing the color balance and also leave me with weird colors. Did you have any success in receiving images with normal colors from meteor with glrpt?


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Weird signals from XW-2C today, no voice heard

Weird signals from XW-2C today, no voice heard submitted by /u/hipy500
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Fun with ADS-B! Plotting/Visualizing Manned Aircraft Flight Paths [Tool]

Something at work came up where I needed to study the aircraft flight paths around my office (due to our proximity to the airport and particular types and locations of UAS operations).

I realized I had everything I needed to be able to capture and analyze the data myself. My RTL-SDR had been sitting in my garage for some time now just collecting dust waiting for the right rainy day project.

I started with dump1090 (dump1090-fa) and began decoding some ADS-B messages. I found PlaneFinder software to visualize the paths in real time and to confirm dump1090 was working correctly.

Next I used a combination of telnet, grep, and tee to start logging the position messages from dump1090. Using the BaseStation tcp port (requires the --net option for dump1090) each message can be stored in a text file and is already in a known CSV format.

From there I now had a log file with just the aircraft position messages, including a message timestamp, a UUID (ICAO Hex) for each aircraft, and an altitude. Everything I needed!

I threw together a small Python script to process the log files. The final output being KML files that can be viewed in 3D using Google Earth or ArcGIS Earth.

I took some time to clean up the settings, as well as add some spatial functionality (so you can view only flight paths that cross a particular region). Also if you download a copy of the FAA registration database, the software will match up the Aircraft ICAO to the N-Number, as well as show other relevant registration info.

Now that it's documented and working quite well, I am here to share it with everyone, hoping others might find it useful for them. Especially if they live/work near an airport.


This app will let you make pretty maps on google earth from aircraft ADS-B messages.


I have included documentation on how to capture the data, install the software and generate the KML files. Hopefully it should be easy enough to follow.

Share and Enjoy!

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Power consumption

Dongle power consumption vary between dongles, but should stay below the USB 2 specs of 5V and 0.5 A.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Dedicated laptop

Personally I liked professional HP notebooks (e.g. all of mine still work 69xx, 84xx and 2 zBooks) and only recently when their their displays quality got bad incl. brighness I choose Lenovo. You can still get allof them them refurbished and if you do not need internet access they work weel with XP or Win 7.
Before you follow any advise decide what is important to you.

Do you have an idea how much processing power you need,
what display size, resolution and brightness you want,
which OS you prefer with and/or withou internet access?
Do you want to use it fixed (AC), portable (batteries) or mobile 12 - 24 V use (HP has AC 90- 240V/DC 11 -24 V PS)?
Which interfaces do you need, pcmcia, expresscard FW, TB, USB, 2, 3.0 or 3.1?

vy 73
_.. .._. .... .__. _.__

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Dedicated laptop

I first got my amatuer license in 1967... Let it lapse and just got it back. Still trying to wrap my head around SDR!

Thought it would be interesting to get started by putting together a scanner that can handle trunked, digital commuications so I can see what my local constabulary is up to.

So, I purchased two dongles. I thought I might pick up a laptop and use it for the scanner and portable amatuer operations.

I have not purchased a laptop in years. (I build my own PCs but laptops are another matter.)

Any recommendations would be helpful.

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Power consumption

What voltage and amperage requirements does the rti sxt dongle have

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KerberosSDR • Re: Schematic / recommendations for external power source

ac8dg wrote:
Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:41 pm
I was curious what I could do with the 40 pin connector as access to the 5vdc power connection , I have read very little about anyone using that installed interface... So If anyone has ideas.. It would be appreciated
Supposedly it's for interfacing directly with the RPi, but:
  • You still need to power both devices separately
  • You need to take the calibration board off to remove a jumper that does ???
  • They didn't seem to communicate over that interface when I tried it
So over all, it doesn't seem useful, at least for now.

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