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Comment on Tzumi MagicTV WiFi TV Tuner Device contains an RTL-SDR, OpenWRT board and Battery for only $13 by Arun

Hi, My android device app is not detecting signal from the Magic TV device though the TV device’s wifi is connected. But my ipad works fine with the device. Could any one provide an insight of what would be the possible issue with my android connection?

Unknown signal at 61.126MHz , near italy ?

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Comment on Electrosense: RTL-SDR Based Crowd Sourced Spectrum Monitoring with a DC to 6 GHz Up/Downconverter by Laurin Cavender

I will chime in again, if you think for one second that a scheme such as this will be relied on by our government or any government for that matter, you may aly those fears. There are already such systems in place we just do not have access to them in most instances. There are many SDRs available to Hams and SWLs you can find them if you will just search the internet. That said I think it is a great idea! Look how it has worked for ADSB. Besides as I said the Gov’t probably most all governments has this type system already in place if they can at all afford to do it. I know for a fact that there are commercial companies pandering to large corporations mostly that even have innocent looking “Satellite TV” dishes set up on guard shacks with microphones on them listening to what is being said on docks and in parking lots by anyone on the property that they can see. And probably folks not on there property if they can be seen! So one would have to be mighty naive not to think that they are also listening to and for any RF source. I have been an RF Engineer for most of my life and consult for various organizations and I have had recorded transmissions brought to me asking my help to identify the signal and what information is being passed on it. This has taken many formats and is sometimes identifiable even decodable once it was as simple as a speech inverter. While in this case it was simply an employee talking to his girlfriend on company time the company’s Inquiring Minds Want To KNOW! As was said this levels the playing field, after all just because a cat wears a badge and uniform does not mean that we don’t want a bell around his neck too! It tends to keep people honest when they know that they can be held accountable for their actions! Laurin WB4IVG

Comment on List of SDRSharp Plugins by microp11

Works in conjunction with the application that displays the received Inmarsat decoded frames: x64-ScytaleC.QuickUI-17010 that can be downloaded for the same spot as the plugin:: https://bitbucket.org/scytalec/scytalec/downloads/

Comment on Watching Lightning Strikes on the Spectrum with an RTL-SDR by Jens


unknown signal at 61126mhz near italy

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Other SDR Devices • Re: NanoVNA software mod

Looks good...

Statistics: Posted by M0GJL — Tue Oct 08, 2019 3:40 pm

Pi SDR server stutter

Hi guys

I recently purchased a Nooelec Smartee xtr, and it works great when running from my laptop, however im trying to setup an SDR server on a pi, it works but no matter what i try the audio and signal over TCP stutters, i tried reducing the sample rate in SDR# and SDRConsole, but no difference. I tried the rtl-sdr git and spyserver, wireless and wired connection, 3 different pi's, 3b+. No difference. Any advice?

Thanks so much

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Question about SDR clone

Hey guys,

I have ordered an SDR clone. I'm not sure if I'm hurting people over here talking about clones, but I just want to give it a try for the heck of it and to see if it outperforms my official RTL-SDR. It's a so called MSI.SDR with a 12bits chip and it's claiming to be an RSP1 clone.

Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of clones? What I'm especially wondering about: does it have a built in LNA? Or not? Cause I'm reading various things about it probably due to the horribly translated Chinese text. I know it doesn't come with bias T. So, I was also wondering if anyone knows of where to buy a bias T injector.

Not sure if it's allowed to post a link to the item, since it's a clone, I've bought so I won't post it. Unless people will ask for it.

Expected delivery is in a couple of weeks, so if I need to buy a bias T injector cause of a maybe missing LNA, I'll still have enough time to buy it before the SDR arrives.

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International Space Station SSTV Event Scheduled for October 9 and 10

The International Space Station (ISS) periodically schedules radio events where they transmit Slow Scan Television (SSTV) images down to earth for listeners to receive and collect. This time they have scheduled SSTV images for October 9 09:50 - 14:00 GMT and October 10 08:55-15:15 GMT.

With an RTL-SDR and a simple V-Dipole from our RTL-SDR V3 antenna kit it is possible to receive these images when the ISS passes over. ISS passes for your city can be determined online, and the SSTV images can be decoded with a program like MMSSTV.

AMSAT-UK writes:

Russian cosmonauts are expected to activate Slow Scan Television (SSTV) image transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM from the International Space Station on Wednesday/Thursday, October 9/10.

This is the schedule for the planned activation of the MAI-75 SSTV activity from the ISS.
• Oct 9 09:50-14:00 GMT
• Oct 10 08:55-15:15 GMT

Transmissions will be sent on 145.800 MHz FM in the SSTV mode PD-120. Once received, images can be posted and viewed by the public at http://www.spaceflightsoftware.com/ARISS_SSTV/index.php

ISS SSTV uses a Kenwood TM D710E transceiver which is part of the amateur radio station located in the Russian ISS Service Module.

Please note that SSTV events are dependent on other activities, schedules and crew responsibilities on the ISS and subject to change at any time. You can check for updates regarding planned operation at:
ISS Ham https://twitter.com/RF2Space
ARISS Status https://twitter.com/ARISS_status
ARISS SSTV Blog https://ariss-sstv.blogspot.com/
AMSAT Bulletin Board http://www.amsat.org/mailman/listinfo/amsat-bb

Read the MagPi article Pictures from space via ham radio

ISS SSTV info and links https://amsat-uk.org/beginners/iss-sstv/

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