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Comment on Electrosense: RTL-SDR Based Crowd Sourced Spectrum Monitoring with a DC to 6 GHz Up/Downconverter by James

Everyone’s sooo paranoid… I think its a great idea.😆

Comment on Electrosense: RTL-SDR Based Crowd Sourced Spectrum Monitoring with a DC to 6 GHz Up/Downconverter by James

Well i applied for a free kit and got approved straight away probs as theres no sensors in AU.. kit doesnt come with the DC to 6 GHz up/downconverter board but once your up and running with the RasPi & RTL-SDR then you go on some sort of sponsor list for the DC to 6 GHz up/downconverter board or if they think you got a good location they may provide one for free.😊

Ubuntu 18 + NooElec + CubicSDR = Can’t Choose Frequencies?

As the title says, I'm set up and receiving, but trying to drag or click on signals won't function properly. It will only only go to the nearest whole Mhz (98.0, 99.0, etc) which stops it from being usable. Gqrx does not have this issue. What am I missing here? According to every video and guide I have found, it should be "point-and-click" easy...

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Stan к «Обновлен FilePlayer и FrequencyManager»

FrequencyManager не работает в версии 1719 и выше (отображается только таблица с частотами, но нет кнопки Scan)

Off-Topic • Re: «external» Bias-T for Antenna?

Username wrote:
Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:22 pm
How about that? https://www.ebay.de/itm/Bias-T-Bias-Tee ... Sw9apcHJqY
It start with 1Mhz on there Claim.

I purchased one of these about a year ago and it caused spikes all over the bands. I tried different power sources, including a 5V battery, and it still did the same. I most likely got a defect but it was only $5 and took almost two months to arrive so it wasn't worth dealing with China over a warranty and I've never purchased another one to try out since. There are so many of these being sold and all of them look almost identical and almost all of them come from China yet their prices vary so much it's hard to figure out what is good and what isn't. Good luck with whatever you end up with. I make my own antennas and amplifiers now if it isn't something endorsed by a major SDR company. There are many schematics and blogs and videos all over the internet that can guide you into making your own components cheaply and with confidence that they will work.

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Off-Topic • Re: SDR Heat Management

Even more so than temperature you should also consider the possibility of condensation. There must be adequate ventilation in a heated environment to prevent moisture from building up and damaging the components. Rather than only applying heat when it gets cold a climate controlled system that maintains a consistent temperature regardless of the environment and is also capable of removing moisture is probably the best.

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User Projects • Re: Can you purchase APRS trackers ?

I should have known better than to think it was APRS.I mistaken them because they are seen on Google APRS tracking and was confused. The APRS trackers on the market are a bit pricey.Actually...ridiculous to be honest.
I build HF trackers for less than 40 dollars and same with APRS but was curious what the pricing is on the trackers I was asking about.Just pure curiosity and wanted to know if anyone can purchase those?
Seems they launch them and they are lost forever and thinking they can not be too expensive since they are disposable basically?

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How to use magnetic antennas with a RTL SDR dongle?

How to use magnetic antennas with a RTL SDR dongle?

I'm currently makeing experiments with radio science and technology.

I built a system that emits waves at 1MHz using a ferrite rod antenna like this one


I would like to receive my signal with my RTL SDR dongle close to the source (some meters away). From what I know, it's best in this case to use magnetic antennas since the magnetic component of the wave is more intense than electric field at this distance at this wavelength.

I thought about using the same antenna as the one used for emitting (ferrite rod). Should I use a capacitor with the right value in parallel to the coil?

I also thought about loop antennas like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Ancable-antenne-Panasonic-r%C3%A9cepteur-Systems/dp/B01CSFVFT4/ I guess I should also use a capacitor with this antenna as well.

Thank you very much for any help provided

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ISS SSTV schedule

Hey guys,

Hadn't found anyone else posting this here yet so here it is.

This is the schedule for the planned activation of the MAI-75 SSTV activity from the ISS.
• Oct 9 09:50-14:00 GMT
• Oct 10 08:55-15:15 GMT

More information: https://amsat-uk.org/2019/10/06/iss-sstv-oct-9-10/

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KerberosSDR • Re: New version of kerberosSDR app

I do not have time to capture any new data until later in the week. I have removed / reinstalled and each time the Android apps fails the same. I can load the file(I used over 7 different previous saved) however when I select 'Plot Log File" or 'Plot Grid and Estimate' the program crashes. I am running a Moto G5 Plus @ Android Version 8.1.0 .... Can I get a copy of the apk for the later version of Android?

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