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Hi everyone,

I was looking around to find wxtoimg install files and found that it is now defunct. There is restored website that lacks some files but lacks newest linux version.

I dug my backups and found that file, tried contacting chap who runs the site but no avail. So, I think will leave it here.

I tested it against md5sum from Arch Linux AUR repository install script and checksum is ok. Also on Arch, tested that it pulls newest TLE files - it does. As I don't have my NOAA APT rig set up, I only tested if it works with recorded files from few years back and it does.

File: https://workupload.com/file/YVx3hxse

md5sum: 1edac1717864a69b23b8c599532ddd96

AUR link: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/wxtoimg-beta (PKGBUILD needs to be edited to work as dl link is dead)

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Comment on Getting the RTL-SDR to work in Windows 10 by rossjonnes

Among the products listed on the site, which one is the best? https://onlychainsaw.com/best-band-saw/

Comment on SignalsEverywhere: Decoding HD Radio with an RTL-SDR by Peter

Canada allows HD Radio as well and I just read that it’s been approved for India (which already has DRM stations on the air). In my local market, stations don’t promote it and just stick their HD channels on an analog FM translator. The AMs listed at hdradio.com don’t even transmit the signal any more because … again … they put their money into analog FM translators. Really stupid as HD works really well. And, amazingly, more new cars are coming out with receivers capable of it.

Help receiving NOAA images


I'm an SDR noob. I've been following the tutorials to receive NOAA data using the v-dipole setup (per Adam 9A4QV) but I've had no luck. I'm confident I'm monitoring when 15,18 or 19 are passing overhead with high elevation but I just see static.

I've got the antenna attached to the side of the house with the v pointed south (picture included). Should be a mostly clear north to south view. The antenna is made with 4mm aluminium rods in to choc blocks. I then have about 1m of RG58 ending with a SO239, then a 1m PL239->SMA RG174 Pigtail coax cable in to a nesdr smart-tee. Sample rate is set to 2.048, offset tuning enabled and gain set to max.

I don't have an FM block, LNA or a DC block (but that shouldn't matter as the antenna design isn't short circuit?).

Any ideas where I am going wrong? Maybe proximity to the house is an issue.. but the view to the west is clear.




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A post from Jon So

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Which would be the first starting project for someone who just bought the RTL-SDR V3 dongle?

Hi, I know that this doesn't have a unique answer but I would like to know a good starting point in all this.

I bought the RTL-SDR V3 dongle with the Dipole Antenna Kit, installed GQRX and managed to receive both AM and FM signals.

I would like to know what else can be received with the starting kit and no much more money spent.

I was interested in this post about GOES 16/17 but it need a 1.7Ghz antenna that it's pretty expensive. I guess that for a lot of satellite images you need a good equipment and homemade antennas/antenna kit would not be enough.

What would be the next signal I should try to get?


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Is the rtl-sdr v3 usb 3?


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KerberosSDR • Re: Initial Setup

Check that you have at MINIMUM 3 AMP source for Kerberos. Also, the quality of the cable connecting it to that power source. Just because the light inside comes on and you are showing some level of communication is NOT enough. To prove you have enough power you can turn off all receivers but the first one and test according to the post here. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4640

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Comment on G8JNJ Reverse Engineers and Reviews the MLA-30 HF Loop Antenna by Ladislav OK1UNL

Hi Ronald,
interesting, but with loop average cca 600mm (0,6m) has a good receive performance from 6-15MHz.
There is a terrible Bias tee. Martin G8JNJ published schematic diagram. There is one solution called- linear power supply.
So, is a problematic improve RF performance suggested by G8JNJ. There is a both side PCB and components are impossible solder.
Me built original Hula loop antena from ebay kit(PCB + Through hole devices, not soldered) This one allow tune loop by varicap. Me ordered MLA-30 is on the way now. Says generally LZ1AQ loop is not too much expensive but significantly better antenna.

KerberosSDR • Re: RPI v1.4 image has currupted FS

Interesting - however, I am getting some strange results on raspian image : 2019-09-26-raspbian-buster.img -- I might not be doing something exactly as you tested Kerberos. I do not have more time I can devote at the moment. However, i do know after installing the Kerberos image - I have booted fine and have not seen anything related to OS error....

could not seem to resolve mount point on raspian image - I'm sure someone else might have tried this?


xt2fs_open2: Bad magic number in super-blocke2fsck: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...e2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/loop7The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext4filesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2/ext3/ext4filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblockis corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:

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