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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: RTL-SDR HF Mod effecting normal bands?

You didn't mention which app you use, so try a different one SDR#, sdrconsole, gqrx, etc...
If your still have issue, consider what rtl-sdr your using...like keenards, vs osmocom...


Statistics: Posted by tim_rtd — Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:57 pm

Anyone know why KPH’s Kiwi SDRs are offline?

Does anyone know what happened?

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Comment on SignalsEverywhere: Testing Wideband PCB Antennas from Hex and Flex by SignalsEverywhere

You’d need a pretty BIG antenna to get even close to 10mhz with PCB

Comment on Comparing the Airspy HF+ And KiwiSDR on Shortwave Radio by Martin — G8JNJ

Hi Joao,

If you have a low noise floor you may be able to take advantage of the Airspy, so in that case it would probably be the best option.

Comment on Comparing the Airspy HF+ And KiwiSDR on Shortwave Radio by Joao Fonseca

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for your reply.
I have an antenna switching as I have three different HF antennas: one loop, one LOG, and one skywire loop antenna. They are not close to my house.
So according to what you said, probably the best would be to forget the purchase of a kiwiSDR and just stick with the Airspy, correct?
I’m really happy with the Discovery but lacking android support and needing a software to be running (instead of a website) is a shame.

User Projects • OpenEar will be new software for listening to Voice and data of protocols

The OpenEar is windows based project that try to listen commercials protocols by RTL-SDR

OpenEar is my try to compiling current open source projects in github or other sources from any language to c++ for compiling on VC++

openear can decode varius type of protocols in future

you can find more detail for project at github page OpenEar

Statistics: Posted by moneriomaa — Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:05 pm

Comment on Comparing the Airspy HF+ And KiwiSDR on Shortwave Radio by Martin — G8JNJ

Hi Joao,

They serve two different purposes, so it’s like comparing apples with oranges.

The Airspy has better sensitivity and dynamic range but you can only see a small section of the spectrum.

The KiWi is less sensitive and has a reduced dynamic range, but you can see the whole of the spectrum from 1KHz to 32MHz, it has built in decoders and you can use it on any device that has a browser with a network connection.

However, unless you have the space for a large antenna farm somewhere well away from interference sources you can’t really take full advantage of the Airspy’s specification.

You can always use other peoples KiWi SDR’s anyway, so in most cases if you can only have a simple wire antenna strung near property, then a SDR Play RSP1A is probably adequate and costs less than either of the other two.

Comment on Comparing the Airspy HF+ And KiwiSDR on Shortwave Radio by Joao Fonseca

Which one has the best SWL reception?
Airspy with the latest fw or the kiwiSDR? Shame that the Airspy can’t be acccessed via mobile, only with a computer and kiwiSDR in that regard is much more flexible.

User Projects • Re: Halloween Radio

ooohh myyyy!!!!

Statistics: Posted by Jekko — Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:45 pm

Cooked my RTL-SDR. Looking for more rugged solution.

I left my RTL-SDR plugged in overnight and the thing felt like a small furnace in the morning and now it’s stopped functioning, so I am looking for a more rugged replacement.

Mostly I use it for monitoring the 900 MHz ISM band and also surveying the spectrum for interference.

What might be a better quality unit that won’t fry if I accidentally leave it plugged in?

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