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Comment on KerberosSDR App Update: Heatmap + Precise TX Localizing & Turn by Turn Navigation Demo Videos by John Moore

This is a neat project!! Mine arrived this morning.

Is there a schematic available?

Also, have you considered a hybrid DF antenna array – a 3 element linear array, plus a single antenna off to the side for ambiguity resolution?

Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Receiving NOAA Weather Satellite Images by MurrayJW

HELP – I am getting no signal from any satellite. I am using a V Dipole (made out of metal pipes), an NESDR mini and 50 ohm coaxial cable (with 2 junctions to change to different connectors). I am using CubicSDR with WXtoImg (connected by VB Audio virtual cable). Does anyone know why i am not getting a signal and what the fix is? I live in the uk and I have tried on as many satellite passes (found using wxtoimg) as I can. Thanks in advance.

KerberosSDR • Re: Gnuradio

figured it out. didn't need to program eeprom. device arguments rtl=0 (rtl=1,rtl=2,rtl=3, etc). now to get them in phase with delay and cross correlation.

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Comment on Submit a Story/Contact by Virender

Now working 😀

User Projects • Re: SDR Math, Back to School

funny police scanner video:


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Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V3 X-Rayed by Bob Collins

I’m surprised that no one has reverse-engineered the RTL chip at this point. That I know of.

My best ever Meteor capture! 100% noise free and you can see both Greenland and Northern Africa. I didn’t crop anything off the image!

My best ever Meteor capture! 100% noise free and you can see both Greenland and Northern Africa. I didn't crop anything off the image! submitted by /u/melvin2204
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NOAA 19 — Indian Subcontinent

NOAA 19 - Indian Subcontinent submitted by /u/n00bi3s
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Comment on Andreas Spiess Explains Software Defined Radio in YouTube Video by K Richner

I could use a refresher I own several SDR’s and a Ham it up converter haven’t used them much because my memory from the 80s when I took a course in High School has faded a little I always wanted to get my FCC Operators licence but having a child that was a Toy I couldn’t afford wish SDR was around back then things would have been different 🤨

Meteor-M N2-2 channels 1 2 3, 72k, 137,9MHz

Meteor-M N2-2 channels 1 2 3, 72k, 137,9MHz submitted by /u/Salansky
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