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issues streaming with rtl-fm

Got rtl-FM working fine. However, when i try to stream it, its failing 2 different ways

  1. Im trying to feed via darkice and Sox (play). Play picks up the audio fine (listening via headphones locally). Darkice connects just fine to the server. But audio never gets to the server (and I dont think to darkice).
  2. Trying lame and ezstream. EZstream keeps dropping from the server, or doesnt fully connect. Im not getting any logs from ezstream, so I dont think its an auth issue (I got an auth failed when I screwed up the server name)

Attempt 1 cmd

rtl_fm -f 154.4M -M fm -E pad -s 16k -g 36 -l 85 | play -r 12k -t raw -e s -b 16 -c 1 -V1 -

Attempt 2 cmd

rtl_fm -f 154.4M -M fm -E pad -s 16k -g 36 -l 85 | lame -r -s 16 --resample 22.05 -m m -b 16 --cbr --lowpass 4 - - | ezstream -c /etc/ezstream_bcfy.xml > ~/bcfy.log 2>&1

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Problem with MeteoGIS

Hello, I have problem with LRPT decoder. I think that everything is properly set up but when I try to start MeteorGIS the M2 LRPT decoder will not generate .gcp file. I didn't found anywhere for what is .gcp file used. MeteorGIS ends with message: "No datas received, aborting". Thank you for your help.

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KerberosSDR • LNA

Would there be any value of running LNAs on each antenna for DF'ing?

Statistics: Posted by 253flo — Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:09 pm

Комментарий к записи SDRsharper (Владимир)

Интересная прога , но немного уже отстает от жизни , хочется немного расширить перечень поддерживаемого железа . Например приемник AIRspy HF+, и другие более продвинутые. А так же не хватает сервера для удаленного приема , как то спайсервер не развивается , и застрял на начальном уровне. А сильно не хватает хотя бы как в сдр-радио В2 , или лучше В3.

Can anyone decode that

Can anyone decode that

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Making standalone app for PlutoSDR from C code on Windows

Hi, I would like to make my program run on PlutoSDR. I am working with Visual Studio on Windows and my code is in C. I found some instruction from analog devices, but its usually for Linux and i couldnt understand what to do exactly. If you can i would be grateful for help

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Problems receiving NOAA and Meteor m2


Tried to recieve NOAA Images again after a long time. Now I got the Problem that I can't recieve any signals anymore. 5y ago I tried this with my Diamond x30 antenna and got good results. That's around the time where I build a Turnstile antenna that never worked. Now, because a friend of mine started using sdr, I tried this again.

My x30 is now located on the balcony. 5y ago it was in the garden 2m of the ground with buildings all around and I got mutch better SNR. Now I can't even hear the slightest beeping.

Now, out of curiosity, I take my Turnstile and use them turned on his head. NOAA 15 was surprisingly receivable with a reflector under the Antenna. Max elevation was 30° and he was extremely far away. So, is the Reflector necessary? And did the Turnstile have a "Top" and a "Bottom" side?

Yesterday I downloaded all and set all to recieve the meteor m2. Nothing. Orbitron said it was a pretty good pass. Received nothing than static.

Now oriented the Turnstile the other way around and wait for the next pass of NOAA.

Any tipps for me?


Daniel FunnyAntennaKid

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[Sorry for the noob question] What could be causing these zig-zag lines? It adds sweeping windy sounds to the station I’m trying to listen to.

[Sorry for the noob question] What could be causing these zig-zag lines? It adds sweeping windy sounds to the station I'm trying to listen to. submitted by /u/OrthographicCube
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Comment on POLL: What do you want in a future low cost SDR? by Douglas Ward

I want a SDR that can be prototyped with a USB device and a Raspberry Pi – then licensed for production in a commercial device.

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