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Linux and Bias Tee.

Hi, I have Kali Linux 2019 and I can activate the Bias-T without problems, but when I open another application like GQRX, GR-GSM or the tools to hack the iridium satellites, my rtl-sdr v3 dongle stops giving output voltage to my GPS patch antenna or the LNA4ALL. What can I do to keep the bias-t active? I wish you could help me, thank you. I am very interested in processing the iridium system signals. Thanks

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KerberosSDR • Re: Image v1.4 on RPi3B+ does not work.


this is fully understood and I think the hardware is great. I still went far enough to see it is actually working. The idea of having an embedded noise source and the careful crafting of couplers is essential to make interferometry affordable to the masses. It is also great that the software is open source and one can always tailor it to its own needs. I am not giving up on it and have plans to include support in my own software but it is not quite ready yet for this sort of device.

I have also plans to make an add on with 4 microwave SMA switches to help with the calibration in order to switch between antennas and loads without manual intervention (this is the most cumbersome part). Of course this sort of thing cannot be included in the package within the same price envelope as the switches alone cost about the price of the Kerberos itself (you need good quality switches at ~40 USD each).


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Troubleshooting Help • Re: How to enable Bias-t for SatNogs station?

Ok, long story short: Still not working.

Another SatNogs user ("danwhite") has done some far more detailed research and come up with the following info:
The current version of GNU Radio that the Ansible scripts install is exactly 0.0.1 point revision older than required to support the bias-T. This is because it depends on a version of gr-osmosdr just before support was added for the feature, which in turn depends on a slightly-too-old version of librtlsdr that exposes the API / ABI for controlling the GPIO pins (which enables the bias-T LDO regulator).

Adding bias=1 to SATNOGS_DEV_ARGS is indeed the correct way to activate the bias-T on that receiver, except that the version is slightly too old wherein the option is ignored. Worse receive performance is then simply because the LNA is not powered at all and attenuating the signal instead :frowning_face:

Pretty much any upgrade to satnogs-client-ansible that bumps the GNU Radio dependency will also cause the bias-T option to work as advertised. Moving the Raspberry Pi image to buster is sufficient for this to happen – a task that is being worked on already most likely. Enabling bias-T use without additional hardware is an important enabler for lowering the expertise required to setup a decent-performance GS.

[edited out station information]

The short term fix is to re-compile the dependency chain of gnuradio <-- gr-osmosdr <-- librtlsdr. I ran out of steam and time before writing down the specific version numbers required for this that are still compatible with the released version of gr-satnogs and plays well with satnogs-client-ansible. If/when I do this, how-to details will get posted in the forums.

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Other SDR Devices • Re: Powering a HackRF Portapack

That looks awesome! I pretty much just finished my version of this, with using the reset button to start up and shut down. Where is this version available? Is that a bigger display?

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GOES16, Need help finding Satellite: : NESDR Smartee + Sawbird(goes) + Premiertek Outdoor 2.4GHz 24DBI + RPi3

GOES16, Need help finding Satellite: : NESDR Smartee + Sawbird(goes) + Premiertek Outdoor 2.4GHz 24DBI + RPi3

Trying to locate GOES16 satellite ... No Luck ....

Constantly getting .... Am I missing something ?

goesrecv -v -i 1 -c ~/goesrecv.conf

Found Elonics E4000 tunerDisabled direct sampling mode[E4K] PLL not locked for 0 Hz!

2019-09-07T16:40:01Z [monitor] gain: 8.58, freq: -18.5, omega: 2.589, vit(avg): 2271, rs(sum): 0, packets: 0, drops: 29

2019-09-07T16:40:02Z [monitor] gain: 7.32, freq: -18.9, omega: 2.592, vit(avg): 2298, rs(sum): 0, packets: 0, drops: 34

2019-09-07T16:40:03Z [monitor] gain: 7.07, freq: 14.3, omega: 2.592, vit(avg): 2282, rs(sum): 0, packets: 0, drops: 35

2019-09-07T16:40:04Z [monitor] gain: 7.06, freq: 23.0, omega: 2.584, vit(avg): 2278, rs(sum): 0, packets: 0, drops: 35

2019-09-07T16:40:05Z [monitor] gain: 7.07, freq: -21.6, omega: 2.585, vit(avg): 2278, rs(sum): 0, packets: 0, drops: 39


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Hf mode not working on RTL-SDR v3 on SDR-console ☹️

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Is this 666?

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KerberosSDR • Re: New to Kerberos

thanks tom, you are helping my progress

I am at the same point now, looking for android,
my phone is android 5.1 , my tablet is android 6 (or maybe kit-kat)

neither of which is compatible with the app on google play store.
(it says it wants android 8)

So I may have to convert my linux laptop to android. The notes say don't try
a virtual emulator.

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KerberosSDR • Re: New to Kerberos

Micro USB 1 => to the Pi ( i assume you are using Pi and have already installed the KSDR distrib)
Micro USB 2 => on 5v power supply
USB , future use .

power up the KSDR first , then power up the Pi .
wait a bit , then connect your regular PC or android on the Pi's WIFI ( KerberosPi network)
then you can acces it via web or VNC

i had difficulty with Micro USB connector , most of mine were only power cable .
i'm confortable with linux , so i tried lot of cable while monitoring usb devices till i find one working .

now i need to find an android , as i'm more an apple kids :) , id like to have an apps working on linux or something portable to have a kerberos sdr on field setup .


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