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No access to a Ground, What can I do?


Currrently have a Ham It UP and a Balun One Nine, https://www.nooelec.com/store/balun-one-nine.html

However I'm unable to get a Ground for my antenna.

Is there a workaround for this? Instructions everywhere say you need a longwire AND a ground.

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Connector or solder?

Hi, i got a LNA with SMA connetor for IN and OUT... Unfortunately i'm unable to find the connector for RG58 cable in my town... What do you think if i solder the RG58 to the PCB of the LNA removing the SMA connector?

V-Dipole -> LNA -> 5meter of RG58 -> RTL-SDR for NOAA reception

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Can anyone identify a signal around 5.959656 mhz from Ireland or the UK

Seems to be a radio station from china (but in english) any info?

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non-stop (all day and night) signal.. what is that? any idea?

non-stop (all day and night) signal.. what is that? any idea? submitted by /u/orkunsan
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what kind of signal?

what kind of signal? submitted by /u/orkunsan
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Recommend SDR to reach 60GHz?

Please excuse me if this isn't the appropriate place for this question. I'm on a project that requires using SDR's to monitor a wide variety of signals. In my apparently weak google-fu I've been unable to find one that advertises hitting the top end of the required spectrum.

Can anyone recommend an SDR that is capable of reaching 60 GHz frequency? The entire range we are trying to reach is 156 MHz - 60 GHz, multiple SDR's are an option if we need to get some specifically for various portions of the range but very few that I've seen online so far have gone up higher than a few GHz.

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HF Mode, Tuning also added in SDR-console.

HF mode is also known as Direct Sampling, The dongle supports HF reception at frequencies below 28.8 MHz by disabling the tuner chip and connecting an antenna to the In-phase ADC input of the RTL2832.

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Hi admin,

Sdr-console added bias-t option for RTL-sdr v3 dongle in there new updates. It’s good features now I can enable/disable bias-t while using dongle.

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: mute on transmit

Thanks for the reply. It is not an RF problem I am having. I am talking about the white noise coming from the computer speaker when the RTL-SDR antenna is disconnected and its antenna connection is grounded by a T/R relay like the MFJ-1708B. I can actually disconnect the antenna from the dongle and then ground the antenna input on the dongle and I still get loud white noise (without any transmission) like when you listen to an HF receiver with no antenna connected. I thought maybe there was a setting in the software or a software add on that would auto mute the dongle when I transmitted. If not I will use an external speaker on the laptop and use a relay to disconnect it when I key the transmitter. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. 73, Todd K1TOD

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KerberosSDR • Image v1.4 on RPi3B+ does not work.


I just flashed the .img file on a SD card plugged in the SD card connected Ethernet and Kerberos and applied power. The Rpi gets an IP address in my network and is reachable by ping. Howver I cannot conenct via ssh (Connection refused) and cannot reach the web application on port 8080 and I cannot connect to the WiFi hotspot. Like this the image is totally unusable.


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