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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Spikes on HF frequency

Sry I am tiered what kind of SDR did you use?
Looking for the USB Hub I use the is good and I have quite no noise with.
I also use from Delock there "Premium" USB 3.0 Cable who are shield to.
Dont use there USB Isolator the use a Plastic Case and you need to desolder some stuff to keep the noise out.

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Spikes on HF frequency

I had a monster spike at 28 or 29 Mhz. Started unplugging everything in the house. It was a cheap 10/100 data repeater under my desk humming like crazy! Not sure if it was the power supply, the repeater itself, or the cat5 cables. It was REALLY putting out the noise. But power cycling things around the house was really helpful for sure.

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NOAA-19 APT 18:20 West evening pass over Europe 🛰

NOAA-19 APT 18:20 West evening pass over Europe 🛰 submitted by /u/Macak787
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New to antennas.

As a newbie, were could I go to learn more about antennas and the bands certain services use?

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KerberosSDR • Re: Direction finding for intermittent signal

Bumping a month+ old topic here - but wondering how much was accomplished with intermittent signal locating in Pi image 1.4 .. I can see where the sampling rate would help considerably short of a SNR, min pwr or squelch setting ... or is this resolved with the confidence indicator on a heat map? (looking forward to getting my hands on a board!!!)

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NOAA-18 APT 2019-08-28 11:23 Eastern US (TN)

NOAA-18 APT 2019-08-28 11:23 Eastern US (TN)


Posting for the first time here. I've just recently gotten into (addicted to?) tracking satellites. I'm using rtl-sdr.com dongle (v3) + the Nooelec Sawbird NOAA LNA/filter (just got it yesterday) + SDR#/Orbitron/WxToImg.

I love catching them close to mid day - gets that nice sun reflection over the gulf, etc.

I'm new to this - and would welcome any tips on improving image quality (used HCVT false color in this one).

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Comment on Cleanly Embedding an RTL-SDR in an FT-991A With No Extra Cables by Robert MOOD5

Nice homebrew kit Rodrigo….and like the regent RS-918 and other small transceiver variants,one would think these manufactures would have a socket for a external display output.
Icom IC-7000/7700/7850/7800 have provisions for an external TV monitor.

Decoding SCADA

Was anyone been able to decode SCADA yet using an SDR? I'm quite interested in looking at the data that my utility company are sending.

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Any ideas what this could be?

Any ideas what this could be? submitted by /u/a60wattfish
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I X-Ray’d my RTL-SDR v.3 for fun.

I X-Ray'd my RTL-SDR v.3 for fun. submitted by /u/isysopi201
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