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Comment on rtl-sdr-driver-patched-by-PieterTjerk by David Jackson

you ever figure out to make it work on a Pi?

Comment on Receiving GOES Weather Satellite HRIT with an SDRplay and 2.4 GHz WiFi Grid Antenna by Another Passer by

But GOES-17 transmits RHCP HRIT signal.

Comment on SignalsEverywhere: Creating a 2.4 GHz Amateur Television Station with a Barbie Camera by SignalsEverywhere

Perhaps there’s something you’d like me to cover?

40m alive tonight 13/7/2019

Short clip using v3 and 60ft of washing line with a dual ferrite bead 9:1 unun.


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Tropical Storm Barry down in the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Barry down in the Gulf of Mexico

NOAA Wide Area Composite | Ground Station -Jefferson WI, USA

Number of Passes: 8

Satellite: NOAA 15,18,19

Creation Time: 13 Jul 2019 13:27:29 GMT

Satellite Type: NOAA

Enhancement: MCIR

Ground Station: Jefferson, United States

Latitude: 43.004 Longitude: -88.480

Altitude: 271.0

Projection: Eckert VI

Projection Longitude: -88.000

Projection Hemisphere: Northern

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Antennas • Dual V-Dipole

Built a V-Dipole antenna for NOAA and Meteor and was getting great NOAA reception but Meteor images would be great but only getting image south of my location. Once the satellite passed overhead the nothing would show up on image...just black. I thought then, why not build a dual v-dipole with 2 east rods connected together and the 2 west rods connect together.

Of course, now all NOAA images are very noisy and Meteor cannot obtain (SDRsharp). Verified solid connections and resolder the antenna rods. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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Quadrature display plugin for gqrx?

Quadrature display plugin for gqrx?

I've noticed that someone has made a quadrature viewer for SDR#, and I'm wondering if anyone has ever made a similar plugin for gqrx?



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Comment on New TETRA Trunk Tracker for use with SDR# and the TETRA Demodulator Plugin by Anon

Nice. Why don’t you answer then?

Is buying from Aliexpress any good?

I recently decided to upgrade my attempts at receiving weather sat images by getting an LNA and some filters. However, sites other than Aliexpress (e.g. amazon, ebay) are ludicrously expensive here. In particular, are the items in the links below any good?


FM bandstop filter

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User Projects • Re: How to buy an SDR chip

in my opinion, RTL2832 is a bottleneck. It works well for 20 dollars dongle receiver.
But if you want something better it will turns into the weakest part of your device.
It has small dynamic range, it has bad IMD, it has spurs, it has too small bandwidth...
It even cannot utilize all parameters of 820T/820T2 tuner.

I think it's better to use some real RF frontend, for example based on LTC2165 and some small FPGA for DDC.

It will give you professional level of parameters for your SDR ;)

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