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Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Following Trunked Radio with Unitrunker by MICHAEL PICK

HELP Please
I have followed instructions closely, have tried using two different dongles just for the first step and i get
Status “could not open”
both dongles work fine in SDRSharp
thank you

Wxtoimg linux activation

i'm building and testing my station base on Raspberry PI 3 B+.
I'm using a SDR and with some scripts found on github and modified by me i'm capturing all the images i can automatically, uploading them via FTP on my server.

Sometimes when the signal is not great, wxtoimg does report me "Narrow IF bandwidth (purchase upgrade key)".

I can't find any instruction on how to install upgrade key on wxtoimg on linux.

Anybody can help me?

Thank you

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Troubleshooting Help • sdr not recognized by computer

Hello all,

For some reason one of my older RTL-SDR's stopped being recognized by my computer today. I tried restarting the computer, trying different ports, and testing other dongles. For some reason its still not being picked up by the computer while my other dongle is. It is a V.3 dongle from 2017. Should I just order another one or is there something I am missing?

Statistics: Posted by firebal — Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:32 pm

Comment on Blindly Reverse Engineering a Wireless Protocol by Barry

The Github repo linked to in this article no longer exists.


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Need a sanity check on my 137MHz shinanigans (

I've been trying to get a clean image off of the NOAA and Meteor satellites for the last month with a NESDR Smart, I've been playing with SDR# and progressively adding and tweaking my setup and at this point I think I need a sanity check. I build Adam's V-dipole first and have been hand tracking the satellites as they pass overhead, generally when they're doing >50 degree passes, managed to get really noisy signal off of NOAA and garbage off of Meteor, in general the SNR was ~16ish and I could hear the metronome but a lot of crackling ontop of it. I tried adding a Nooelec Flamingo FM trap, reducing the bandwidth on SDR# to 0.25MSPS/1.4MSPS as well as turning the gain down until the noise floor only increases 3-4dB, that boosted my SNR to more like ~20ish. Tried building a turnstile antenna but it didn't end up adding much and was a pure pain in the ass to use (probably my shoddy construction method) so I went back to the V-Dipole and got a PGA-103 based LNA from gpiolabs hoping the decrease in NF would help but I the noise floor goes to shit when I try to increase the gain in SDR sharp and I get about the same. I suspect that I need to use a more aggressive filtering on the broadcast FM but I'd like to get a sanity check before I drop another 30$ on a higher quality FM filter. For reference I live within 15km of the Mount Royal transmitter in Montreal, adding up the FM transmitters that are up there amounts to ~830kW of ERP. When I use the Flamingo and set the sdr to max gain I still get very good FM signal even on my ADSB spider antenna.

Was hoping that someone could shed some light on if it's my setup, software configuration or I really underestimated how aggressive I need to be with getting rid of broadcast FM.

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Comment on YouTube Review of the RS-918: A Chinese Clone of a Clone of the mcHF SDR by Mike

It’s funny how state enforced monopoly is capitalism, yet free market entrepreneurship is “commie crap”.

USB Repeater instead of RG58, which one would have less loss?

Thinking about attatching my RTL SDR directly after the LNA on top of the antenna, and then running a repeater cable down to my laptop.

Would this make a difference, or just add USB noise?

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Just got my first NOAA image (and it was via Raspberry Pi)!

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Getting into amateur satellite and receiving those weather pictures

I want to get into amateur satellite stuff and receiving those weather pictures that people post so frequently here. (dont know the exact name) What kind of stuff do i need to get started with it? (antennas, filters, other things) I am located in central europe what kind of satellites would be good to start with?

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