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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Advice Please. GNRadio, Osmocom Libraries, Straight Python?

I am still working my way through some issues and things are not that reliable yet.
For example I cannot get a flow graph to run on my Pi if it contains any Osmocom blocks.

If you can make it run on your computer I would recommend jumping right in with Dan's code.
I do intend to make what I have available when it is in suitable condition. I will post the necessary info here.

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What’s wrong with Meteor this time?

After a taking a break from receiving images for a few weeks, I went back to Meteor. When sat came with a 89 degree angle, the only thing is received was many straight lines. This went on till the sat was at its highest point, then a silence of a few seconds happened and then it went back to normal broadcasting.

I know that the stabilisers have recently failed and sometimes the sat has a memory overflow, but this never happened to me before. Is there something I've missed?

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Im using sdr sharp and i have my roof antenna connected to my nooelc rtl mini 2+ but im receiving no signals or voices or airband transmission same with fm no radio just static can anyone please help?

Im using sdr sharp and i have my roof antenna connected to my nooelc rtl mini 2+ but im receiving no signals or voices or airband transmission same with fm no radio just static can anyone please help? submitted by /u/Mr__Finch
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Just bought a dongle, the antennakit was out of stock, anyone know where I could buy a antenna for the car? I'm looking at recieving FM band for now.

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How does this electric shock collar work?

Disclaimer: I am not using this on an animal.

Some time ago i got an electric shock collar, like the ones people use on dogs. And i am curious on how exactly the trigger signal is composed/how it works. Also how safe it is when it comes to interference possibly triggering the collar since it is in the 70cm band (433.825MHz written in the manual). I have looked at the signal using my RSP2 and was unable to see anything useful in the signal. I also have an audio sample with the waterfall. The frequency shift is because of the remote moving around.

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WXtoImg detecting wrong Satellite

So I had a great download from NOAA 18 however NOAA 15 was still in range and when manually recording the image/audio WXtoImg has selected the data being from NOAA 15 and not 18.

Does anyone know how I can edit this so I can get the correct overlays?

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Nothing happens when I turn on SDR

So what is your Antenna and LAN?
You installed all driver and so on?

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Is anyone else having problems with meteor M2?

Is anyone else having problems with meteor M2? submitted by /u/Jadongamer
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KerberosSDR • Re: Update rate not showing

I also tried running it with an Ubuntu 16 VM on my Mac
Here's what I got:
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.02.08 PM.png

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Hackrf one beginner need tips

Hello everyone,

I am new in this channel and category radiofrequenties. I am a student as network engineering. And i was intressed in wireless communication. So i decided to buy an hackrf what i already have bought. But i realized that i don't even know about radiofrequente i know a little bit but with that kind of information i cant come far. So my question is where can i start to learn? Which books or anything else. I know is stupid that i order one with no kind of a lot information about radiofrequente. But its the way that it is. Could you push me in the right section where i can learn more about the hackrf how i must use it. I also saw the GNUradio and that was intressed one i want learn to go with that program and i also want to know the theory about this. So if any body got advice or an recommandation i will hear it.

Thank you very much.


An noob that wants learn.

Edit: i also checked samy kamkar and the scottish series.

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