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Meteor M2 has a failure probably with stabilizers, here’s the photo from it I received a few moments ago

Meteor M2 has a failure probably with stabilizers, here's the photo from it I received a few moments ago submitted by /u/knur2172
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NOAA wxtoimg thermal picture extract temperature information

I just was wandering whether it could be possible to extract temperature values form the thermal image? I thought about reading every single pixels color value and mapping it to a temperature. For this to work I want to know of the thermal pictures produced by wxtoimg are absolut or relative? Is a certain color matched to a certain temperature or is the color range mapped to the temperature range of the current picture?



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Comment on Using a Software Defined Radio to Send Fake Presidential Alerts over LTE by Lewis De Payne

Responsible testing leads to slow adoption (fixes); irresponsible testing leads to mass-media dizsemination and ensuing fast adoption. Do the responsible thing – test irresponsibly.

Troubleshooting Help • Nothing happens when I turn on SDR

Hi guys,

I have a DVB dongle that I am trying to use with SDR# but I don't get any signal from it whatsoever.
The dongle is a Fitipower FC0012.

I followed the quick-start guide in order to install SDR# but after everything, when I press play I can't see any signal and there's no sound whatsoever.

Here's a screenshot of my current settings (I didn't change anything else)

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Comment on Using a Software Defined Radio to Send Fake Presidential Alerts over LTE by M

wait you only need 1 transmitter and a cell tower in close promixity to you (so you don’t need that much power for TX) and then all cell towers wlil connect to your station? or will only the cell tower you target connect to you and only phones in its proximity will recieve your messages?

Why does dump1090 only work in debug?

Hey guys,

First time poster here, this RTL SDR is cool!

I have dump1090 up and running for ADS-B. However, I can only see traffic if I run dump1090 in debug mode, e.g. ./dump1090 --debug d gets me a lot of traffic, whereas just running ./dump1090 gets me minimal traffic and ./dump1090 --interactive gets me none :(.

Anyone happen to have an idea why I need to run dump1090 in debug to get any traffic? Thank you!

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Weird METEOR M2 image over Europe 26.06.2019

Hi all!

I am receiving Meteor and NOAA signals every day. Every image from Meteor M2 looks great, till today at 10:16 CEST.

Image from 08:36 CEST:


Image from 10:16 CEST:


RAW images of 10:16 (zipped APID 66 65 64):


Is there someone who has received the signal today and the picture looks similar?

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Comment on SignalsEverywhere: SDR Bias-Tee’s and Enabling the V3 Bias Tee by oma

Thanks for video. For RTLSDR-V3 is use CATV 5 Volt bias-T power inserter. RTLSDR-V3 in SDR# set the gain low. Some other tip like sharing, CATV have many antenna splitters and antenna couplers up to 2400MHz and those are usable for RTLSDR

Troubleshooting Help • Re: rtl-sdr lna problem

The LNA is very wide, more than likely it's being overloaded by nearby FM broadcast.
While an LNA is a "low noise" amplifier it does amplify noise as well, if there is enough of it that will hinder reception.

If you can either get a band pass filter that only allows 137 for APT or at the very least get a band stop filter for the FM broadcast band and place that before the LNA input, that should yield a better result.

Statistics: Posted by Corrosive — Wed Jun 26, 2019 12:58 pm

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