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Antennas • Re: Holiday antenna

I use that: https://www.tindie.com/products/hagster ... z-to-6ghz/
The problem is the are a little bit brittle.

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Can I legally create a small, local 2G network and connect to the internet using an SDR?

My car (Nissan Leaf) came installed with a 2G cellular modem that used AT&T's network for map and charging location updates, which no longer works. Is it possible (and legal) to create a local 2G network that would create a bridge between my car and the internet? The dealership offers a free 3G upgrade, but I thought I'd see if this was even possible to do as a fun project and temporary fix. Thank for any info!

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Antennas • Re: Holiday antenna

Thanks lol looks amazing that 😊👍

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What to do with a non-functional RTLSDR multipurpose dipole

Recently bought one RTLSDR v3 dongle and two multipurpose dipoles that come with the kit from an online local store.

After a few failed attempts to receive NOAA signals I did some comparison test and discovered that one of the antenna base is basically non-functional - it delivers significantly worse performance than the other, and upon testing also found that it's only as good as the coax that comes with the kit - connecting the dongle with the antenna via the 3m RG174 coax is almost the same as just using the coax as an antenna, when tuning to a local FM station.

The antenna was only $15 (AUD) so I'm not sure if I even should take the trouble to ship and refund it. If not then now I have an antenna base sitting around that's not working - wondering if it's the SMA connector that's malfunctioning that maybe I can replace it myself to revive the antenna base?

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Antennas • Re: Holiday antenna

I can recomend my spiral antennas for covering 300MHz upward. They also seem to work fairly well from 90 to 200Mhz, but no use at all at HF.


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Other SDR Devices • Re: Suggestions for SDR kit

Thank you guys for the confirmations.

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Antennas • Re: Holiday antenna

Thanks for the replies think am just going to experiment see what happens I was thinking of one antenna doing all but having thought about it I dont think its possible so going to try at home wire dipole for airband and take some bell wire for hf still grateful for any tips

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How about you fuck off and do your own website? You entitled cunt.

Wideband interference solved, tips for others

I learned quite a bit during the past few months of frustrating interference, so here are a few of my tips (TL;DR bits in bold italic):

  1. If homemade, be sure your antenna is designed correctly (for RX only, impedance mismatching isn't as important as much as proper + and ground). If this is a long run, also test your +/- resistance from the end of the antenna to the end of your feed line with a multimeter.
  2. Do not share your antenna's ground with anything (electric, cable, etc), make your own.
  3. For persistent and consistent interference that appears as a signal, check local RF sources for leakage (one of my interference issues turned out to be a bad drop from the cable utility feed to a neighbor's home)
  4. Check all of your cables and feed lines for any cuts, "dings" or other imperfections that may be letting signal leak
  5. Tighten all of your connections. Especially if you are using old connectors.
  6. Check the quality of in-line components. Especially if using any "RTL-SDR.com Blog" components (FM Trap, MW Highpass, LNA). Check that the SMA connectors have not broken off the board inside the device. (For both my RTL-SDR Blog MW Highpass and FM Trap, SMA connectors broke off the board inside the casing, causing interference as the + pin barely touches the board. These devices work but becomes "loose" and unreliable, where you have to "jiggle" connection around to make it work. (thus probably damaging other ports). I tightened the LNA's nuts carefully before it had a chance to break.) As friendly as RTL-SDR blog is, I would suggest NooElec, the manufacturing quality is worth the extra cost.
  7. Be realistic. Chances are you will not get a 100% clean spectrum unless you live in the middle of nowhere. If the interference you pick up is not a problem for the signals you want, do not chase it's cause. Depending on your antenna's sensitivity, the issue may be remote and out of your control (eg a neighbor's noisy device).
  8. Use ferrite cores. From what I have observed, there is no such thing as "too many ferrites". A simple kit like this, and just keep attaching them to your feed line. Each one I attached removed about 0.1db or so of external noise. YMMV.
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