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Starlink projekt satellites


How can i find out the orbit from these satellites want to see them.

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Antennas • Antenna for SDR

Hi Guys, this is Khalid, I am new to SDR and need the help of you guys, please recommend me a good antenna for my sdr receiver.


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Custom antenna : Is it okay to short the RTL SDR SMA input?


I'm beginning in radio world and would like to know if there's any current going through the two end of SMA connector and whether or not it's okay to short it.

My final goal is to create my own ferrite rod antenna like this: https://sc02.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1LGU1bYsTMeJjSszgq6ycpFXaL/Bobbin-coil-Ferrite-rod-antenna-RF-coil.jpg

I absolutely want a ferrite rod antenna (in accordance with the rest of a project, I want to intercept a near magnetic field).

From I've understood, this LC circuit acts as a pass band filter (I know I have to choose the right L and C values to match the target frequency of 1.2MHz).

I would like to use the direct sampling mode of RTL-SDR dongle.

My plan is currently to connect the parallel LC circuit to the both ends of the SDR SMA and see what happens. However, the provided dipole kit isn't a closed circuit so that's why I'm wondering if what I'm doing is okay.

Thanks for any piece of advice and sorry for noobish questions.

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I did a yagi yesterday and today when i connect it didnt work tried to connect different antennas but i didnt work

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My recording of ARISS school contact between Nick Hague KG5TMV and House of Children and Youth,…

My recording of ARISS school contact between Nick Hague KG5TMV and House of Children and Youth, Olomouc, Czech Republic. Saturday June 8, 2019 13:05 UTC. The following questions had to be answered by the astronout: 1. What is the purpose of the International Space Station and why is it a value to all of humanity? 2. What is the most amazing thing you have seen from the space station?...

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The SDR doesn’t work when plugged in a usb hub

Hello, I'm using an rtl-sdr for some time now without issue but when I plug it in a usb hub it doesn't work. In SDRsharp it lists it as an input option but when I press start nothing happens, also tested it in SdrConsole. I tried reinstalling the drivers through zadig but it doesn't seem to help. Anyone know how to make it work?

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The High-Z Port on the RSP2, for what do you use it, and how?

What setup do you guys use for the High-Z port (RSP2) and what stuff do you listen to? I am interested in listening to low frequency stuff but dont know where to start/what to listen to. (I am located in central Europe) Other advice around using the High-Z port is also welcome.

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Making a mobile AIS system

I'm looking to 3d print and make a mobile AIS system I can travel with.

The part of making a box and just getting signals in with an antenna and Rasp. Pi isn't difficult, but I'm wondering if theres a way to display my own position while moving?

Would I need a small GPS antenna attached or something?

Open for input from people much smarter than me.

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Кто-нибудь пробовал компилировать и запускать модифицированный rtl_tcp для Linux ARM (роутер ASUS N65U + Padavan) с подд…

Rucha пишет:
Кто-нибудь пробовал компилировать и запускать модифицированный rtl_tcp для Linux ARM (роутер ASUS N65U + Padavan) с поддержкой Direct Sampling? Поделитесь скомпилированными файлами?
читать полностью...
Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #568

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Antennas • Re: Holiday antenna

So what did you want to do?
Please note in quite all European Country its highly illegal to "scan around".
If you cough with a Freq from the Authority it could mean Jail! Sound country are not that friendly...
If you get some Mil stuff... :o ...

I use that Antenna: https://www.delock.de/produkte/G_1468_Antennen.html
The are damn cheap and give good Results.
If you use a "GSM, LTE,..." Antenna for 1090 its illegal to. ;)

I can recommend this LNA: http://stores.ebay.com/gpiolabs/

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