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GOES 16 — am I on the right track?

GOES 16 - am I on the right track?

just picked up a satellite dish - 33" x 23" and have it pointed the best I can get just by looking at SDR#. I have a vivaldi going to a cheap LNA powered with a 9v then going to a nooelec Sawbird GOES+ then to a RTL-SDR v3.

without the ebay lna there isn't a signal at all so I'm figuring this is a touch necessary for any chance. I tried making a loop yagi (like 30 element) and didn't get anything from that. I tried adjusting the angle left right, up down, tilt right left and that's the best signal i got.

Any tips or ideas how to get a better signal out of this?


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I have about 10 yards of stripped Romex wire, is there a way I can use it as an antenna?

I haven't bought on yet but is there a model where I can do this in any meaningful way to boost signal?

For those who don't know what Romex is, it's the wire that carries electricity in your house, each strand is about 2 mm thick of solid copper.

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Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by Jon Hunt

Any chance of getting this all in a nice, printable pdf?

Comment on Using an RTL-SDR to Monitor A Tire Pressure Sensor used in Home Brewing by Robert

I am surprised to see that a steam punker is in to SDR and using for home brewing beer . Let’s hear it for Steam Punk !

Choosing The Right SDR

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: No Audio GQRX Ubuntu 16.04 and RTL_SDR

Andy, I remember that GQRX recent build is defaulted to noDemod. Go select FM or some other mode.

Statistics: Posted by tim_rtd — Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:48 am

Comment on RTL-SDR Tutorial: Setting up and using the SpyServer Remote Streaming Server with an RTL-SDR by Joakim95

Tip if your running Windows you have to allow inbound connections on port 5555 or which port you want to use in Windows Firewall.

If you don´t do it your spyserver will be displayed unreachable.

Signal Strength heatmap (geo) with Android


I'm member of a emergency resuce service and would like to create a geographical heatmap of our area to find any problems with signal strength for our radios.

There is a solution that works on a computer ( https://www.rtl-sdr.com/creating-signal-strength-heatmap-rtl-sdr/ ) but to be able to also let others drive around and do some measurments, I'm looking for a way to create such a heatmap of our area using the RTL SDR stick on an Android and/or iOS device.

Does anyone know a way to do this? Maybe by measuring GPS and signal strength continously with different apps (with timestamps) and afterwards merging them?
Or is there a more convenient solution?


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Detecting takeoff-landings

Does anyone have a scrip/algorithm to detect takeoffs and landings using tracking data?

I'm looking for a real-world tried and tested technique.

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Resource on investigating aircrafts

I wasn't involved in writing it, but I thought this would interest some of you:


One interesting point is how financially valuable the Aircraft tracking data is. After asking FR24 and others for some data, I can really vouch for that.

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