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ivanovgoga  замеряли КСВ? Я похож на чудака или забывшего закон Ома? Зависимость прохождения тока от положения регулятор…

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ivanovgoga  замеряли КСВ? Я похож на чудака или забывшего закон Ома? Зависимость прохождения тока от положения регулятора на схеме, Вы почему не видите? Этот аттенюатор это балансный мост. При раве...
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #567

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Comment on Airspy HF+ Discovery Now Available for Preorder + Brief Initial Review by Bjarne Mjelde

You have free DAB+ decoders to be used with SDRs. But one DAB multiplex is around 1500 kHz wide, while the HF+ can only sample 660 kHz alias-free.

RTLSDR, Unitrunker, and Windows 10.

Hello all, Im experimenting with Unitrunker and am having some fun with it. I am using 2 RTL2832U V3.0 SDRs and on Windows 7 Pro I have 0 problem with it, But when I try to plug them into a Windows 10 machine and get it running Unitrunker will say "Stopped, Could not Open!" on one or both of the devices. I have installed the WinUSB drivers for both. I cant figure out what in windows 10 is using the device, my thought was Ill try a Windows 7 VM on the windows 10 machine but the VM cant passthrough the SDRs because the device is in use by something on windows 10. I would appreciate any help.

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Comment on Airspy HF+ Discovery Now Available for Preorder + Brief Initial Review by Timmy

So should the price of the hardware be increased higher for everyone to pay the additional royalties on every device sold to the Via Licensing Corporation or else do some kind of oddball weirdness like the Raspberry Pi does ( http://www.raspberrypi.com/license-keys/ ) with the MPEG LA organisation ?

The reality is that DAB+ is an open standard that unfortunately uses some licensed codecs. And the patent licensing cartel is ingenious, they bundle together a very large number of mostly software patents from multiple companies into a neat package and charge the maximum fee for ALL the patents in that bundle (for anyone outside of the cartel), until the very last patent in bundle has expired (in all countries if you want to ship your product worldwide). I think that might be sometime, possible around 2024 maybe (and probably 2027 for the last patents outside of the US) for the MPEG-4 HE-AAC codec used in DAB+, but it could be earlier.

ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Audio_Coding#Licensing_and_patents

RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: Sigmira: Sr. Citizen Woes

Why the insistence on Sigmira?
If SDR# works why not use that?
Or HDSDR or SDR Console? These are far more popular, better known and work well.
Sigmira is only useful for the few odd modes it can decode, if you can find them on the air. If you can get it to work...

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RTL-SDR Discussion • HackRF One and cell phones

I would like to check RF spectrum of a cell phone, ( the cell phone would in a short distance , few centimeters only.)
Can it be done with HackRF One device.?
What antenna to use and which software?
Thank you for your advice.

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Sample Meteor M2 .WAV IQ File for me to test?

I'm planning on trying to get data from the Meteor M2 satellite but was wondering if anyone had a sample IQ .WAV for me to test to see if my SDR/decoder software is setup right. Thanks.

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Кто из участников группы использует пульт к , рассказывайте об ощущениях:…

Кто из участников группы использует пульт #SDR к #SDRSharp, рассказывайте об ощущениях: чего не хватает по сравнению с #трансивером и вообще насколько удобнее управление по отношению к обычной мыше #rtlsdr #sdrremote #rtl2832u #r820t2 https://www.instagram.com/p/BxueRuoIjAi/

Drone stopper

Is there a simple way to make kind of a “drone stopper” with an RTLSDR. And by “drone stopper” I don’t mean jamming or anything like that, I mean connect a antenna that doesn’t have a strong signal, then set my laptop outside in the middle of an acre or so of land, fly my drone near the laptop, and have it land?

That would be pretty dope, If theres any ideas on how to, I just want to see something like that in a controlled space and in action. Not trying to do something stupid

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KerberosSDR • Re: Power connection question

USB-A doesn't (officially) allow for 3A, so most PSU only supply a maximum of 2.4A per port (I have a bunch of those). The obvious non-USB option would have been a barrel plug, but I recognize that these may be more difficult to fit onto the board unless you're going to solder them separately.

Again, finding a supply that just puts out 5V/3A isn't a problem, and a passive adapter to USB-C should then just work. Beware of active adaptors, though; those have switches integrated into the plug that would again remove VBUS if the USB-C end is not properly terminated. I was specifically hoping to use a supply that has a USB-C 3A and three or four USB-A 2.4A outlets, but since that is unlikely to work with the Kerberos I'll have to switch to using multiple PSU for now.

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