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RTLion (Multipurpose RTL-SDR Framework for RTL2832 based DVB-T receivers) [Project]

I like to read and learn new stuff about DSP and SDR at my spare time. Currently I'm working on RTL-SDR devices and I've been writing projects to consolidate my learnings. RTLion Framework is a product of my studies over librtlsdr, pyrtlsdr and some other Python dependencies such as Matplotlib and Flask.
Project aims to create a framework for RTL-SDR which supports various features such as showing power spectrum and frequency scanning. It runs a web server for interface which is accessible on the browsers and the Android phones via the RTLion app. Also the project supports containerization and IoT applications.

Project: https://github.com/RTLion-Framework

Framework Repository: https://github.com/RTLion-Framework/RTLion

Android App: https://github.com/RTLion-Framework/RTLion-app

I'd be thankful for comments about the project, contributions with pull requests and new ideas.
Have a good day : )

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Help getting intensity from signal

I need an step by step explanation on how to get intensity per unit frequency (according to the book Essential Radio Astronomy, its units are W/m^−2 Hz^−1 sr^−1) from a radio signal from the sun I recorded in raw IQ using an SDR to subsequently calculate the temperature of the sun using Rayleigh-Jeans and following the hv<<kt condition.

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Evening 35° pass of the Meteor-M2 satellite

Evening 35° pass of the Meteor-M2 satellite submitted by /u/knur2172
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V3 dongle 1.7GHz performance?

I know the V3 is rated up to 1.7GHz, but does anyone have any experience with operating it at such high frequencies, without any downconverter or LNA?

I'd like to experiment with the LRIT data from the ELEKTRO-L satellites, because they should be compatible with the ones from METEOR-M, but instead of 137MHz it disseminates at 1691MHz.

I am pretty sure that I won't get anything usable from the sat, but is there a chance that I will at least see traces of the signal?

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Found this what I think is a gsm comms board. Is there any use for it at all (sdr wise)

Found this what I think is a gsm comms board. Is there any use for it at all (sdr wise) submitted by /u/Vertigo_uk123
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Comment on Decoding EMWIN Weather Information VHF Rebroadcasts with an RTL-SDR by Dave H

There’s a short list of frequencies. Some time with a scanner should reveal any nearby retransmitters.

“These frequencies are in the VHF band and are specifically 163.300Mhz, 163.325Mhz, 163.350Mhz, 168.8125Mhz, and 168.7125Mhz.”

(From https://www.nws.noaa.gov/emwin/retrans.htm)

Comment on Decoding EMWIN Weather Information VHF Rebroadcasts with an RTL-SDR by AD5NL

I wonder if there is a directory? Can’t say I’ve ever heard an emwin repeater.

Off-Topic • Re: LNA protection from weather

ZL2BMH wrote:
Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:57 am
Hello All.

I have just bought a well-known brand, LNA. It says that it is to be strapped to the pole, just under the aerial. and to be water-proofed as the main components are inside an aluminium casing.

I was wondering what you do to keep something like this water-proofed?

Regards and thanks for any answers

The LNAs usually are housed in waterproof enclosures with small profiles to better accommodate redundancy configurations. The enclosures also provide a pressurizable, integral waveguide flange.

Statistics: Posted by violetevergarden — Mon May 13, 2019 2:37 pm

RTL-SDR Discussion • Noob needs pointers.

Hello everyone.
I am an electronics hobbyist and audio repair engineer. I recently got hold of a couple of the 100KHz - 1GHz SDR boxes from China.
SDR is really cool. I've had Communications recievers in the past (Hallicrafters, National.. old old gear)but SDR is uncharted territory in my eyes.
I've had some fun playing around with it and the silly "antenna" you get in the pack but want to know about making a small antenna for use in my flat / around the area where I live in South London. I havent got a lot of money but please can someone give me some advice?

Statistics: Posted by stevie232323 — Mon May 13, 2019 12:29 pm

Comment on Decoding EMWIN Weather Information VHF Rebroadcasts with an RTL-SDR by WacKEDmaN

repeaters only in the US doesnt do anything for the rest of the world.. SMH

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