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KerberosSDR • Re: Log file location

Did you turn log data on, and press the start DOA button? Did you see the live DOA and car bearing lines?

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KerberosSDR • Re: Log file location

Thank you! I found the file, but they dont appear to have any data in them.

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Comment on RTL-SDR Blog V.3. Dongles User Guide by Yarda

It seems the bias tee is supported by the upstream librtlsdr and osmosdr, could you update the instructions to cover it? For librtlsdr there is usually the -T option, e.g.:
# rtl_fm … -T
to activate the bias tee

For the osmosdr the option “bias” can be used in the device string, e.g.:

Where are you guys getting GOES 16 dishes?

Hey there,

I have received https://www.amazon.com/Antenna-World-G2424-Directional-Parabolic/dp/B00NQGVMSE/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=3LBLYR3QIFH7W&keywords=parabolic+wifi+antenna&qid=1557167325&s=electronics&sprefix=parabolic+wifi+%2Celectronics%2C180&sr=1-1-spons&psc=1.

Both the original and the replacements have dead shorts through the LNB and shut off my bias tee/have absolutely no signal.

Where are you guys getting dishes that work?

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Organising channels based on locations

Hi All,

So recently I've been using my RTL SDR for listening to local emergency services or other voice radio channels. My area is remote enough that it's still using analogue UHF, VHF and HF radio repeater networks, with a few P25 networks showing up. Nothing is trunked yet. So I travel around a lot and like to listen while I'm driving but the problem is each town has it's own frequency yet is still linked through the repeaters on the same network. Similar to how a FM radio station network will transmit at multiple locations but use different frequencies (assuming to avoid echoing from multiple transmitters). Now I have a list of the frequencies and locations but I'm wondering if its possible to use some sort of software which then lists those frequencies in order of distance from me at any given time? Maybe even automatically tune the dongle to the closest one.

At the moment I have an excel spreadsheet with the transmitter details including location as coordinates. I then enter my current coordinates and it calculates the distance to each of them and orders them based on that. Not overly easy or safe to do while driving...

Alternatively has anyone else come up with another solution to this?


Any ideas/experience with organising transmitter frequencies for travelling.


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WXtoImg Keplers errors help?

Ok, so I'm brand new to this SDR thing. I have my RTL-SDR kit coming in this coming Wednesday.

I have downloaded the WXtoImg app, and have it up and running. I have have the "Internet Options" set to use Celestrak to update the Keplers. That's all fine, it says that they are updated, but then I get an error saying that the Keplers are 3122 days out of date for NOAA 17. I have set up an account on www.space-track.org, and tried using space-track.org for the Internet Options, but WxtoIMG then gives me an error saying that it can't get TLEs from space-track.org, so I had to go back to using the Celestrak option.

https://imgur.com/wcFe19Y https://imgur.com/A8kylCJ

Again, I do not have the RTL-SDR yet. Can anyone tell me if any of these issues will cure itself once I have the dongle installed, or if I'm doing something wrong, can anyone assist me?

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Comment on New Experimental R820T RTL-SDR Driver that Tunes down to 13 MHz or Lower by Mr david Heaton

Hi may some 1 please leave the link for the rtl v3 dongle for sdr’play thank’s dave

Всем привет! Такой вопрос — Если я принимаю относительно далекий от меня…

Всем привет! Такой вопрос - Если я принимаю относительно далекий от меня спутник (NOAA 19) во время близкого прохождения другого (NOAA 15), то Wxtoimg думает, что принят сигнал от близколетящего NOAA 15 и строит карту относительно его прохода. Как мне переназначить в Wxtoimg принятый спутник?

Antennas • Re: proper antenna for energy meter monitoring (900Mhz)

Thank you for the information.
Unfortunately, I have recently been informed that in my area the radio functionality is still not used. Not many houses have these meters, only those with solar panels, such as mine. I imagine the infrastructure has not been put in place yet.
Hopefully the data is being transmitted, even if it is not used, but I doubt it. :(

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KerberosSDR • Re: KerberosSDR as a simple RTL-SDR replacement tuner? Seriously.

at the time i set my serial numbers, there was no information available about what (if anything) might already be in the KSDR eeproms.

being exceedingly cautious, i used a "least number of bytes changed" method in an attempt to preserve any 'magic bytes' in the eeprom the KSDR software might need.

now that it has been made clear the KSDR eeproms start off COMPLETELY UNINITIALISED: the sticky note here in the forum documents how quick-and-easy initialising the eeprom can be.

Statistics: Posted by kb3cs — Mon May 06, 2019 12:34 pm

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