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Nooelec Sawbird for NOAA and Meteor M2 Available.

The Nooelec Sawbird Amp/Filter for 137MHz is now available in their online shop.


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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: confused: spectrum analizer and sdr

I use a netbook running Linux Mint and Pavel's Spektrum:

https://www.rtl-sdr.com/spektrum-new-rt ... -software/

It'll scan 430-830 just fine. Using 'Relative Mode' is key. With a rubber duck antenna connected directly to the RTL dongle on a short USB cable I can turn the gain down and use it to pinpoint noise sources. For example, in one location I found a dimmer that was generating a LOT of RFI in the VHF-Hi band that was blanking out a wireless audio link.


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Connecting to Meteosat wheather satellite

Hi, here in Europe, or at least in Spain, the main weather satellite in the Meteosat. And I was wondering what if it would be posible to connect to it and download the full globe pictures it sends. If someone was capable of telling me the method I would be pleased if it told me all the details to the making and software.

Thanks -u/Metris06

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Error when installing RTL1090, seems common but I haven’t found a solution.

I figured someone here must have gotten it to work: https://imgur.com/a/z0EA08s

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The obligatory NOAA image post

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Comment on Russian RTL-SDR USB Filter Video Review by Michiel

V3 dongel has the same problem. 🙁

KerberosSDR • Power connection question

The quickstart guide says that the KerberosSDR requires 5V at 3A which can be provided through the USB-C port. It also says "Note that the USB-C port will not activate for high voltage "power delivery" (PD) USB-C power supplies, such as those used with laptops. It will only work on normal 5V power supplies."

Does the KerberosSDR use the USB-C CC line to determine the power capabilities of the power supply/cable?
The USB-C standard describes three possible values for the Rp pullup resistor on the CC (power sensing) line:
56k (or greater) -> 500mA max
22k -> 1.5A max
10k (or less) -> 3A max

Most of the USB-A to USB-C charge/sync cables I've seen claim to have a 56k resistor even when the manufacturer also says "up to 2A." I have seen a few cables specifically advertised as supporting "3A fast charge" but without specifying the pullup resistor used. It's not clear if the manufacturer is really doing the right thing or is just being over-optimistic in the marketing claims.

Does it matter to the KerberosSDR?

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New SDR units coming out soon?


I'm torn between buying a HackRF or LimeSDR as I want TX capabilities. However, I wanted to check if there's any newer SDRs coming out in 2019, and couldn't seem to find any news online.

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Comment on KerberosSDR Batch One End of Stock, Batch Two Preorders Available by FlexMe

I don’t care about their radar thingy in the least. 4 nice SDR’s in a box…

Connected up to my SDRTrunk box and its running along fine using 2 tuners.

Problems are:

1) HEAT – Case needs ventilation holes/slots or a fan – I am likely to ditch the metal case shortly and put it in something else or slice and dice that case for some ventilation…..

2) SDR EEPROM is CORRUPT – Thus rtl_test WILL LIKELY BRICK It to set S/N#, as the corrupt EEPROM has CORRUPT S/N. This is an issue with programs like SDRTRunk which use the S/N’s an index. Although it seems to work by luck or fluke right now with 2 tuners for my main test system.

3) Power – Needs to deal with using a proper DC power connector v. USBC and/or trying to get 3A from a USB port… So get a good 5V 3A+ supply….

4) UBS Ports – Seems to dislike some USB ports. I had it plugged in fine, ran for about a week… now it won’t work in either of those USB ports, I had to dig around on the box to find a USB port it would like… (Device is POWERED BY A PS to the USBC port! 5V 3A)

Have not tried it with OP25 yet, as I been testing out other things…and mainly I am concerned unplugging from that box and port and plugging back in after using OP25 on a different box it won’t work at all on that box.

As for license crap.. you can blame two things…

A) DVSI – The WORST company on the planet to deal with … and even P25 is encumbered with this crap. sighhhh… 99.9% of the cost of this is DVSI’s exorbitant licensing even with real radios makers, its out of this world. I can only imagine the grief and crap uniden had to put up with to get this deal.

B) A certain relationship with a certain site which is enriching one person at the expense of others in the community… Thats why I don’t purchase certain radios, they rely on a data store which I am not enriching with my knowledge. all becuase 99.999999% of users are TOO LAZY to learn to program a device. … sighhhhh.

Other SDR Devices • Re: SDR Upgrade

Yeah, I'd second the suggestion for a bandpass filter, either a switchable filter, or standalone filters for the desired band(s) based on the issues listed.

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