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KerberosSDR • Re: Feasibility of a Passive Weather Radar

https://www.roc.noaa.gov/WSR88D/Enginee ... hInfo.aspx

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Troubleshooting Help • Re: Old laptop Acer aspire 5100 sdr#

I Googled Amd Turion 38 mk, and it appears that it's only 1 core. So I think it would be quite slow. Generally at least a 2-core processor is recommended.

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KerberosSDR • Re: Feasibility of a Passive Weather Radar

Weather radar actually operates at 2-4 GHz, so outside the range of the RTL-SDR. Only these frequencies really reflect clouds and rain. Also the bandwidth is probably not large enough to get any sort of resolution.

That said, I have noticed that on windy days I can sometimes get patterns across the PR display. I believe this is coming from the wind and maybe rain rustling the trees. Using a DVB-T TV frequency at ~600 MHz.

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KerberosSDR • Feasibility of a Passive Weather Radar

Just a quick question,
Would it be possible to use the passive radar capabilities to make a weather radar? I mean, the only reason I can't see it working is because of the relatively low frequencies you would need to work at. But if returns can he picked up from say, hail or very heavy rain, I could write a program that screen grabs the KSDR application window and then based off the direction the antenna used for receiving echos a RHI and PPI plot could be made as it is sweeped a across using steppers.

Of course there would be a dead spot in the direction of the transmitter though that dead spot could be narrowed with a calibration run on a clear day.

This would really be my only use for the PR system and my main reason for wanting the KSDR is for the direction finding.

Any thoughts?

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Trying to get past the flat-earthers with this pass about 5 minutes ago

Trying to get past the flat-earthers with this pass about 5 minutes ago submitted by /u/Krotor
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How to tell SDR# not to change modes when I change the frequency

SDR# has this annoying behaviour as of late where it changes modes when I change to certain frequencies. For example if I'm in LSB mode and I change to 425 MHz (which falls inside 70 cm ham), SDR# switches to NFM. Probably trying to be helpful, but I don't want that. Can I make it stop?

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United States Frequency Allocation Chart

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: WFM Squelch

The signal bandwidth and subcarriers (for stereo, data, etc.) in WFM broadcasts interfere with the typical capture algorithms/filters used for NFM squelch. Those same capture algorithms work extremely poorly for AM.

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Help for a beginner

Hello everyone! I've finally decided to join the family, and recently i bought a nooelec smart sdr, now i have to build an antenna! I'd love to receive pics from noaa/meteor, so the frequency is the usual 137 MHz. Since i have to build the antenna I have to decide what design to use, and I'd like to hear your opinion. Between a dipole, double cross, helical and so on, what's the easiest to build? which one punishes more an error in length, or a bad alignment of the different pieces? which is the cheapest? which gives you a better, stronger and more stable signal? any feedback is precious. Ty all!

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What is MDC 1200? | Radio Quickie

What is MDC 1200? | Radio Quickie submitted by /u/Corrosive_One
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