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Есть ли у кого нибудь информация по шуму самого АЦП RTL2832U, в режиме директ семплинг? Интересно, по идее шум самого АЦ…

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Есть ли у кого нибудь информация по шуму самого АЦП RTL2832U, в режиме директ семплинг? Интересно, по идее шум самого АЦП меньше чем шум свистка в целом, и если я не ошибаюсь, то чувствительность АЦП ...
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Широкополосный приёмник из DVB донгла - Страница #564

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1st Weekly Swap & Shop!

Hello all,

Starting today, and renewing on each Friday or Saturday we'll have our own swap and shop for SDR and other RELATED gear. This isn't the place to get rid of your refrigerator unless it's hacked to communicate with deep space satellites.

Need to work out an easy to manage way to confirm swaps and sales, will work on that. If you have suggestions send the mod team a PM.

Let's try to keep the thread clean and easy to browse by keeping it to no more than 2 OP posts per thread. If you can't fit what you've got to trade or sell in 2 threads there are plenty of other places online to peddle your wares. You can list multiple items per post.

After a chance for the community to discuss it we may allow a limited number of commercial entities to make a single listing each, such as RTL-SDR.com Blog, NooElec, and a few others who DIRECTLY target our community and have a good reputation. I don't want this to turn into a multi-page spam board for every re-seller and drop shipper from around the web.

Inappropriate posts, posts listing grandma's couch, and off topic OPs will be removed without warning, otherwise obey the sub's rules and everything will be fine.

When making your post list your item, pictures if possible, its condition, working status, and hacks or modifications made. If there are sufficient repeat complaints or confirmed fraud (theft, etc) by those selling or making trades you will be banned from making posts to future threads and possibly banned from the sub. Being unhappy with a trade or purchase does not automatically qualify as fraud or wrongdoing. Make sure you ask sufficient questions and are satisfied by the answers before you send money or trade items.

The moderators of this subreddit and/or creators of these threads are not liable for your decisions or another parties wrongdoing.

Caveat emptor.

This is the first go around so we'll see how it goes.

edit: words

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KerberosSDR • Re: semi-passive radar

i think you're going to need specially crafted modulation from the illumination source and pin diode T/R switches.
your echoes won't be doppler-shifted, of course, therefore your measurements will be time delays.

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Took a couple weeks of fiddling, but finally got MeteorGIS working and I’m quite pleased

Took a couple weeks of fiddling, but finally got MeteorGIS working and I'm quite pleased submitted by /u/Dently
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Newbie question: can this be used to receive weather updates on a sailboat?

Hi folks, visiting herefrom r/sailing. I have been curious about SSB radio for a long time but found the equipment investment prohibitive just to experiment with it. I recently heard about the USB dongles for SDR and it piqued my interest. I am trying to see if this set up (dongle+computer) could be used to receive weather updates (is that called weatherfax?). I appreciate any help you guys can provide. Thank you!

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RTL-SDR Discussion • Re: question

Thanks for the advice.

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Here I am, starting decode images and asking for help.

Hi everyone,

I have correctly recorded an image with WXtoImg software (I think). But when it decodes the audio record the image is black exept for the countries borders.

Here is what I get: https://imgur.com/a/A6Hxgfi

I would like to know if you have any idea what can be wrong ? Why I can't see any clouds or colors.

Thanks for your help.

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KerberosSDR • Re: semi-passive radar

Down a similar path:

I was thinking about ground penetrating radar.

Statistics: Posted by n3jli — Sat Apr 06, 2019 4:51 pm

Comment on Uniden Announce the SDS100: A Software Defined Handheld Scanner by WF

Hi! Can you mirror FCC docs that was restricted for public some time ago?

– Block diagram
– Circuit description
– Internal photos?

The most interesting document is block diagram.

If you have, please email me to: wireless.friendly AT gmail.com




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